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  1. It's been a while since I came here. I had issues with my pc and lost a lot of information which I wasn't able to gain access to my email account. I randomly found my account just recently on my other phone so here I am. Also real life got in the way which was a handful to deal with especially during covid. We ended up selling our home and the moving and all took all my time. Ended up changing jobs as well and much happier. How's everyone doing?
  2. Well this is the closest answer I got so far lolol Not sure really, I have noticed it many times except I never questioned it. 🤔🤔
  3. It has happened in a spa a few times. However, I was just inquiring on that matter.
  4. Hi everyone!! It has been such a long time. I hope everyone is well! Concerning my topic, I believe it would address more the women. Most of the time when I go for a swim, water seems to make it's way inside me and when it goes back out, it give the impression that I'm peeing, not the feeling because the urge is not there. Does this happen to any of you or is it a me problem and perhaps I need a plumber? 😂
  5. He's all cool about as I try to be more discrete. I believe i would be more willing and comfortable if I knew for sure no one was around possibly watching. I am sure at one point I will tell my best friend while we go out for a run lol
  6. Well that ain't stopping me because i'm a proud contributor to my shower LOL
  7. Hi everyone!! I hope all is doing well? So here's my story from yesterday, we decided to take a walk on the bike path that leads towards the marina and it feels strange to see hardly no one there because of the circumstances. Not far from our location, has a water fountain which is still shut down because of the cold winter weather. This fountain has 2 water, I will call it containers, one big one at the bottom and another right on top. My hubby decided to jump in the top part, which I asked him what he was doing? Then he decided to whip his out and started pissing in it, which got me l
  8. With all the craziness going on in this world, still being off work because of my fractured foot, and this morning getting an email that the company is closing for a minimum of 2 weeks. Me, my husband and my friend went out for out for a short walk on this beautiful and sunny day. I haven't seen so much people outside in the winter going on to spring. The weather is still cold (-6c) however the snow started melting which is encouraging. We went up to the marina and they have this small store that sells ice cream during the summer which many cyclists stop by to use the outdoor washrooms. Unfort
  9. Why thank you speedy 🙂 I would say in general, he loves to watch me pee. As long as it makes him happy and turns him on
  10. I pee on him because he calls me his queen and for a peasant who is willing to serve me and my needs and I am okay with that. He is a convenience to have around where I squat and go, plus he cleans the excess mess and he's happy.
  11. It's hard to say, I guess for all the times that I had to run to get to a bathroom or location with an urge to pee so badly that just by the sound and the relief of me peeing is probably the best one's.
  12. Apparently some bars dump ice in urinals.
  13. It would be good, I have tried so mamy times and it just wasn't meant to be. It might be a technique thing or some are just made differently than the others.
  14. What a voice and a beautiful man, so sad he will be missed.
  15. I trust you on that, who knows, maybe in another life.
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