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    I love to pee in exciting places and situations

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    Indoors and Outdoors, watching each other and enjoying the pee
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    In a "lost place" hotel, I peed a shower, a bedroom and the front desk. There were many more places to pee there, but my bladder was too small. I'll be back :-)

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  1. Physically would be difficult as therebis some distance between London and Southern Germany 😎. Anyway I am always willing to check out some live cam experience. Just let me know.
  2. Hi pisszzz, it is nice to know that a girl is really into aiming a dick into a urinal. I ince met a girl and we peed together in various exciting places. She loved to hold my dick while i peed and also she cleaned it up afterwards and played with it, but that's another story 😉. Unfortunately there was nu urinal among our pee places. This is still on my bucket list. Pisszzz, just let me know whenever you are ready to try it out 😎
  3. Hey there, a very warm "welcome back" and greetings from our home country 🤗
  4. Here it is 😉 Have fun! https://www.erome.com/a/UAIYKIol
  5. Here are some more pictures of my Lost Place experience. This series is for you, @nota98 😉
  6. I drank 1.5 liters before and I guess they like to come out 😊. Here's my pee in the middle of the room. To be honest, all this is really exciting and starting to make me hard....
  7. I have tried the squat toilet. I wonder if tje squat position is correct, with the back to the door. However the drain looks like one should squat in this position. Well, I also tried it the other way round 😁.
  8. I have arrived 😁. First experience: The Ladies' room
  9. In 10 hours from now I will go there. Be here if you wanna join "live" 😊
  10. I'm getting more and more excited to pee there. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to follow as much as I can with one bladder filling 😊. I guess I will also go to the ladies' room and squat over the floor toilet to pee 😇. Any hints from you girls how to do it best?
  11. The front door of both men and woman's toilets don't exist any more. There are no signs that anyone peed there like I plan to do. No puddles, no smell. It is definitely no more in use, even if it looks really not abandoned from outside.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. It's good to hear that this is not only exciting for me. I really look forward to visiting this building in the woods again.
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