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  1. Just chiming in to say that not everyone hates tangents or long stories. A complicated story just means it's more engrossing. Post in whatever manner works best for you, most of us are just thankful to have the content.
  2. No, you couldn't get in trouble; copyright law allows transformative work. It's completely legal as long as you aren't either creating a similar product that could compete on the market (Basically, don't make a platforming game using Mario, don't make a shooter using master chief) or monetizing it (Your product must be completely free). Writing a story and posting it here would be neither of those, so 100% legal.
  3. I don't know how you feel about writing, but it seems you have some amazing stories worthy of narrative description.
  4. Honestly, anywhere. It all sounds great! What kinds of places did your babysitter like to pee?
  5. I had tried using Opera, Edge, Chrome, and Samsung Internet, and none of them worked, interesting that you were able to get Safari to work
  6. This is the best story I've read in a while. Kudos!
  7. Amazing story, would love to hear more!
  8. Have you ever seen her do something else like this? Very hot!
  9. I don't have 16 (let me know if you get it!) and 17 is literally just "Right before getting out my mum made us girls swear never, ever, to speak of this to anyone... you're the first I've spoken too.", but here is 18: 18. Parking interlude Laura was simply rooted to her chair. Her brain was foggy, still reeling from her four orgasms in the mall! Thankfully Mandy took the lead, "What do you say we go tuck our spoils in the car's trunk ?" She then stood up and began gathering her bags. Laura followed suit, then as Mandy was walking toward the exit she exclaimed: "Wait, I could
  10. This was amazing! Would love to hear more.
  11. If you choose to store them locally, put them in a folder, zip it (some tools like 7zip allow you to set a password as well), and change the file type (just the name, but that should prevent the computer from recognizing it). Someone would have to know to change it back to open it.
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