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  1. Kataal

    The cosmos

    I just read an online article about a star that apparently has a circumference about the same size as the orbit of Saturn, the 6th planet in our solar system. If that is true, that is .... sooooo weird. I guess anything is really possible. It is possible that this behemoth star is in its ultra red giant phase and about to die. What do you guys think? I am posting the link below: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/26/the-mind-boggling-size-of-the-largest-known-star-stephenson-2-18.html
  2. Does anyone know of live cam sites for females really desperate to pee and pee on themselves?
  3. Kataal

    Star Wars

    Why are fans of Star Wars, especially those who prefer Legends continuity over current canon, express outrage and offense towards the continuation of the empire and the return of Palpatine? This concept of the continuation of the empire and the return of Palpatine was first seen in Legends continuity. In this continuity, Anakin’s legacy of sacrificing himself for Luke Skywalker is apparently not cheapened by Palpatine’s return in Legends but apparently his sacrifice was cheapened with Palpatine’s return in current canon (Rise of Skywalker)? Please explain this to me.
  4. Kataal

    Area 51

    True. Like I said, the government is allowed to have its secrets too.
  5. Kataal

    Area 51

    But we all want to know what fell in Roswell, New Mexico.
  6. Kataal

    Area 51

    Well that is the government for him. All secrets and no free entry. The government is also allowed to have privacy and secrets for protection.
  7. That sucks! What a shame. Hopefully, no one else saw this.
  8. I also think Ahoska should have been co-workers in the clone wars, who is at times assigned to work with Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and at times has to learn from them. In that way, they become like teachers, and in the process Ahsoka becomes an attachment for Anakin. We can still have her on Rebels. But nowhere in Revenge of the Sith was there ever an Ahsoka. So perhaps she should have been killed off or something where Anakin no longer even thinks about her in episode 3. Just inconsistent to me.
  9. One criticism of Star Wars is the inability to keep the story straight. The original trilogy came, out then the prequels, the time line called Legends, retconing clone wars 2003 to clone wars 2008, the sequels, and it is just weird. The prequels just don't seem to make sense when having the clone wars 2008 tv series as opposed to the clone wars 2003 series like not having Ahsoka Tano. No where is there mention of Anakin having an apprentice. The Jedi Council never felt Anakin should raise a padawan. So why retcon it now? Also Rogue 1 and Solo movies are good too. Rebels also good. Also don't need to see every single stupid mission in the clone wars but some things from both clone wars renditions were good. It is good to see when Asajj Ventress becomes a threat as shown in 2003, and then as she continues to be a threat in 2008. What do you think? Also, Darth Maul should have been left dead. It should have been explained that Obi-Wan did stop using his anger for Maul hurting Qui-Gon Jinn and killed him with a clear mind being one with the force. He used the force to kill Maul. If he did use his anger and killed Maul, it would mean going down the dark path as did Anakin for killing Dooku, but Obi-Wan remains good still and Anakin doesn't???? Killing Dooku was part of a secret plan to turn Anakin and not Obi-Wan, but still. He should have been left dead, and instead have Savage Opress be the new Maul. They are brothers after all! I also feel the first 21 shorts are good for showing how Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight. Mace moving at lights peed in the 2003 short was cool althoughI get why some wanted it retconned. I definitely liked the Nelvaan short. Anakin sees his fear as a dangerous tyrranical need to control. It is a warning. I also liked how Mace sort of weakened Grievous. Any thoughts on these matters? The shorts also give backstory to this character's training under Dooku.
  10. What did people think of Rise of Skywalker? I only have a general understanding of the movie. But I never bothered to watch. I wanted to know how was it? Also, who has seen the new movie Sonic The Hedghog?
  11. Kids should be raised by their parents not laugh at those who fart.
  12. Great! Now we can't enjoy films without political correctness. I am done watching films. Peace out, not!
  13. The Ultimate Warrior was one of the best.
  14. I used to watch WWE but only about a year. I stopped watching it this year because it has gone down the tube and the scripted nonsense has become so dumb. It isn't the same during the 90's when The Rock, The Undertaker, Steve Austin, and others were around. Even he newer generations like John Cena, Rey Misterio, Edge, etc., they had better story lines. Now it is all garbage. I watch All Elite Wrestling. That show has Chris Jericho, Cody (Not his brother Gold Dust Cody), Matt Hardy, and Dean Ambrose (aka John Moxley).
  15. Kataal

    Area 51

    I wonder if they did catch an alien. 1947 Rosswell, USA.

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