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  1. Hi everyone! I'm going to move out from my parents' house soon (the sooner the better) and I'm really excited, I recently saw an apartment that I really liked a lot and it crossed my mind that I would be able to pee outside more often. But it's a block away from where I live right now so I might not be peeing outside that often or I don't know, that is unless I buy a she pee or I find more secluded spots Anyway, I was thinking I could use my new place to pee around like the patio to hang my clothes after washing and stuff like that, I won't have a carpet until I save enough to
  2. Once I had a boyfriend, whose house didn't have the floor yet, it was just made of cement and the first time he took me there I told him I had to pee. I knew the bathroom was in construction, and even though it was useful he would just water the plants and the walls outside, so he just told me "you can pee here" (we were in his bedroom) so I just went to a corner, pulled my jeans and panties down and squated, I let my stream come out, I made a big puddle which was quickly absorbed by the concrete. I realized I didn't have a tissue to wipe with, so he handed me a piece of toilet pape
  3. Yes, but I'm still getting used to the site, maybe in time
  4. I had to run some errands and while I was on my way to a local store I had to pee really bad, I had to cross my legs and to walk real tight, when I got to the store I was about to pee myself twice, I even asked the lady to let me use the toilet there but she said sometimes she had to go to the public parking lot to go to the toilet but that sometimes it was crowded and that she would ask someone else. I joked and said "and sometimes on a tree, right? Haha" she giggled and said "yes" she told me to go to the parking lot but there were two guys and they said "good night" in a weird way so
  5. I posted about it, I was bursting and almost peed myself, I got a bit wet and I couldn't walk without crossing my legs, I was a few blocks away from my house and I really couldn't hold it so I got out of the 7 eleven I was at, and walked to a park that was behind it, there was a lot of light, I couldn't see any secluded spots and didn't want to risk to wet myself. So I went to the side of a parked car, pulled down my pants and my panties and started peeing as hard as I could, I really needed to pee, peed for about 30 seconds, my stream was warm, it came out hard, I realized I really could
  6. Well... I'm a really interested in the fetish woman, I didn't know the forum existed, now I found out it has existed for years but I didn't know, when I discovered it about 3 weeks ago I didn't want to create an account because of laziness but I do enjoy sharing my experiences and feel guys get turned on by them (I hope my next couple(s) are into pee as well) so I decided to create an account. It took a while for me to start posting and until now I just have 3 posts, I hope I post more and hope you like my posts.
  7. Hey! I hope everyone is enjoying the forum and that you're doing great. Tonight I'd like to ask you to tell me your experiences when peeing outside when you were little or other children you knew. -How old were you? -Did your parents or guardian instruct you to pee outside? -Did they teach you or hold you? -What was the situation? -Was there a bathroom nearby and just didn't want to go or why did you pee outside? -What would you pick as a target? I hope you enjoy this post and interacting
  8. Contains boy and girl pee outside, wiping Toght I went out with a boy who is just a friend and we went to a bar, we talked and when we got out of there he told me he had to pee so I told him to go inside the bar as we had just left hoping he would say no, which he did. So as he was driving me home I asked him if he could make it to his house or if he wanted to go to a tree, he said he preferred a tree so he asked me to think about a place to pee, we went to a park on the way to my house and I didn't have to pee but I wanted to, so we went kind of deep, he just chose a
  9. Well... After a while I got to the pool party which had started in the afternoon but I got there at night and half the guys in that party were trying to make advances with me mentioning how hot, how pretty I was and how big my breasts are, which made me kind of uncomfortable but I was waiting for this guy who I had feelings for. I didn't get in the pool at first because I was on my period but after a while I decided to do it since I was drinking so everything was great and no accidents happened, of course I peed a lot in the pool and later I went to another part of the area to speak with
  10. Hi, I haven't introduced myself yet, I will do soon but first I thought it might be a good idea to tell you this first. Well, last month I was invited to a pool party but before that I had to go to a conference of therapy or something like that, I wanted to pee but I had to buy some snacks to share during the "coffee break", which was also kind of a celebration for someone's birthday. Anyway I didn't have time to pee and then the conference continued, during this conference we made an exercise about our emotions, this was a hard exercise that can affect you physically, as it address
  11. I remember you from another blog, I remember you said you liked it when I said that I've hat to water some plants and trees before
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