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    I love girls peeing ;) Such a turn-on. I live in New Delhi. If you're nearby, lets catch each other's streams <3 ;)

    You can always reach me on Whatsapp ( plus 91 -

    Stay Wet ! :-)

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    Clean pee stream in an Arc, Distance peeing
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    Yet to explore

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  1. My whatsapp number is (+91)-
  2. I absolutely adore your pee experiences.. I wish to meet someone here to share experiences in Delhi
  3. Ohh thats great... VPW.. Do you know anyone I can probably meet? Would be a great help.
  4. hi if youre still in delhi, please let me know, we can go spotting together ...
  5. Hi Mistress Sarah, Im from India as well. I love peeing girls and admire watersports. I wish i could be your pee-slave. Would love to hear from you.
  6. wow thats amazing! I wish you could shoot your stream at me ❤️
  7. Hey Girls, How do u wanna watch me pee? xoxo
  8. Wow 😉 Do share your experience Riley 🙂 Would love to hear more abt it.
  9. Any Girls here capable of Shooting a clean stream right from the peehole by spreading lips? in the form of an ARC ??
  10. How do we watch your videos? I cant seem to find them.. 😞 Are there any links?? Love u 😉
  11. I wish I was at the end of your arc fountain ❤️
  12. Wow.. I'd love to see your pee hole. Any way you could show me? like are there vids of you? Love you loads nancy 😉
  13. Hi i love ur pee

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