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    Hi, Im Zoe, and I pee standing, always have, always will, its been natural to me. I love peeing in public, touching myself while peeing and wetting myself too. I love wetting one piece swimsuits the most, which i wear often as tops. I also love wiping and my biggest fantasy is someone wiping for me after I pee!

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    Public Peeing, Wetting, Wiping
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    Using a urinal for the first time or eeing in between my friends legs while she was sitting peeing on a toilet

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  1. Hi everyone, you might remember my post taking suggestions on what to do pee wise on my day at the waterpark. Im here to write up everything that happened. I took many suggestions from other sources aswell. I have never peed so much in such a condensed time, or drank so much water. For a bit of background, i really like one piece swimsuits, i wear them all the time incorporated in my outfits as tops, etc, but i was challanged to try a bikini. I havent worn one since i was a really young kid. So first I needed to acquire one. I thought i could get it done on the day before the park,
  2. haha that sounds nice, im about to post a writeup of all the stuff ive done today at the waterpark, i hope youll read it
  3. wjat a great ex wow what id give to be in ann's situation and be cleaned like that. Only if my country wasnt landlocked i could go to pee at the beach too!
  4. Hi, my biggest fantasy is somoeone wiping for me after i pee. Do yall have any experience or stories on either end of that?
  5. I do not remember actually, as long as i can remember ive done it like that. It was always natural. I like peeing on and against things, but i try not to try out difficult aiming tricks, as many timee i couldnt afford an accident to happen; so my aim has to be as good as it can be so thqt i doesnt go on me
  6. I liked how naughty it was there just my secret. But it started as convinience i think. I dont know if others did it there too tbh… you had to go the same direction as the toilets so i dont know. i alwqwqys try to have tissues with me to wipe yeah, dont an infection or for people to see a wet spot when changing
  7. Ok, sun lounge, changing room, gift show got it
  8. Thank you so much! Id love to meet other girls like me! It feels kinda lonely lol
  9. Thank you! I was a bit worried at first of not being accapted here but everyone is nice so far!
  10. I like wearing swimsuits as tops and incoporate them in my outfits, so i pee in them a lot. And in them in them a lot too. On a day to day basis i wear panties underneath which can make it more difficult tho. Recenlty i tried peeing through the zipper of a pait of short shorts i have. It has an extra long zipper so i thought it might work, but only about half of it got out, maybe ill try later again but pull it down a bit
  11. Hey everyone, first post here I am going to a waterpark tomorrow, and want to do as many pee related things as i can, i am going to be drinking all day, and peeing all day haha, so give me fun stuff to do! I am going in a one piece but plan on trying out a new bikini (i havenet worn one in so so so long), but im bringing back up one pieces too, some sporty, some less so What to do? Have you ever had any fun experiences like this in a waterpark? pls share Thank you!
  12. When i masturbate a lot, after a few orgasms my urge to pee becoems really strong, and i just let go, its not like squirt tho it is fully a pee, and thats when i have my best orgasm. I wish i could share this with someone irl! The reverse is also true, many times when i pee, if im in a place i can be messy at, i will finger myself a bit during or just touch my clit, its a nice edition to a good pee
  13. I am a woman who is into pee and i dont even know how i would start finding someone into it irl... not even my friends know this is my kink
  14. i would prefer a girl because we know how to do it better lol but i guy would be fine too it really is, i wish it comes true someday!
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