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  1. That’s not really the right thing to do in this situation. I was happy with the chat we had etc.
  2. Very true Alfresco. They didn’t seem they were local which was unfortunate. When the weather warms up I will definitely be checking on that location again and I will definitely report more sightings 😉
  3. Lucky to get out quickly though. When they go they go!! I saw a combine catch fire when I was younger. Completely gutted in less than 10 minutes.
  4. Oh Deere speedy.......see what I did there?? The green ones usually catch fire 😉
  5. Sure is Alfresco, I didn’t say in the writing that she was twirling a nappy bag possibly/probably contains her tissue as we chatted too. Perhaps I should of said something further but I was a bit flustered by her admission even though I knew what she had done 🤣
  6. Hello all, I help on a shoot locally and as it’s a bank holiday here it’s fairly busy with people wanting to get out after lockdown etc. Lots of people haven’t been adhering to the private/not a footpath signs. This afternoon I was out on my bike going down a field margin and noticed 2 people enter the far corner of the field, one (female) early 40’s I’d say and size 10-12, 34c/d, brunette took a backpack off and opened it, rummaged around and then done it up. She then disappeared in to a little wood while the other person (male) waited. She re appeared 70-90 seconds later. At
  7. Thank you @Sophie.....beautiful isn’t she?
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