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    I love to pee in exciting places and situations

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    Indoors and Outdoors, watching each other and enjoying the pee
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    In a "lost place" hotel, I peed a shower, a bedroom and the front desk. There were many more places to pee there, but my bladder was too small. I'll be back :-)

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  1. Good morning everybody 😇
  2. Southern Germany here 🙂
  3. Peed into the hotel sink just now :-). Have fun! 100x100https://t1.erome.com/1698/hJqeuoOb/thumbs/ZParJ2Mp.jpg[/img]
  4. Just relaxing in the hotel room tonight 😇
  5. Plant pots in hotels are a perfect aim to pee, for men and women 😉 But ... always watch out for cameras! Have fun on your business trip and let us know how it went 🤩
  6. I did once a few years ago. I was together with a friend, she was also into peeing so she gave me "shelter" as I peed into a planted pot which was standing on a shelf in the outside area. We both enjoyed the situation very much. When I peed, I realized that she stared more on my cock and stream as on the area around us 😁.
  7. This is the video: https://www.erome.com/a/k0pRadYR Enjoy 😎
  8. I am on a business trip today, having a short pee break by the roadside. I relief myself on a hiking trail next to a river. Just as I was unpacking my cock and starting to pee, a couple with a dog passed by. I stopped peeing and hid my hose again, letting some drips into my pants. As I was alone again, I continued peeing in the middle of the path, turning myself 180° so that my puddle showes a half circle. That's fun 😎. On the otjer side of the river, there were some bicycles passing by, but I didn't mind as they are too far avay and can't catch me because of the water, haha. Video to fol
  9. ...that makes it so exciting. You never know when, where, how long, how strong, how tasty it comes 🤩
  10. Too good to be bad, haha. To be honest, it's my favourite weather. Can't get enough 😉
  11. Warm summer rain is not my definition of bad weather ☔😇
  12. Certainly only in case of bad weather, eh?😇 PM me if you like ☔
  13. If you think thatyou need one ... I wouldn't 😉
  14. Thanks, colette888 🙂 Come on over, the bench is wide enough for two 😇
  15. Here is the Video: https://www.erome.com/a/SxrkSRQN Enjoy and tell me what you think about it 😇
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