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  1. you usually from the crouching position is your flow down or beats in front of the sister exciting or is it quiet? what do you think of such pissing as in this impressive flow video https://thisvid.com/videos/night-pop-a-squat/
  2. I had a similar experience with my ex-girlfriend, I drank with her at the bar, I had 4 drinks, she had 3, and when I left she said I had to pee, I left with her and on the way she said I can't hold a toilet anymore isn't he around? I said it's not here, so he went to the side of the road where there were some shoots on the tree, but there was soil to pee, I saw it immediately and pointed towards the cement, saying that it would be seen, I thought how hard and how much the earth would absorb its face put it where I had indicated and I was next to her, she released a very strong jet with a hissi
  3. hello, I also have an experience to tell about those foot urinating devices for girls, my friend has such a device but she doesn't use it, she prefers to crouch down and pee, I asked if she doesn't pee through that device, she said no she feels safe, I encouraged her to use it, but she told me that that little bag can't cope with the flow and pressure with which she urinates, she tried, but to be able to use it without causing discomfort or leakage, she has to stop the urine jet quite a bit, but she prefers crouching, she can urinate with a fairly strong stream and without stopping urination b
  4. he squealed very loudly when he saw that I was watching carefully, he tried to stop, he didn't succeed, his ass jumped a little and he splashed all over me, he turned me on terribly, he finished and was angry with me because he splashed on my jeans and a little bit, he was limp, he was extremely the hot phase, we reconciled and I had more experiences with her when she peed, she understood that I like her and she told me when she peed, I adore such women, she became a big fetish that turns me on very quickly
  5. abbypeeprinces I read what you wrote here and speaking of that more excited whistling, you are already adorable, I had a friend a few years ago, she was only 19 years old and I had the great surprise to hear and even see this by chance!!! I went to a restaurant, I drank some coffee and she drank 3 juices at a time, I left, she wanted to go to the bathroom but she was busy, I realized and took it and left with her even though she told me that she really needed it to the bathroom on the way, she said I have to pee, I can't anymore, it was semi-dark, she got on the side between 2 blocks, sure, I
  6. Another proof that the flow is incredible in some women considering what the urethra can have for such a flow and pressure. https://thisvid.com/playlist/261361/video/francesca-pissing-and-shitting-on-and-off-the-toilet/
  7. yes it is a very wonderful story and I had such experiences in school with girls when I was a teenager I also tasted pee from them after they did and left the area I went immediately and found the pond you managed to soften your finger at least to put in the mouth?
  8. I tell you I drank pee from a girl was really tasty she drank 3 orange juices and a little water after peeing was impressive the only problem was the urine flow is known to girls I can drown your face involuntarily if you do not know how to look her strong strong jet which usually starts hard after which she controls it and reduces it but it is nice the urine was white as the water I admit I didn't drink it all but I drank quite a lot considering it did quite a lot
  9. my friends doing this their flow is clearly superior to new men I like this to them but in this movie posted it is an incredibly feminine flow I repeat I saw girls urinating but so flow I never saw it I thought it was trick but it is real !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! what urethra can be able to eliminate such a flow at once? I like them but I don't understand how I can urinate with such flow to make this happen when they are desperate ??? I admit that I watched girls do this but I haven't seen such a flow, I want to see the opinion of the girls that they know better
  10. I look at this awesome female pee I love urinating this but I haven't seen so much female urine I was impressed I had several friends who know that girls urinate more slowly than any man by their physiognomy I love this I love them for this but what I saw here is super female flow what do you think girls are possible? I look forward to hearing from you https://thisvid.com/videos/voyeur-festival-pee-video-3/
  11. it is very exciting to find used napkins because that explains that a woman peed there and it is good when they are found as soon as a woman pees and wipes and throws it there I put my back on it being wet with pee and you can smell it of pussy
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