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  1. incase anyone was wondering, this has maybe kinda sorta become habit 😋💕
  2. Heyhi! so i’ve been trying to find new and low/risk ways to express this kink because i’ve been into it since i can remember but only have a couple small experiences. whenever im out in public and using the bathroom i always see the floor drains after i’ve already started. i always get disappointed but try to remember for next time (a next time which never seem to come). well, i started a new job a while back working front desk at a small gym. i work after hours for when we rent out our gymnasium so i spend most of my time sitting at the desk playing on my deck or scrollin
  3. thanks,, i grew them myself. 🤘🏽🤘🏽
  4. i’m not completely sure if i’m being honest, being able to let go wherever im feeling is just a fun act of rebellion and a huge turn on for me, haha. i know there were a few times when i was younger that i would really have to go and someone would be in the bathroom so i would find somewhere that no one would suspect and pee. that was when i was pretty young though,, i don’t think it turned into anything else until i got a bit older. 🙂
  5. i love the idea of making messes anywhere and everywhere, but i get too in my head about others having to clean up after me. that’s why i usually stick to tile, finished wood, and concrete. i’d love to take a step outside of my comfort zone and just let loose sometime soon- haha
  6. i usually stick to the showers or the restrooms!(avoiding the toilets ofc)
  7. i was reading this thinking “that sounds hella fun, i wanna do that”. and then it just kinda dawned on me that i have! lmao brain is broken. sorry if i ramble, but basically i was staying the night at a long-time friends house maybe a year ago, this friend and i go way back to like 5th grade so wherever she was (however frequently she moved) felt like home. the next morning i woke up on the couch and was feeling really turned on (this wasn’t a common thing due to antidepressants) and was pretty desperate to pee. i was getting a little handsy with myself until i got to the point where i wa
  8. ive been on omorashi . org for quite a while and i’ve seen a few posts about this site and i thought i’d give it a try!
  9. Hello everyone! I’m Frankie, and while i’ve been into pee for as long as i can remember, im a new comer to this site. a bit about me? i’m a 20 year old cosmetology student from illinois. i love exploring new things; hobbies, places, and especially new kinks- i also really enjoy camming, sadly i haven’t found any sites that allow wetting/ messes, but i haven’t given up hope! (if anyone knows about any please let me know!) I really enjoy making messes wherever i can, i think my favorite place being the gym. I’d love to make some new friends who enjoy similar things! my inbox
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