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  1. Yeah, i think after the initial shock she just accepted that I was there and had seen her so it was pointless trying to hide. For a while afterwards we would joke about it and she definitely found it funny. Just a shame that that was the only time something like that happened. I encountered my step sisters friends needing to pee on a number of occasions but unfortunately was never lucky enough to have a similar encounter of seeing them peeing.
  2. One of the hottest sights I got genuinely by accident happened years ago at home. My mum and stepdad had gone away for the weekend and on the Saturday night my step sister went out for the night with some friends. She had already told me that one of her friends was going to be sleeping over which I said I was fine with as I was going round to my friends house and might end up crashing there like I did quite a lot. Unfortunately my friend had something come up so I just stayed in and enjoyed having the house to myself. Later in the evening I was sat in my room on my xbox and I thought I heard noise. When I took off my headphones I heard the toilet flushing and realised my step sister was home. I heard her and her friend in her room and figured I better go and say hello as I wasn't sure whether they realised I was home. Turns out her friend didn't realise I was as when I left my room I heard a gasp and looked round to find her in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, peeing. She hadn't bothered closing the door as she had assumed it was just her and my sister. It was made even better by the fact that whilst she had waited for my sister in the bathroom she had taken off her dress so was now just in her bra and knickers, the latter of which were round her knees as she peed. She just looked embarrassed and laughed sheepishly as she couldn't stop to close the door. I just gave her a little wave and enjoyed the sight and sound of her peeing. My sister came out and when she saw me standing there and her friend sitting on the toilet she burst out laughing and I just smiled and said "oh yeah, by the way, I didn't go out". My sister just rolled about laughing as her friend finished peeing and stood up clearly having lost all inhibitions by that point and gave me a lovely view as she pulled up her knickers and walked past me to my sisters room with a sheepish smile. I sneaked a peek of her butt as she walked past and then turned back to my room and told them if they needed anything just to holler. I definitely wasted no time replaying that image over and over in my mind whilst dealing with a sudden urge that over took me.
  3. Later on when it was around the time when bars were either closed already or were starting to close and no longer allowing admissions so there were lots of people either heading for taxis or going to get food. Usually at this time a lot of people head up towards the top end of town to go to the big nightclub but government guidelines mean it still hasn't re opened. I was stood watching the crowds when two young girls came along the street walking quite quickly. They stopped at the edge of the road waiting to cross and it became obvious where they were heading. I walked down and went up the side steps into the churchyard and stood leaning against the railing of the door steps. Moments later the two girls appeared round the corner and the first girl, a gorgeous brunette in a little black dress quickly walked into the corner and quickly started pulling up her dress revealing a black thong. She told her friend to keep watch to which her friend replied "okay, but hurry up, I need a wee as well". The first girl squatted down, moved her thong to the side and I got a great view of her pussy for a moment before her stream slowly started, gradually building in intensity until she was gushing all over the floor. She sighed in relief and her friend again told her to hurry up. I looked over at her friend, a cute redhead, and found her squirming and bobbing on the spot as she waited for her friend. I glanced between them enjoying both views until the first girl finished. She pulled her dress back into place and went over to her friend who handed over her bag and quickly went into the corner where her friend had just been. She reached up her white skirt and pulled down her knickers before squatting down and peeing. The way her skirt was you couldn't see anything but the sound of her stream was loud and clear. When she eventually finished she stood up and pulled her knickers up and smoothed down her skirt, walking back to her friend and taking her bag. They walked off and I walked round towards the main steps. I sat on the bench at the top of the steps and not long after a group came and stood by the bottom of the steps. It soon became apparent they were waiting for taxis. Shortly after a taxi arrived and two of the group got in and left. About ten minutes after another taxi pulled up and three more people left the group. This left two guys and two girls. A few minutes passed and then one of the guys came up the steps and moved to the side of them and stood against the wall. He peed and then he went back down the steps. His wife/gf asked what he was doing and he said he had needed to pee. She laughed and then said that she did too but unlike him she couldn't just go anywhere she wanted. Unfortunately their taxi arrived shortly after so my question of whether she would pee or not was answered, though I did like the thought of her still needing to go on her ride home. That just left the last couple and as their friends left the guy followed suit of his friend and walked up the steps and found himself a nice bit of wall to pee against. As he walked back down his wife/gf said "I could do with a wee too but I guess I'll just have to wait, can't just whip it out whenever and wherever". They both laughed and I started enjoying the thought of her having to wait until she got home. About ten minutes later the guy moaned wondering how long their taxi would be and called up to find out. When he came off the phone he said it was on its way and would be a couple of minutes. The woman said "oh thank god" then suddenly handed him her bag and said "I'm gonna have to pee before it comes, I can't wait until we get home, I'm bursting!". She walked up the steps and unlike the guys I expected her to pop off around the corner away from me but she copied the two guys and just stood to the side at the top of the steps and pulled down her black leggings and black knickers, flashing her bum at me before squatting down and letting loose. She peed a torrent and when she had eventually done she did a sexy little wiggle and stood up, pulling her knickers and leggings back up. She turned to walk back down the steps and joined her man, they stood there for a few more minutes before their taxi came and they left. By that point it was getting late and a lot of the crowds had dispersed so I decided to head home, thinking it wasn't a bad way to end the night.
  4. The third sighting of the night happened a little later on. I had gotten myself some food and had sat and eaten it on the door steps in the churchyard. I spotted a young couple walking down the road, the girl was walking quite slowly and kept stopping. Her bf/husband was walking ahead of her and stopped to let her catch up. When she did catch up he took her hand and she started walking faster with quick paced little steps and eventually they made it to the shop on the corner of the street. The guy went to the ATM and as he did the girl started dancing on the spot. At first it was hard to tell whether she was just dancing or squirming but after the guy had used the machine they went into the shop. A few moments later the girl came out of the shop and quickly walked across the road and headed towards the main steps. When she appeared round the corner she was starting to undo her belt and then she spotted sitting on the steps finishing my drink. She averted her course and let go of her belt, smiling at me as she walked past. I let her go round the corner and then gathered my things. I walked around the corner with my rubbish and headed towards the bin at the top of the steps leading down to the park. As I walked to the bin and came around to where the building has another little courtyard I saw she was standing in the corner pulling her black jeans and pink thong down and was squatting down. I continued to the bin and turned around and she saw me and looked embarrassed. I held up my hands in mock shock and continued walking, getting a great view of her pussy and her strong hissy stream. I admired the view until I got back to the wall and walked back around to the steps with a grin on my face. A couple of minutes later she came walking back around and looked sheepish when she saw me again. She looked up at me and I said "sorry about that, I was just putting my rubbish in the bin". She smiled sheepishly and mumbled "its okay, I'm sorry you saw me like that". I held up my hands and said it was fine and reeled off the cliche line of "when you gotta go you gotta go" to which she just nodded and smiled and continued walking and headed back to where her man was outside the shop waiting.
  5. As I walked back into town I met up with some people from work who had just finished and went with them to the pub for a couple of drinks. An hour and half later when the pub closed my friends headed home and I wandered down to the bottom of town which was starting to get busier now that it was midnight and most of the normal pubs had closed. I was stood by the shop and ATM watching the people coming along the street to the different bars when my attention was drawn to a cute chubby brunette girl who had just joined the line for the ATM with her friends. She was stood stepping from foot to foot and crossing and uncrossing her legs. Either she was really cold or she really needed to pee. The answer to that question was answered when after moving a few places forward in the line she leaned over and moaned "I need a weeeeeee". She drew out the last word and resumed her foot stepping and cute squirming. I already loved her sexy curves packed into her tight jeans but watching her curves wiggle and squirm was so much better. Finally it was her turn to use the machine and she squirmed around as she got her money. When she had finished she went straight into the shop I assumed to get change. A lot of people do this as the bar across the road has an entry fee that has to be paid exactly. The doormen don't give change and won't accept any more than the fee so people will get money from the machine and then go and buy something to get change in the shop. She came out a minute later having gotten her change and stood waiting for her friends at the machine. As the last of her friends were at the machine she moaned "can you hurry up I'm gonna wet myself in a minute". She started squirming harder on the spot and once her friends had done they went into the shop. She stood outside by the door doing her sexy pee dance whilst her friends were looking round the shop. Suddenly she slid her hand between her legs and shouted into the shop "Can you guys please be quick, I'm about to make a puddle out here". Something about the way she said that was so hot and seeing her grabbing herself showed just how badly she needed to pee. One of her friends came out and she stood chatting until the rest of them came out. When they did they turned to go across to the bar but when the girl saw the short queue outside she moaned and said "Oh god I can't stand and wait to get in, I'm about to wet myself, I can't wait anymore" and set off quickly down the street. One of her friends said she would come with her and the other three walked over to join the queue. The obvious thought was that she was going to the churchyard but I was shocked when she turned off along the street into a little gap between two buildings where the two shops either side have their bins and side doors. Nowhere down there to hide or be discreet. As I got to the little gap she was stood squirming as she was undoing her belt and then quickly she pulled down her jeans and black knickers and got into a semi squat before she started peeing. No care for the crowds walking past who could see her and were looking. She obviously must have been on the verge of wetting herself, that or she truly had no inhibitions at all. I just stood watching along with many other people at her strong stream splashing down the wall. When she finished she pulled her jeans back up and did up her belt and walked off like it was the most normal thing to do and joined her friends in the queue for the bar. I think I wasn't the only one who enjoyed her show.
  6. Got a handful of sightings over the bank holiday weekend which started off with a hot blonde milf and her equally hot friend. I had just finished work and was walking into town along the main road. As I was two women appeared from one of the side streets across the road and started walking towards town. A little further along there I walked across the road at the crossing point and fell in behind them, immediately wishing I had done so sooner. One of the women, a tall leggy blonde was wearing some sexy skin tight leather look leggings which not only showed off her great butt but also clearly showed the outline of her sexy thong underneath. As someone who loves VPL this was a lovely sight. Not to mention her friend who had one some black shorts, showing off her slender legs. As we walked along I just admired the view. Not long after though my interest in them increased as we reached the town's outer ring road and stood waiting at the crossing. They were chatting and then suddenly the blonde, mid conversation, moaned "God I need a pee" and did a little curtsy motion then continued with her conversation. We crossed the road into the town centre and as we walked along the main shopping precinct the blonde moaned again "I really need a pee". This time her friend laughed and made a comment about her going before they left not too long ago and the blonde said "I know I know but I had a lot to drink before I came to yours". A few minutes later she told her friend she would quickly nip to McDonalds for a wee then they would head for the bus. I checked the time and realised that McDonalds would have now changed to take out only so she wouldn't be allowed in. As we reached the town square and were almost at Mcdonald's she started walking a little faster. When she reached the road she had to wait for a bus to go by and as she was stood I noticed she was now gently bouncing her leg. Clearly her need was growing. When the bus had gone she dashed across the road and I stood and watched as she went to the door and realised it was blocked. She spoke to the guy inside obviously asking if she could come in but he refused and she came back to her friend. "They have closed now, its only for take out food, I'll just have to go at the bus station" she told her friend, squirming gently. I set off walking towards the bus station with the two of them just behind and a few minutes later as we reached the side entrance to the bus station she moaned to her friend "hurry hurry hurry" and started doing fast little steps up the stretch of drop off points to the main bus station area. I turned the corner to where the toilets were just a few moments before them and when she came around she walked towards the door and found it firmly shut. She pushed a few more times before accepting they were closed and turned round, bending over slightly and squirming on the spot. She looked at her friend and said "fuck they are shut too". Her friend replied that their bus was due in 10 minutes to which the blonde replied "I know but I'm busting for a pee and there is no way I can wait until we get to (town name), I will wet myself on the bus, I need to find somewhere to pee before we get on the bus". She set off back down towards the side door and I quickly walked along to the main exit of the bus station. I waited by the door and watched as they came out of the side door and walked across the courtyard in front of the bus station and my guess had been right. They were heading for the alleyway between two buildings across the courtyard. I walked across and down the alleyway and about halfway down it opens up into some car parking spaces for the staff of the shops. I moved behind there and moments later the blonde women appeared and turned towards the parking spaces. She moved into the corner and without wasting second she pulled down her leggings and little red thong and squatted down and started peeing. She let out a sigh as she did her friend came round the corner and I waited a moment before coming out from behind the dumpster. I had undone my belt so when I walked out it looked like I had just done the same as her. I apologised and said "as if they shut the toilets when the buses are still running". The blonde looked up and said "I know right, surely if the bus station is open the toilets would be too". She finished peeing and pulled her leggings and knickers back into place then her friend said "I think I better go before we get on the bus too" she moved towards where her friend had been and pulled down her shorts and white knickers before squatting down and releasing her bladder in the same spot. I just watched as she peed without a care and when she had done she sorted herself out and she asked me where I was heading. As we set off back to the bus station I told her I had finished work and was heading home and asked the same question of her. She told me they were going to meet some friends and I told them I hoped they enjoyed their night. When we got into the bus station they headed to their stop with a goodnight and not long after got on their bus. I left the bus station to head down into town to see if I could scope out any more sexy sightings.
  7. The fourth and final sightings of that particular night happened a while after the post above. I went to my favourite pub for a drink and by the time I left and walked along the street there were a number of people outside the taxi office waiting so I wandered on there to see if I could see anything fun. As I was stood in the crowd my selective hearing picked up on a comment. "I should have had a wee in there". I looked round and saw a brunette in a little black dress. I assumed it was her who had said it as she was pointing down the side streets to one of the bars. My assumption rang true as her boyfriend laughed and made a comment saying that it wouldn't have made a difference as she always needed to pee. She laughed and they went back to talking. I saw that they had joined the queue for the take away next to the taxi office. The take away in question is quite big and has a bunch of tables inside which are usually full of people fresh from the bars and clubs grabbing food before getting their taxi home. Due to social distancing measures some of the tables had been closed off and only a limited number of people could be inside at the counter at once so a small queue had formed outside. I kept checking on the girl but after her original comment she said nothing else or showed any signs of her need and eventually they went into the shop. I kept on scanning the crowd and kept glancing at the girl in the shop at the counter. When they got their food they went and sat down so I went back to watching the people in the crowd and those walking by. A few minutes later a group walked past and headed to the ATM. When stood there one of the group, a curvy blonde looked squirmy and when I moved nearer she was moaning about needing a pee. When they had finished at the machine they just walked over the road to the bar and went inside. I noticed the bouncer was one that I know quite well and headed over to have a chat. I was stood talking to him for about 15 minutes and as I was I had seen two girls go into the shop opposite and a couple of minutes later they came out and headed down the street. When they reached the end they stopped on the corner and it became obvious where they were heading. I finished up my conversation and said I would see him later and quickly headed down the street. I could see the two girls heading up the steps to the churchyard. I followed suit and by the time I got up the steps and walked around the corner I was greeted to a lovely view of both of them squatting in the corner, peeing full force onto the paving. As they spotted me one of them looked shocked and tried to move to hide herself whilst the other one just giggled and continued on without a care. I "apologised and slowly continued along towards the other corner, sneaking cheeky glances at the lovely view. Had I gotten there a little sooner I would have probably joined them in peeing but the shocked one had finished and had sorted herself out and the other one was just finishing so I continued around the corner, deciding I would have to wait until the next potential catch. After the two girls had left I moved round and sat on the front door steps where I could see down the street. I had been sat there about five minutes looking out for anyone potentially coming to the spot when I spotted a girl quickly walking down the street and as she reached the corner at the main road she slipped her hand up her dress to her crotch and it was only then I realised it was the brunette from the take away. I moved off the steps and waited to see where she was going. I was glad to see when she crossed the road she was heading for the main steps. I moved to the other corner and waited for her to come into the courtyard. When she came around the corner her hand was still up her dress and she quickly moved into the corner. I moved out into the open just as she had pulled up her dress and was standing stepping from foot to foot with her hand clamped against her blue thong. In a flash she pulled it down and semi squatted, sighing as she started peeing. She looked up at me with a cheeky smile and said "I'm so sorry I really couldn't wait anymore". I laughed and said she was fine and then walked over to the wall and proceeded to do the same. I pulled out my cock and started peeing adding "neither can I". She laughed and looked down at the floor. Whilst she wasn't looking at me I enjoyed the view of her high squat and her sexy stream. The sound of her moans of relief were super hot. When she eventually finished she pulled her thong back up and then with a sexy little wiggle pulled her dress back down and with another cheeky smile she went off, leaving me there finishing my pee with a huge grin on my face.
  8. The third sighting of the night caught me by surprise. I was sat on one of the benches in the town square watching the crowds across the road at McDonalds and those coming and going down the main road scoping out the next potential sighting. I had been sat there about ten minutes idly messaging on my phone. When my attention was drawn a couple who were been very touchy feely with each other and laughing. They walked across the square to one of the many ATM's (there are a lot of banks in the town square). As they were stood at the machine the girl was very giggly and all over the guy and it was nice to see them so clearly happy. Suddenly the girl walked away from the guy and into the banks doorway. She looked around a moment before coming out and walking along the building looking around. Between the two banks there is a small indent between the buildings where the wall is set back slightly. She slotted herself into the gap and pulled down her jeans. She semi squatted and started peeing against the wall without a care in the world. The way she was positioned in the gap from my POV she was at a sideways angle so I could just see her stream gushing from between her legs. When she had done she turned round flashing her ass to the world before she pulled up her knickers and jeans and wandered back to her fella. He asked her if she was alright and she giggled and said "I really had to pee". He said something to her then grabbed her hand and led her off towards the taxi rank.
  9. The second sighting of the night came from a really cute short girl with dirty blonde hair. My attention was drawn initially as I heard giggling and laughing up at the top of the road by McDonald's and soon saw it was a group of four people walking down the road, acting stupid and having fun. At first I just enjoyed their antics as they slowly made their way down but then one of the group, the little blonde girl stopped, bent over and moaned "stop it, your going to make me piss myself". As they continued down the girl kept laughing at the two guys and each time she started laughing she stopped and leaned over. As they reached the corner of the street she again told them to stop saying "seriously you are gonna make me pee" crossing her legs as she continued laughing. They walked onto the street a little way then stopped and just stood talking and continuing to act daft. They were there about 5 minutes before one of the guys turned and headed towards the "spot". He came up the steps and walked past me round the corner. Shortly after the little blond girl followed suit and came up the steps. She turned left at the top so instead of following the guy she went to the little side door of the church and went into the doorway. I leaned forward on the bench and could see standing in the doorway. Whether she knew I could see her or she just didn't care I don't know but she lifted up her dress revealing a little red thong which she pulled down and squatted. Once she was squatted I couldn't see anything but I could hear her stream as she started peeing. It went on for a while, in which time the guy had come back round and as he got to the steps she shouted him and he walked over to where she was. When she finished peeing I glanced around to catch the view of her pussy as she pulled her knickers back into place and let her dress fall down. They both smiled at me as they walked past and went down the steps, heading back to the other two of their group.
  10. Need to catch up on a few of the sightings from the past couple of weeks. I had been out for a few drinks with the guys from work and after we had parted ways I wandered down to the bottom end of town to where the main hub was. I stood watching the crowds go by as it gradually got busier. It was around the time that people were arriving and lots of taxis were pulling up and dropping people off. One of which was a group of three older ladies I would say were in there mid 40's. After they got out of the taxi they were standing on the corner of the street pointing in different directions and I guessed they were deciding where they wanted to go first. After a couple of minutes they crossed over and walked over to the shop and ATM near where I was stood. They joined the queue for the ATM and my attention was drawn by one of the ladies turning to her friends and saying "ohh, I'm dying for a pee". The other two made no response to her comment and carried on talking. As they waited for their turn to use the machine she was showing little signs of needing to pee which I was certainly enjoying. Once they had used the machine one of the ladies went into the shop and whilst she was in there the woman who needed to pee shouted into her friend "hurry up, I really wanna wee". She squirmed as she said it and for a few moments she subtly squirmed as she waited for her friend. When her friend came out of the shop they walked down the street to one of the bars and joined the queue outside. I kept an eye on the ladies whilst scanning around for any other potential sightings. They had been in the queue for about five minutes when I suddenly saw the lady leave the queue and quickly walk down the street. I slowly walked along behind watching her progress and when she reached the end of the street and was waiting to cross the road it became obvious she was heading to pee. I quickly caught up and walked down the road to head to the smaller side entrance to the churchyard and as I walked up the steps I saw her standing in the corner next to the wall, jiggling her legs and squirming as she fumbled with her belt. Once she got it undone she quickly pulled down her black pants and black knickers and squatted. Immediately she started peeing and she sighed in relief. I walked up into the courtyard and slowly walked past, doing the fake look of surprise at seeing her there. I got a great view of her pussy and hard stream as I apologised for "accidentally" walking in on her. I enjoyed the view for a moment before continuing round the corner and sitting on the bench at the top of the main steps. Not long after she walked around and when she spotted me sitting there she smiled at me sheepishly and muttered "sorry about that" before she went down the steps and went back to her friends.
  11. I do enjoy knowing that. Watching a women peeing because she just doesn't care whether you are there or not is hot. But I do love those situations where you know a woman is peeing because she is desperate. I have had a few sightings where it has been obvious that the girls have some semblance of caring about being seen but that is over ridden by their need for relief. I love hearing people torn with that dilemma of knowing they will be seen but not having time to go somewhere else.
  12. Definitely. Up until a couple of years ago I believed that most women would do anything to hide the fact they were peeing outside and look for the most private, discreet places and that only a small minority were brazen enough not to care. Now since I started this job and the circumstances meant I was in town late at night and discovered this spot a lot of people use to pee I have come to realise it is the opposite way round. Most women don't care about peeing in public and have zero care about being seen and its those who look for privacy who are the minority. Most women just look for a spot away from the big crowds and main areas but once there just go for it. Whether that be that their inhibitions are low anyway or their inhibitions are lowered down to them waiting too long and being desperate. Either way it has opened my eyes and where I once thought getting sightings was a hard thing I now know you just have to be in certain places and people will just go whether you are there or not.
  13. It surprised me too. I like to think it was the latter. She was holding on whilst they ate and then realised she was actually going to wet herself and had no choice. I prefer that although the idea she just didn't care and was waiting till she finished her food before doing it is also nice.
  14. Just one sighting from last Saturday as after work a few of us went to a guy from works house for drinks and to play games. I left his house about 3 am and walked the short distance into town to get a taxi home. As I was walking towards town I decided I would take a detour down to the bottom end of town and see if and who were still about. Always got to take advantage of possible sighting opportunities right? I walked down to the main street and there were people waiting outside the taxi office and a few people walking along the street. I headed towards the taxi office to see if there was anything worth seeing. I was stood checking out the crowd when three girls came up from the adjoining street and came over to the taxi office. At first they just caught my attention as they were hot but then after one of them went inside to give their destination and came back out to join her friends my attention focused on them for a different reason. One of the girls, a brunette in a very tight short red dress moaned that she needed a wee. Whether to her friends or to herself I enjoyed hearing it. I put my focus onto her and as they talked I realised that the taxi was for one of the girls, the other two were staying. As time passed the girl in the red dress occasionally mentioned needing a wee and I was enjoying seeing the subtle signs that she did, squeezing her gorgeous legs, crossing them, the occasional bob on the spot. It seemed her need for a pee was gradually getting worse. Eventually the girls taxi arrived and once she had said goodbye and gotten in the two girls moved away from the taxi queue. They were debating where to get something to eat and the blonde girl said she wanted McDonalds. They set off in that direction and I followed along behind. When they reached Mcdonalds they joined the queue outside as it is currently take away only. I leaned on the railing just outside watching the girl. The moment she had joined the queue she once again moaned about needing a wee. As she stood waiting she was gradually getting more squirmy and clearly getting more desperate. I loved that she clearly needed to go but was just standing in line to get food. They slowly moved forward in line. The girl squirming and crossing her legs as she did. They reached the front and ordered their food and whilst they were stood waiting at the collection point she was bending over and telling the guy working in mcdonalds how much she needed to pee. The other girl mentioned the square across the road to go and sit and eat so as they got their food I wandered over to the square and watched as they walked after me. I expected her to go off somewhere and pee but instead they came into the square and sat on the bench and started eating. I sat down on the bench too, looking at my phone, keeping an eye on her sexy movements. I love when people need to pee but continue on with whatever they are doing. Here she was legs crossed and squirming, tucking into her burger. She finished her food and started sipping on her drink. As she did she slid her hand between her legs and up the front of her dress, holding herself as she squirmed and told her friend that was going to wee herself. I loved how casual it was. She was clearly desperate and stating she was going to wet herself but she was making no attempt to go and pee, she was just stood enjoying her drink, grabbing herself. For five minutes she stood grabbing her crotch and she kept saying that she was going to wee herself. Eventually she finished her drink and she gathered up her rubbish and walked across to the bin. On her way back she was still holding herself and when she reached her friend she said "are you nearly done, I'm seriously going to wee myself if you don't hurry up". Her friend quickly finished and she gathered her rubbish and headed to the bin. This was when I expected them to go off and find a spot to pee. However I did not expect what she did. I have seen enough sightings to know that a lot of girls don't care about peeing in front of you. Just most of the time they will go off and find somewhere discreet away from the public eye. However as her friend walked over to the bin the girl reached up her dress, obviously moving her knickers out of the way, spread her legs and just started peeing. Seeing her just standing there, her hand up her dress, peeing full force onto the concrete below was so damn hot. Her friend coming back from the bin spotted and started laughing calling her a dirty bitch. The girl said she didn't care, she needed to pee. I just watched as she emptied her bladder right there without a care in the world. Someone whistled and a group of lads were walking across the square enjoying what they saw. She waved at them as her stream died down and she finished, She moved her knickers back into place and asked her friend where they were heading next. She walked off all casual like she hadn't just done that. Certainly made the end of my night enjoyable.
  15. So many wonderful possibilities 😄

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