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  1. A lovely solo piss off the side of the bed for you guys! And a pic standing over her impressive puddle afterwards https://drive.proton.me/urls/GRDYFNRFKR#jg2ILocNE2Vm Password is the same as our username on this website.
  2. Lucky me got a few squirts for giving her oral pleasure on the bed. First wet spot on our soaking bed :-) My errands include buying some sexier clothes just so you guys know. Not gonna be rock in that Willie t shirt the whole time haha Just a lil tease since I have a couple errands to run for her sexiness before we really get down to business. Shouldn't take more than an hour. We'll keep you guys posted! <3
  3. Hello peefans and friends! Will here, chillin in a hotel room waiting for my queen Sarah to arrive. It's about to get wet and wild in here! Two queen beds, as is our usual custom. One for sleeping; one for soaking! We both really enjoyed sharing a few of our videos with you guys and are excited to make and share more! I'm by no means in charge of what my queen does with her piss, so I can't promise anything specific, but I do have it on good authority that there may be quite a bit of nonchalant peeing about the room ;-) Do let us know if you have any re
  4. Will here, You're right about the towel already being soaked! She had already squirted a few times from me rubbing her clit while we drove around uptown Dallas looking for a good place to stop and get off. She usually keeps it relatively subdued in the car, though, for cleanup-related reasons. I thought I was gonna get a few small, quick squirts that would be easy to drink; she's never power pissed in my face like that in the car before! Needlessly to say I was surprised in the best way possible
  5. Hey there! Sounds like we share an interest in female dominant peeing. He loves being handcuffed and overpowered by his queen's powerful streams, or getting rewarded with squirts while going down on her. Super hot pic by the way! Hope we see lots more of you around <3
  6. That sounds really exciting! Thick gushing streams are always really sexy to watch. We would've loved to stand next you and all pee together!
  7. So yesterday we were out running errands in the car. Scorching hot day here in Texas so we were drinking lots of water when our horniness got the best of us. So we found a semi-discrete place to pull over and get each other off. She was turning him on so much with all her squirts; he had to drink from her, and when he did got more than he bargained for. See for yourself! Password is the same as our username on this site: https://drive.proton.me/urls/72NQPHNCX8#R9a1oB6BN2Ug This is our first time sharing one of our videos, we hope you enjoy! <3
  8. Hey there fellow pee people! Who else here loves soaking wet, piss-covered sex like we do? We'd love to hear some raunchy details about it! If it's not something that you've done before, but you'd like to try it someday, tell us one of your fantasies! Solo sex (masturbating) with pee counts too! For us, peeing is an indispensable feature of our sexuality. Once in a while, we still go for "vanilla" sex (just as a way of changing things up; vanilla has a very different vibe for us and sometimes that's just what we want), but most of the time there's gonna be at
  9. (just Sarah here for this post) Oh wow. Yeah that is definitely something we both would find very exciting. Will's not with me right now like he usually is for this stuff, but I'm practically certain he'll be interested in this when I show him. Glad you mentioned it! I'm really wondering, how much of this activity is a skill that can be trained or learned, versus how much of it depends on one's genetics or other relatively unchangeable characteristics? Also, I never knew that having a full bladder was related to achieving higher velocity or flow! That alone is a helpful tip for
  10. Can you tell us more about this idea of power pissing? This is not something we've really explored, but it sounds intriguing and we'd be interested to learn about it, such as what sort of activities fall under this category of "power pissing", how do you (and/or others) typically like to engage in it, etc. Happy peeing! Incidentally, both nonchalant peeing and golden showers are things that we frequently enjoy doing together :)
  11. Hey there! Mind if we ask what are these fantasies of yours, about which you believe you'll never find a woman who'd want to play them out? I know that's a heck of a thing for a stranger like me to ask, but after all, we are here in this community full of people who love peeing, of all things, and besides, in all likelihood neither we nor anyone here on Peefans will ever know your real-life identity anyway (unless you choose to tell them), so really what have you got to lose? Besides, you might just find that it's a relief to put them out there, even if all that means is that you anonymou
  12. One of his more unusual types of fantasies involves going about daily life while secretly engaged in some innocuous but naughty pee-related activity. For example, could be he's got a water bottle that nobody else knows is filled with her pee. Or maybe, if she's wearing a skirt at a restaurant (and it's possible to do this discretely, which would admittedly be unlikely in most situations) then she takes care of his refills for him under the table, if you catch my drift. Another one we've talked about doing involves going out together (to a bar, club, or something) wearing clothes that she's pee
  13. We're all about peeing during sex - sometimes as its own act, sometimes incorporated into another act, for example she might start peeing while he's going down on her ,which is among his top 3 favorite things to do pretty much ever, and high on the list for her as well. We also enjoy nonchalant peeing, either as a sort of second choice when the situation isn't appropriate for sex, and also sometimes just because it feels intimate to us. For him, a great morning is one where he gets a peek at her peeing casually while standing in front of the mirror getting ready. Doesn't happen a lot but
  14. Is "indifferent" the same thing as "nonchalant" when it comes to peeing? Seems like they might be close but not exactly the same. To me, "indifferent" means basically "I don't give a shit," whereas "nonchalant" means "It's no big deal." Anyways, she does a fair amount of nonchalant peeing. Particularly during our piss-fueled hotel romps, where our main rule is "no peeing in the toilet" (really just applies to her, since thats our particular taste). During these excapades, if circumstances are such that its not a good time to use it for intimacy, then she will usually just relieve h
  15. Can confirm they're real; I know of at least one that was still in use as recently as 2014. Used it quite frequently actually. I believe they are a men's room-only phenomenon (doesn't really work as a concept for ladies) afaik.
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