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  1. I was about 6 years old, I went with my parents to US and my mom, aunt and sister went to six flags with the son of one of my aunt’s friends, he needed to pee and the restroom was about 30 seconds walking from where we were, she instructed him to pee behind a trashcan and on the trashcan
  2. It depends on every woman, some may need 3 minutes, some may need 30, my recommendation is that you ask openly what she (the woman you'll have sex with) likes or wants and how she wants it. For me, it depends on the person I'm with (it happened to me once that my vagina was wet and really moist just by seeing a guy I really liked wearing a suit and we were not even going to have sex that evening) also the place, the scenery, my mood, how I feel with the person, his smell, his touch (I personally love when a guy with big hands touches me so softly that I feel like I am being touched by th
  3. No, not at all, I didn't mean it like that, I don't want to see the children, I just thought it would be a good idea to include them but not like that, I'm so sorry if it seemed like that
  4. I do not like to put my ass against the tree because I would get dirt on my ass and probably the tree has been peed on by somebody else or an animal, I prefer to squat near the tree, specially if it has big roots, I like to squat and aim against the base of the tree between the roots or directly on them.
  5. I would love her to pee outside and even better if she encourages the kids to pee outside as well, each one could pick a target (not animals or bugs please), I like your story
  6. Hello again, as promised I have another story, this happened about a month ago, I went out with the pee friend I told you about, he invited me to a birthday party of one of his girlfriends and we had been drinking and we had a good time. After that he took me home but first I said I wanted to pee and he said he did too, so we went to the park we always pee in and I told him I wanted to hold his penis, he agreed and I told him to pick a tree, he chose one because he said it was straight, I liked that tree because it had kind of big roots and I thought I should have picked that tree, anyway
  7. First of all, I would like to apologize for not telling you this before, but for some reason I didn't, anyway, here it goes, even though it sounds like a fantasy it was not and it did happen. About two months ago I went out with a guy (friend) who knows about my fetish, occasionally we would hang out, go for dinner and afterwards he would take me to a park to pee while he covers and sometimes he will pee too. Anyway, I told him I had to pee and we walked to the park, first he chose a tree that was a bit skinny, I chose not to help him because I didn't want to make him nervous and he
  8. How would you or thwy get rid of the tissues? And where did you prefer to pee? In my family I was taught to go to the bathroom if available (even though it was far away) or to go in the sea. However, one of the last times I went to the beach, I just pulled my bikini bottom to the side and made a puddle in the sand, there were about 3 or 4 guys about a meter away from me, and I loved the sensation
  9. Hi everyone! I'm going to move out from my parents' house soon (the sooner the better) and I'm really excited, I recently saw an apartment that I really liked a lot and it crossed my mind that I would be able to pee outside more often. But it's a block away from where I live right now so I might not be peeing outside that often or I don't know, that is unless I buy a she pee or I find more secluded spots Anyway, I was thinking I could use my new place to pee around like the patio to hang my clothes after washing and stuff like that, I won't have a carpet until I save enough to
  10. Once I had a boyfriend, whose house didn't have the floor yet, it was just made of cement and the first time he took me there I told him I had to pee. I knew the bathroom was in construction, and even though it was useful he would just water the plants and the walls outside, so he just told me "you can pee here" (we were in his bedroom) so I just went to a corner, pulled my jeans and panties down and squated, I let my stream come out, I made a big puddle which was quickly absorbed by the concrete. I realized I didn't have a tissue to wipe with, so he handed me a piece of toilet pape
  11. Yes, but I'm still getting used to the site, maybe in time
  12. I had to run some errands and while I was on my way to a local store I had to pee really bad, I had to cross my legs and to walk real tight, when I got to the store I was about to pee myself twice, I even asked the lady to let me use the toilet there but she said sometimes she had to go to the public parking lot to go to the toilet but that sometimes it was crowded and that she would ask someone else. I joked and said "and sometimes on a tree, right? Haha" she giggled and said "yes" she told me to go to the parking lot but there were two guys and they said "good night" in a weird way so
  13. Well... I'm a really interested in the fetish woman, I didn't know the forum existed, now I found out it has existed for years but I didn't know, when I discovered it about 3 weeks ago I didn't want to create an account because of laziness but I do enjoy sharing my experiences and feel guys get turned on by them (I hope my next couple(s) are into pee as well) so I decided to create an account. It took a while for me to start posting and until now I just have 3 posts, I hope I post more and hope you like my posts.
  14. Hey! I hope everyone is enjoying the forum and that you're doing great. Tonight I'd like to ask you to tell me your experiences when peeing outside when you were little or other children you knew. -How old were you? -Did your parents or guardian instruct you to pee outside? -Did they teach you or hold you? -What was the situation? -Was there a bathroom nearby and just didn't want to go or why did you pee outside? -What would you pick as a target? I hope you enjoy this post and interacting
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