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    I'm Craggles, married and 36 years old. Been a big fan of women peeing for many years and so pleased to have found so many other people like myself. Would love to hear from girls from the uk who love pee as much as me

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    Golden showers, watching women peeing. Most things really
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    Few experiences with my wife mostly recently a spontaneous caravan golden shower outside under the stars where she pissed all over my face. Heaven

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  1. Welcome mate, im from the North East, love the name and introduction 👍
  2. Welcome mate, im from the North East of England. Great site
  3. No however on a different note I think my kids have inherited my fetish, things they do and say I know when they are older they will probably be on this site hahaha
  4. Cheers mate, I'm certainly very lucky although I dont think this site will be her cup of tea. I do have a video of her from a previous dirty weekend away a months ago that I might try and convince her to let me share with everyone though so fingers crossed 😂😂👍
  5. So me and the wife were getting it on last night when after she came for the 2nd time she stopped and said she needed a wee. So I told her to pee all over me, she bent over in the shower and let rip all over my face and in my mouth. I sat back licking her pussy and her arse as she kept on peeing, it was absolutely amazing and cant wait for round 2 tonight.
  6. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it and get what you're looking for x
  7. I did my training for a job in southport, spent a week there, unreal memories, I'm from Sunderland so not that far from you
  8. I'm from the North East of England.
  9. Yeah I've told my wife openly now, she saw my browser history over the years and knew I had a thing but now we incorporate it into our sexlife which I am extremely happy about. My friends know and even my mother in law, people like what they like so screw it, get it out in the open and you never know what might come of it. Its 2020, everyone has got a fetish, let someone know yours. Best of luck
  10. Hi Riley You say you're shy so have you had any pee experiences? If not what's the 1st thing you would do if someone took your shyness away
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