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    Hey! Just a young sensual lover of all things watersports, primarily here to write some erotica! Check out my current story, "Sage, From Great Distance", about a manipulative young lady with a love of blackmailing... and naughty pissing. (https://peefans.com/topic/29307-sage-from-great-distance/)

    My private messages are always open to the ladies for chatting, playing, or personalized stories, though I especially love hearing from satisfied readers! Of course, that's just for those interested, never an expectation.

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    I love how intimate it is, sharing what is normally a private and taboo moment
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    This thread is my collection of my hottest real-life pissing memories! https://peefans.com/topic/29280-my-piss-chronicles/

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  1. Just noting that I didn't run off and lie like a maniacal villain, I have completely drafted this chapter twice now and lost it to the nightmare combo of my janky computer and the site's (I'm sorry) horrible backup system twice. I'm not really at my highest moment as a writer esteem-wise currently and kinda feel like this is my sign that I should throw in the towel on this story, is anybody gonna lose sleep over that or is it the right call? I don't wanna let anyone down, but I also don't wanna kill myself rewriting a chapter if ultimately no one's gonna care about it. Reading lurkers who have
  2. This has been my writing song as of late
  3. I appreciate all the feedback and support I’ve been getting on here in my absence, it really means a lot to me and my motivation to continue writing! Unfortunately I’ve just been super busy with some real world commitments, but this story and the world of Sage have not been far from my mind, and I’m glad some of you can say the same. Sage, our timid narrator, and their naughty adventures will all return dirtier than ever TONIGHT!
  4. I’m nothing if not a man of my word ❤️ hope it’s as good to watch for you all as it felt to create! (This clip also brings proof after years of heated speculation that Puddle is in fact an extreme grower as opposed to a shower, a truly rare breed.)
  5. Pissed directly out of my bedroom window for about a minute straight tonight, only catch is the file is too big for this site and EroMe won’t let me upload for 24 hours. If I haven’t posted it by this time tomorrow, someone remind me 😜
  6. Excited to see what all Lakeisha has to teach 😋
  7. (Topics for the story include risky pissing, public pissing, being watched, and mutual pissing. Male and female pissing are depicted.) Sage, From Great Distance #4: The Game Begins I was officially in deep, no more delusions about this being behind me or Sage being my friend, she was actively seeking to control me. To destroy me. I could hardly believe my ears when she commanded that I piss in the elevator, but I knew better than to question her at this point. As if her words had some kind of spell over me, I could already feel the freezing water that I had just downed taking its h
  8. The rare Puddle cock reveal, mugshot vs. profile
  9. I initially started writing a different memory as my second entry, and then my progress got erased and I took it as my sign to tell a different one. The one that got lost will be told eventually, but I decided that now is not the time. I guess my computer decided that for me, but whatever, same difference. After securing her blessing to bring the story to the public, this tale actually involves me and another lovely member of our very own site! And while I have been known to work fast, no, we did not meet on this site lol, the main part of this story predates my joining by around a year, and o
  10. This is one of my absolute favorite feelings in the world. All of my arousal is routed in sensuality, so I love exploring with my hands and having the inverse done on me, it's so hot. I love to feel and rub and play with a pussy that's pissing, but more than that, I love having my cock held. I'm especially aroused by how everyone plays with it differently; sometimes they'll yank it like a hose, or they'll rub their thumb over the tip, or just gently grasp it. I already love the feeling of having my dick grabbed or held in a non-pissing context, so to have it done while I'm relieving myself, es
  11. (Topics for the story include risky pissing, public pissing, being watched, and mutual pissing. Male and female pissing are depicted.) Sage, From Great Distance #3: Escalation, Elevation A week or so had passed since Sage caught me pissing, and while I can't act like I wasn't in constant fear of my life blowing up, I was finally starting to get the first feeling that maybe it was behind us. She wanted to scare me or tease me or something, but if she was gonna do anything, she would've done it already. Right? Well, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don't go making st
  12. (Topics for the story include risky pissing, public pissing, being watched, and mutual pissing. Male and female pissing are depicted.) Sage, From Great Distance #2: Dealmaking I could see my whole life flashing before my eyes, I could feel my heart pounding through my chest, how could I be so stupid? I let my dumb, horny desires overcome all logical thinking, and now I was caught with my dick in my hand... Literally. The previously roaring stream of piss died down to a slow trickle as my body froze over in horror, Sage's cold eyes repeatedly scanning me top to bottom then back agai
  13. (Topics for the story include risky pissing, public pissing, being watched, and mutual pissing. Male and female pissing are depicted.) Sage, From Great Distance #1: First Contact Studies show that more than half of the population doesn't like pineapple on their pizza; to about a quarter of people, it's the grossest possible topping. I mean, in its purest form, pineapple is a tropical fruit after all, so what place does it have being cooked and served with cheese and tomato sauce? People who love it often times conceal it because it's not worth the teasing they'll receive, they keep
  14. Thinking about trying something new tonight in the form of getting some writing done while gradually filling and denying my bladder. I’ve come to suspect that it may increase my ability to tap into the lust, to feel it truly growing within me as I go further. Already on my third glass of water since hatching the plan 😜
  15. I have had two exceptionally loud partners and both were just absolutely amazing to listen to. One of them was the standard loudness of intense hissing, but the other one, god, she had this magical, waterfall sounding spray that was intoxicating and so arousing to me. Like, you'd think the sink or the shower was running; such a unique, booming noise that never failed to make me throb. I actually just shared a story about this partner last night in the real encounter section, so the allure of her spray is still very fresh on my mind.
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