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  1. Same! I live in a major city with a lot of pride stuff (and kink pride stuff) every year and I've looked all over for anyone talking about stuff like this and the SF piss pool might be the only one of its kind!
  2. Turns out the group that runs the Folsom piss pool has it open for 3 different events this summer. Anyone on here in the SF area should check it out!
  3. I've taken plenty of videos of myself, just for me. Mostly I just have them on my phone for a short period of time so I can rewatch and then delete in paranoia. I like to see from different angles and perspectives, try watching myself pee in slow motion and other new ways
  4. I've never been that much into wetting but once I was out drinking with friends in college, it was a big group of guys and girls, and we got caught in pouring rain while waiting for a bus. I needed to piss so bad, I was drunk and excited, and my jeans were already soaked from the rain so without breaking my conversation I focused on letting it all out into my jeans. I'm sure if you were looking closely, you would've noticed I was pissing (and also hard) but nobody noticed. I got a little worried that I would smell when we got on the bus but enough rain had fallen on us by then that I was good.
  5. So the app's moment of popularity has probably passed but how many people here are familiar with BeReal? To those unfamiliar, it's an app that gives its users a daily prompt at a random time that they have to post a picture, using the front facing and rear facing camera of whatever you're doing at the time. I've used it with some friends for a while now and have, on occasion, seen women I know post a picture of themselves on the toilet. Never anything revealing, a closeup on their face and their view of their bathroom, but I wanted to know if anyone else in here has had any sort of pee experie
  6. I made a thread about this a while ago and for some reason it got merged into a completely unrelated thread But the FSF piss pool is something I've been thinking about for a while now
  7. I discovered this post on the Pee Movie List recently for a Chilean movie from 2010 called Drama and I really want to check it out, because this scene sounds so hot, but I can't find it anywhere, the title is not very SEO friendly haha, and I can't any find a physical media release, has anyone here seen it?
  8. I've always wanted to! The thought of being high enough up that I can finish peeing before it hits the ground sounds like so much fun
  9. One time, in college, I was with a group of friends and we were all drunk, waiting for a bus back from the bar, it was pouring rain. I was wearing a dark pair of semi tight jeans and thought, "these are already soaked, nobody would notice if I started pissing myself right now". I had a few beers in me so it was a significant piss. It was probably more noticeable than I thought it would be if you were looking lol but nobody called me on it. I just carried on talking while doing it. It was pretty hot.
  10. Beer piss is the best piss for sure. If I'm in the bathtub the whole party then I'd want to be drinking too though. Maybe I'd fill the toilet with ice and use it as a cooler for my drinks, to deter people from using it
  11. I mean, that's after a full day of significant strain, my bladder at its absolute peak haha
  12. I do think of myself as "kinda straight", I've never had a relationship with another man and can't really see myself being in a relationship with one but experiences with trans and non-binary have opened me up to understand that it's more about gender presentation and dynamics than biology so I let that emotion cary to some sex with men. So I consider any kink or fetish play with men a separate thing than any attraction to them, which means that I've started to get more and more turned on by men peeing. That means getting more turned on by memories of naughty peeing with other guys, being more
  13. Haha I would have no objection to you taking a peek Honestly, most decently sized cities in North America have queer clubs and they almost always have a laxed view on gendered bathrooms so, depending on where you live, it's worth researching near you because they are perfect place to see some nice drunk pissing 😉
  14. I've had plenty of experience where woman have happened to see me pee, growing up in the country, going to parties in fields, I'd drunk pee outside all the time and women would often walk by. In college, at house parties, I would always pee with the door unlocked. People don't tend to knock at house parties and it's fun to keep the thrill up the I could be walked in on. I don't go to house parties anymore but if there's a bar with a single use bathroom, I'll still keep it unlocked. My fav is gender neutral bathrooms, specifically in gay bars, because there's a messiness welcome. Ther
  15. I'm into women watching me pee about as much as I'm into watching women pee, both equally exciting.
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