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    Like all things related to wet play with women. Nothing nicer than getting a warm golden shower.

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    Naughty pee, showers, desperation
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    Hotel pee fun, golden showers

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  1. This is the perfect picture to me, beautiful fountain in bath.
  2. I would love to see you pee 😘😘 welcome to site. Great people here!!
  3. My head is filled with fantasy images also. Thank You!!!!!! ☺️☺️🍆
  4. Thanks for sharing, I am sorry you were humiliated. We all have accidents so don’t let it bother you. I would have loved to be in line behind you seeing you do pee pee dance. Had to be a huge relief finally letting all out.
  5. Oh how I would love to see that beautiful fountain. I always pee in bath or shower, like second nature. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Do you watch while letting go, ever peed upwards? So very hot.
  7. That sounds so nice and erotic, love seeing the yellow cloud spreading in water. Thanks for sharing. 😈
  8. I have always liked the idea of ladies peeing in bathwater. I have had several gf over years who did it out of convenience rather than get out and go to toilet. Several admitted to pulling clit back and peeing like a fountain straight up to see how high can go. Just curious how many women per in bathwater?
  9. Welcome, lots of great like minded people here.
  10. Look forward to reading about her naughty pissing. Welcome
  11. Lucky man. I would give my left ball to see something so hot!!!! Have to unzip and Jack while watching!!!
  12. GlAd your black. Love seeing your naughty pees and pics!!!
  13. Would love to see how far you can shoot your stream. Have even seen some ladies pee against wall. 😈
  14. Very sexy. Would have loved to see a strong hard stream shooting into carpet. Thank you for sharing. Hot!!!!
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