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  1. Yes you are right. Without wiping it will give nice view and pee aroma
  2. This experience happened during my bus travel in south India.I wake up around 3 o clock in the night when one young lady ran to the cabin door very fast and asked to stopped the bus so the driver stopped near the service road and she get down and looked like going to vomit I seen that through window. I thought due to travel sick she was going to vomit and then put my mobile in charging socket and looking outside at that time the bus cleaner boy asked her to come fast she said ok and looked here and there and lifted her saree up to her hip and lowered her panty until knee and started to release huge and forceful pee stream like a fire service vehicle. Once she finished it she put her panty and corrected her saree and wiped the urine in the pussy with her panty and petticoat by rubbing. I still have uncleared doubt that why she did like this. If she want to pee means she can stop the bus and go to the backside of the bus and urinate but she looked like stopped for vomiting but peed in front of the cleaner boy and alternative driver with full show to them. She was around 27 - 30 years old nice looking lady wear blue colour saree on that day
  3. Yes we camped at south India and not all places will have cobra so we can do whatever we want 😃
  4. Very Nice Experience buddy.Did you get any other sightings after that ?
  5. This happened during the next day of NSS camp which I told already in my forum.The next day female coordinator also came. We have two tends one for girls and another for boys. Since the girls told the open pee experience to the female coordinator she did a wise plan and arranged empty buckets to pee inside their tent we were very sad on that day because not getting any outdoor sighting. But our time came two of the girls needed to shit very bad because of the food they had in the afternoon. So they informed it to their coordinator since they can’t poop inside the camp which will spoil the camp with smell. So the female coordinator came to our male one and discussed about it. He told there is no proper toilets so they have no option other than open toilet. We sit inside and secretly heard their conversation and waiting for what to happen next. Suddenly he called two off us and informed the thing and instructed us to go along with her as a guard and show them the place with privacy. We already visited the village and we know the best place with privacy was only near the pond which is around 1 Km from our tents. So we started to move along with the female coordinator and two other girls to the pond side. When we come near the pond coordinator told us to wait here and she will go with them and told us I will call you If I need any help. So after they gone we sat on the stone surface near that where we can see them from there without their knowledge. We waited there and see what is happening. The girl who is slim one is go next to the bush near the pond so we were able to see only the head of her. But the white and slightly chubby one is still standing there. We were confused why. Then she suddenly go near the pond and removed her pant and keep it near by and then slowly her panty next we see that she is already pooped some in her panty due to heavy desperation . She then throw it near the bush and squatted facing us and started to shit. We were clearly able to see the pee coming from her pussy and poop 💩. Finally she finished pooping and washed her ass with pond water and wear the pant with out panty. Suddenly the interesting part came our coordinator went near the pond and lifted her saree and slide her panty and squatted down to pee then washed her pussy with water and stood up meanwhile the skinny girl washed her poop and came back. Once they finished we get down from the stone and waited for them.
  6. They Did it inside the room only. We heard hissing and Poop sounds and felt the smell.
  7. This happened during the flood happened in India . There is no power for more than 3 days and we around 20 people got sucked inside our office. Out of that only 8 were men remaining were young aged girls. For the first day there is no problem for us because we have some water in our tank and power in our UPS so we don’t worry about any thing and waited for the water to drain. But from the second day evening itself problem started to arise. The water in the tank is over and also we can’t use the flood water because it was contaminated with dead animals. We have only drinking water but we could not waste that. At the evening some girls needed to pee and shit as well. The informed it to us with very desperate and tensed face. Since the ladies toilet is in first floor which is also affected with drainage water already they can’t use it anymore. Even though gents toilet is in next floor we don’t have water in tank. So if they used means the entire place will become dirty. Finally we decided to use Garbage bags we have. So we gave it to them. Initially they were very hesitate to do but after one or two hours later their urge initiated to do it. They went inside the meeting room and did pee or Shit in the garbage bag and we left the wastes at terrace till the third day.
  8. In India Now also the same. Mostly there is no proper toilet facilities for ladies and if there is any toilet that also will be not properly maintained. Especially during highway bus travel in south India you can see more number of women doing their business either in the side of the bus or in backside.
  9. They did it while standing and not bothered about who is around them. Here it is common to see these kind of stand and pee sighting with saree
  10. Unfortunately we had noticed the hissing sound only but on the upcoming days we had many open pee sightings I have also experienced a same kind of sightings like your bus trip experience but in my case I had seen the entire view. While travelling from Chennai after 2 hours of travel our bus had hit the back side of the car in front of our bus fortunately no one had injuries but the people from that car complained that incident to police and we waited for more than one hour for the police to arrive. Once they arrived they instruct all the passengers to get down and told the bus driver to take the bus to the police station and then instruct them to arrange the alternative bus for us. The driver called the travels people to arrange another bus and promised us that it will arrive within 45 mins and we agreed that but we waited for another 2 hours that makes us desperate to pee. Gents do it somewhere near that place by just turning around but many ladies are there in our bus are looking very desperate since there was no rest stop before that. They tried to hold but most of them can’t able to do it. Some ladies wearing saree were just lift their saree little bit and separate their legs little and started to urinate casually and I am able to hear only the hissing sound and pee puddle under their legs. But the interesting part came next to that. Two of the girls wearing Salwar type dress are also in very desperation. There was no place with privacy for them. Then they finally decided to urinate in the open. They move little bit away from us and started to remove their bottom and panties then squat on the road side and peed for more than 2 minutes with clear view of their back side and their pee streams were clearly visible due to the vehicles coming on the road. Finally they finished their business and came back near the crowd.
  11. Thanks for your comments. Yes We had lot more open pee sightings till the end of the camp .
  12. I share my experience in India during my college NSS camp.We have arranged NSS camp during our 2nd year. We had arranged one of our college buses for 10 boys and 17 girls. It was our first day of our camp where the camp location was slightly far away from our college. We were waiting for our staffs to arrive so that we could start our journey. The male staff had arrived and we were waiting for the female coordinator for more than 30 Mins. We tried to call her but not able to communicate. After some time she called our male coordinator and informed that she was sick and will join from next day So we started our Journey around 8 AM in the morning and reached the camp place around 10 AM. It was a very rural place. we arranged all the things we brought to the camp site and made small tents. Then we both boys and girls started to walk through the streets of the village and informed the people about our camp and medical camp which we planned on the last day of our camp. Then we gathered near our tents and all of our boys informed the coordinator and girls that we go and search for any shops nearby to bring snacks since the lunch is not yet arrived. We collected cash from our friends and coordinator to buy snacks and we went and search for the shops. On the way to shop we feel the urge to pee so we peed near some open area and bought snacks. The village was looked like it didn’t have proper toilet facilities and we enquired it to that shop keeper and he told that they will defecate in open during early morning. Then we back to the camp and distributed the snacks to all and played some games. Finally our lunch arrived around 1 PM and we finished our lunch and discussed about our plans for evening and took some rest. Suddenly some girls came to us and told that they wanted to use the toilet. She told that they had not urinated form the morning. We informed it to our coordinator and he told us to enquire about the near by toilets in any house we replied him that there is no proper toilet facility here that the shop keeper told us previously. So he discussed it with our bus driver and he replied that he take us to the nearby field or ground with some privacy. We two boys and our coordinator along with all girls got in to the bus and the driver is started to drive and looking for some place. Finally we found a ground near the wall. He parked the bus in such a way that two passanger doors are facing the wall. We boys stand on the right side of the bus to guard them and initially the girls were very hesitated to urinate but after some time they decided to pee by sitting on the foot board of the bus. They started to pee one by one using the two foot steps. They told us they finished their peeing and we started to get in to the bus. I noticed that the foot boards were splattered with urine puddles. We reached our camp site and then after some time we started our cleaning works in nearby places and finally planned our next day works and started to depart from the site. when we reached near the bus it’s foot boards were smelled like dirty urinals and when girls felt that smell they giggled with each other and started to move.
  13. Hi Friends, Can anyone share Indian ladies long bus travel public pee experience?
  14. Anyone having an experience of Indian ladies public pee

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