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  1. As a lover of desperation seeing somebody showing signs of need or vocalizing their need will always make an encounter much more exciting and memorable to me. However sometimes the lack of apparent desperation can be very enjoyable as it makes a sighting seem so casual. It was early on in the evening and the street was beginning to get busy as people made their way to the bars and queued up. I was sitting on the front door steps where I had been sitting killing time waiting for it to get busy when I noticed a woman come down the main road and turn onto the street. She walked along and in
  2. This one happened later on in the evening around the time that bars were starting to close. I was hanging around the town square checking out the crowds when a couple came up the road and caught my eye. They were an older couple, maybe late 40s early 50s, and it was the woman who caught my attention for a good reason. She was a stunning blonde with a great figure for her age and curves in all the right places. A fact which would have peaked my interest as it was, however it was her outfit that had me checking her out. Usually when I see older ladies out for the night, either in town or a
  3. I was standing by McDonald’s checking out the crowd and watching the people coming up the main road. Among them was a group of five girls who had just come off the street and were slowly making their way up the main road. As I was looking round the crowd I saw one of the girls, a gorgeous tall brunette in a little black dress, appear through the crowd and walk over to the entrance. She looked inside and then walked back and looked down the road to where her friends were. They slowly made their way up and when they reached the first girl they stood for a moment talking and one of the girl
  4. Very nice encounter to have. thanks for sharing 🙂
  5. This one happened a little while after seeing the girl between the cars and definitely caught me by surprise. It was certainly the true definition of a girl without a care. I'd been checking out the nightclub queue and two girls who had left the queue and headed down the back street opposite had obviously piqued my interest. However after following them they just walked down to where the church was and crossed over and headed along the street. There were a bunch of people moving around and I realised it was nearing closing time for some of the bars so decided to stay down where I was
  6. The following week I headed back up to the nightclub when the street became quiet and found once again there was a queue forming as the club had become busy. I stood for a while checking out the people coming to join the queue waiting for a sighting to present itself. With each new group who came and joined, the queue got gradually longer and slowly moved forward as people were let in. Along the main road came a group of girls who joined the small queue for the cash machine outside the convenience store. One of the group, a slim cute blonde girl in her early 20’s, stood gently jiggling an
  7. After almost 3 years of heading out to get sightings I still keep finding new spots that are commonly used by people going for a sneaky pee. Obviously the churchyard is still the main spot I check on but there are two or three more hotspots I keep an eye on. I recently discovered a new hotspot that has heralded some great sightings. This is the nightclub queue. More specifically the nightclub queue around 2am. I have always found, unless there is an event going on, that every time I have gone near the nightclub the queue has been minimal so I've never really bothered with it. However I recentl
  8. When I go out to scope out sightings the time I go home depends on a number of factors. How busy the town is. How many sightings I have been getting. What the weather is like. The most important one being do I need to get up the next day and if so what time. If the answer to that question is I don’t need to get up as I’m not working, or I am working but I’m working the following evening then I can stay out as long as I want and if the other factors are all good I tend to stay the whole night and wait around to get the first bus home rather than getting a cab as its cheaper. A few weeks back I
  9. I stood up by the town square watching the crowds coming and going outside McDonald’s, again late at night when most of the bars had shut so it was quite busy. It was almost 4 am and I knew that the last two normal bars would be closing soon meaning an influx of people heading up this way to get food or to head along to the nightclub. I was watching a drunk brunette woman who was standing in McDonald’s. She was standing next to the blockade that was keeping people from reaching the disabled toilets and she had me intrigued as she kept looking round towards the toilet and she kept doing l
  10. This one wasn’t a pee sighting but proved to be some real nice desperation and set my imagination running. I stood back by the town square watching the crowds and diagonally across from me over the crossroads there was a woman who caught my attention. She was in her late 30’s wearing a short floaty summer dress and as she stood chatting to her two friends she could not stand still and was constantly shifting around and pacing back and forth. I watched her for a few minutes and eventually curiosity got the better of me and I headed over to get a closer look. I sat myself on the window ledg
  11. This one was unexpected and caught me by surprise but that is what made it so enjoyable. I was up by the town square and whilst looking down the main road I saw a young couple slowly walking across towards the church yard. I quickly set off walking down as it looked like a potential sighting and after missing two in similar circumstances during the night I wasn’t going to miss a third one. The first one I missed I was standing up by McDonald’s and I noticed a girl walking across and into the churchyard but by the time I got down to the churchyard she was coming back round and the second
  12. This next sighting happened late on a Saturday night. It was just after 3 am and two of the bars along the street had just kicked out meaning there were a lot of people moving about either heading for other bars or heading home. I was standing near the taxi office checking out the new people joining the queue when a gorgeous blonde girl caught my attention. She came out of the takeaway next to the taxi office and quickly walked over to the bar just opposite. She spoke to the bouncer and after a few moments of talking to him she turned and walked back towards the takeaway. I would have put
  13. I had been standing by the ATM for a while and it was getting to the time where town was starting to get busy with the normal pubs closing and people just arriving in town. There was a constant queue for the ATM but beyond a couple of people mentioning they needed to pee there wasn’t anything too exciting. There was a steady stream of taxi’s arriving and dropping people off and with each new one I checked out who was getting out. A taxi pulled up on the main road and two women got out, both in their mid to late 30’s. After they had paid and the taxi had driven off they crossed the main r
  14. I had made my way into town and when I walked down to the main street I found it quite busy with queues forming outside the bars along the street and a queue at the ATM, helped by the fact that for the past few months there has only been one ATM on the street. The second one midway along has been out of service for ages so now the one at the end of the street outside the shop tends to get busy which is great for witnessing desperation and getting sightings. I went and stood to the side of the shop checking out the people in the ATM queue and the queue outside the bar across the street ch
  15. So as I said yesterday I have still been getting out and getting plenty of sightings I just haven't had the time to dedicate to writing them up to post here. Every time I have thought about doing so something has come up or I've ended up doing something else and time goes by way too quick so apologies that it has been a while since this thread was updated. I have written up a few sightings this morning and over the next few days I will continue to do so and try and catch up on some of the noteworthy encounters from the past couple of months. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as
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