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  1. Really great so far! Looking forward to more
  2. I think in this context he means lurking on the forum. 😆
  3. I'm sorry to hear you keep losing the story, that sucks. I for one would miss this story and have been eagerly awaiting this next part. Have you considered writing in google docs and then copy/pasting it here? That way it saves automatically in real time.
  4. For the first one: https://www.horntip.com/html/books_&_MSS/1880s/1885ca_the_adventures_of_lady_harpur_(HC)/vol_1/index.htm (free) https://classicxbooks.com/downloads/the-adventures-of-lady-harpur/ (not free) For the second one: https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/title/davina-romance-mesmerism/?clickid=T3NyAEz2VxyIWaqVCjSKFXq9UkH37wQlpyXS2c0&cm_mmc=aff-_-ir-_-2003851-_-76887&ref=imprad2003851&afn_sr=impact&ref_=aff_ir_2003851_76887 (not free, physical copy) and a few other sellers like Amazon an Ebay. The listed titles are slightly different, but they're the s
  5. I would definitely be interested, but it would seem that you cannot currently receive DMs
  6. Yeah sure The first line creates an HTML 'a' (anchor) element, which you can think of as a link, and gives it the name a (which is used to refer to that element in the rest of the code) The second line gets a list of 'source' elements under elements with the 'pageContentLeftWide' class (there is only one, and it's the source for the main video), and gets the 'src' atribute of that element, which is the address of the video. It then sets the 'href' (destination) of our a element to that address, so that when it is clicked on, it leads to the video. This line uses jQuery, not pure vanilla
  7. I've written the following code for quickly grabbing videos off of Eroprofile, and thought I'd share. Simply paste the following code into the console (accessible by pressing ctrl+shift+i) and press enter, and a link to a downloadable version of the video will appear in the top left of the screen let a = document.createElement('a'); a.href = $('.pageContentLeftWide source').get()[0].src; a.style="position:fixed;z-index:1000;left:0;top:0;font-size:10rem;color:black;"; a.textContent="link!"; document.body.append(a); Make sure that console is selected once you've pressed ctrl+shift+i to op
  8. Sounds like she's pretty into it. Has anything else piss-related happened with your step mother? Have you considered pushing her further, seeing how much you can do without your dad finding out? Wonderful story and thank you for writing in!
  9. Very much agree. My favorite pee videos are the ones with a real couple talking to each other and talking about what they're dong, clearly enjoying it. Unfortunately, those are pretty hard to find.
  10. This is very quickly becoming one of my favorite stories on this site. Can't wait for the next part!
  11. I'm personally a fan of genuine enjoyment. I like when people enjoy being naughty together, it's a special kind of bond.
  12. Holy heck, I wasn't expecting another chapter, but I'm certainly not complaining.
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