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  1. After the sailor girl had left I walked along to the next road and circled back down along the high street and through the town square back to my original spot. I resumed checking out the queue and the crowds outside Mcdonald's for a while until the second sighting came along. A couple had come up the main road, used one of the ATM's in the square and had then crossed over and joined the queue. A minute or so after joining the queue they left it and walked over towards Mcdonalds. They reached the door and the girl pointed inside and I figured she was pointing at the security guard blocki
  2. As it got later on in the night there seemed to be a lot of people heading up to the top side of town and the street got quiet. You usually get people coming and going all night but there didn't seem to be many people coming down the main road and after a while I decided to wander up and check out the top of town to see if anything was going on. When I reached the corner by McDonalds my question was answered. Across the road where the nightclub was there was a massive queue. Usually the queue for the club starts and ends around the nightclub but there must have been some special Halloween even
  3. A little while later I was stood by the ATM mid way along the street admiring people as they came along the street, checking out their costumes and keeping an eye out for the next potential sighting. This came in the form of a group who came onto the street and headed over towards the ATM. They joined the queue and after a few minutes of waiting they all used the machine and then headed over to the bar across the street. They joined the queue and I went back to watching the people coming by. That was until I glanced over towards the queue as some more people joined and noticed that one o
  4. I walked back up and sat back on the front door steps watching people coming and going and waiting for it to get busier. I had been sat their a while when a taxi pulled up by the bus stop and a young blonde girl got out. She walked up and round the corner and headed to the ATM. It's quite common to see people doing this. Getting out of taxi's and going to get money to pay for their taxi. She joined the queue for the ATM and after a few moments I noticed she could not stand still whilst waiting and kept jiggling her legs back and forth as she waited. When it came her turn to use the machi
  5. As I worked the previous evening during the event I was lucky enough to have Saturday off work. In the evening I went round to my friends house as he was having a Halloween party for the kids and a few of my friends would be coming round so I went and hung out there. I decided I wasn't going to miss Halloween weekend in town as it would likely be busy, plus lots of people in costumes. When I left his house I realised it was still early enough to get the bus so walked down to the main road and waited for the bus to come. This particular bus goes a long windy route and took a while to get into t
  6. I decided to hang around a little while longer but as time passed and it got quieter I decided to head up towards Mcdonalds and see if anything was happening there and if not I would head home. I had literally just reached the top of the main road outside Mcdonalds when I looked down the street and saw two women walking across the road and heading towards the churchyard. I set off walking back down thinking how typical it was that the moment I leave something happens. When I reached the church and had gone up the steps I walked round to the courtyard and found one of the women, a gorgeou
  7. The girl walked back up to the street and turned the corner. I walked back up too and as I reached the corner I saw her walking along the street. As she reached the takeaway another woman from her group came walking out and stopped her. The new woman, a gorgeous blonde in a red dress stood stepping from foot to foot as she spoke. The black haired girl turned round and pointed to the end of the street and indicated round the corner. The blonde nodded her head and quickly walked along the street towards me. From her motions it looked like she needed to pee and it seemed their conversation
  8. We ended up at the karaoke bar having a couple of drinks with them and later on ended up bumping into some other people we knew so it was quite fun. When the time came for the bar to close and they were chucking people out the women said they were heading to the club at the top of town but I said I was going to head home and they headed off leaving me to slowly walk up onto the main street and see what was happening. By this time it was almost 4am so I knew that the bars would have been closing up and when I walked on the street there were a bunch of people outside the taxi office so I headed
  9. The event at work presented me with another opportunity. This time right at the end. The DJ played through until 2am and from half 1 onwards people started heading out. I had finished working and went and stood downstairs. I was talking to some customers who were stood waiting for their taxi and as time passed more and more people came out and joined the crowd outside waiting for their taxi. Some were heading home and it sounded like a lot of them were getting taxi's into town. I heard a few people moaning about how the taxi's were quoting long wait times which wasn't surprising as it was 2 am
  10. I still have some sightings from the past few weeks to catch up on but I figured I would share the handful of encounters I got over the Halloween weekend whilst they were fresh. Starting with a really fun encounter on Friday night whilst at work. We have a decent sized entertainment area upstairs in the club that we usually use as a lounge area for customers to sit and have drinks and where we have TV's showing sports. Every so often we hold events in this room as we have a stage on one side. It can be anything from a band, singer, comedian, tribute act, drag show, DJ, burlesque show etc
  11. I was stood leaning on the wall at the bottom of the church steps watching people coming along the street when my attention was drawn to a couple who had just walked along and stopped at the ATM. As the guy was using the machine I noticed the woman, a tall curvy blonde, looking a little squirmy as she stood waiting and after about 30 seconds of squirming she did a few bobs on the spot and then crossed her legs. When the guy finished up he put the money in his wallet and they set off back along the street. They walked on a little way when the woman stopped and again bobbed on the spot.
  12. A little while after I went for a wander to put my rubbish in the bin and went into the shop to grab a drink. I then went and stood a little way down the main road and sat in the bus stop keeping an eye up the road and the churchyard across the road. I was sat there a while as it continued to get busier and then the second sighting of the night came when two women came walking down the main road. They reached the corner of the street and stood looking down it for a few moments before one of the women, a curvy older blonde, quickly grabbed her friends hand and started crossing the road. W
  13. It was early in the night and I was waiting for town to start getting busy so I went and got myself food and went and sat in the church courtyard up on the front door steps to eat it whilst I waited. I sat eating and watching the people coming from the top side of town and checking out the new arrivals pulling up in taxi's. Another taxi pulled up and two girls got out of either side and started talking to the driver to pay. Moments later a third girl climbed out of the far side, clearly having been sat in the middle, and immediately started walking quickly down the main road. She walke
  14. Glad you enjoy! As Alfresco said its only worth posting the sightings if people enjoy reading them so its nice to hear you do 😀
  15. Had a lovely desperation sighting at work to start off my night. I had been working in the arcade for a couple of hours and was asked to go and man the front desk to deal with the evening rush. I had been on the desk for about an hour or so when a group of three women came in. The eldest of the three came over and explained to me that they were out celebrating a friends hen party and that there would be a few of them turning up and they wanted to come and play some bingo. I explained the sessions of bingo we had to them and how much it would cost and then told her that anyone coming who wasn't
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