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    I love to pee in exciting places and situations

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    Indoors and Outdoors, watching each other and enjoying the pee
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    In a "lost place" hotel, I peed a shower, a bedroom and the front desk. There were many more places to pee there, but my bladder was too small. I'll be back :-)

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  1. Mine, outdoors on a historic bridge earlier today ... normal, growing and semi-hard πŸ™‚ Tell me what you think.
  2. Hi everybody, I am really into peeing in exciting places and situations for a long time. I also thought about sharung for a long time. Now I have decided to do so :-). I hope you will have fun with my pictures and stories. Let me know what you think. This is my adventure today. Gone geocaching in an old historic little town with a "lost place" bridge. I thought this could be a good place to pee between the old tracks and leave a puddle on the structure.
  3. Some time ago I had a friend and now and then we had some pee play together. Once we met in an old observation tower in the middle of nowhere. Knowing we both had to pee badly, we went up the spiral staircase. Half way up I told her that I can't hold it any more. I opened my pants and took my dick out in order to pee into the staircase and let her watch. Without asking, she took my cock with her hand, standing right beside me. What a feeling! It was hard for me to concentrate on pissing and not to get hard. Finally a strong stream gushed out of my cock and she aimed it towards the opposite wal
  4. I don't think many boys can pee while their cock is inside a girl's mouth. However with some trauning and concentration it works ... and if it works, it is AMAZING! 😍
  5. I would love to feel your hot stream shooting against my neck and the warm river flow down my back .. Mmmmmh what a good idea. 😍 Also, I often stay in business hotels. So don't hesitate to pee on my luggage ... I'll pee on yours as a reward πŸ˜‰
  6. I hust peed in the sink when I entered the hotel room for tonight. Every day is Earth Day 😁
  7. Weatherman74


    Sophie, is that you? 🀩
  8. Thanks! Wow I wonder how anyone can pee in this position.
  9. What is "the splits"? Can you explain? Sorry English is not my mother language
  10. I stay in hotels quite often and first thing I do when I checked in is using the sink. There is always a a great desperation after a long drive, so I enter the room and go straight to the bathroom in order to "baptize" the room πŸ™‚. Standing there, releasing without using my hands, watching it flow in the mirror makes me relax and get ready for more hotel pee adventures. There are so many naughty places to pee in a hotel. There are many tips from our peefriends for peeing inside the room. If you like to pee outside the room, watch out for cameras! I love to have quick pees in the ele
  11. Southern Germany here 😊
  12. Hey Anja, a warm welcone and "Grüß Dich" 😊
  13. I had the experience some years ago. It's amazing and one of the most intense feelings ever! 🀩
  14. I voted for "somewhere else": You told us that you have a "pee helper", so I guess you could aim into a urinal. Have you ever tried to? Sometimes there are unisex bathroomes in some supermarkets. This could be a good chance to try πŸ™‚
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