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  1. Hi FW !! thank you, I have been less present, too much going in my life, also preparing for my best friends wedding.
  2. Same thing for me, I have been to house parties. I once ended up peeing with my friend on the side of the house because there was a line up in the house. As in another one party, I ended up peeing in their pool and know one knew the difference.
  3. You might want to be careful. Things can go very wrong like said.
  4. Oh no, i feared a lot. I was scared, to oh i need to go now, to I really need to pee, to whatever. Keep in mind, I was far away from getting to the ground level washroom. I just be very careful and if I get caught, I will tell that I can't hold it in anymore. Edit: I edit my post a lot because English is not my first language
  5. Same thing for me. I can hold it in for a while gets really painful and it was the last time that i held it in as long
  6. This is absolutely true. I actually bring a spare underware which I leave in my purse because yes, it happens.
  7. I have no way of knowing unless I go for an exam. However my family doctor said a few years ago that I had a healthy bladder. I don't know how to evaluate the size so I went with large. I have peed in measuring cup, curiosity from my hubby, and on average, I was on the 700ml. Moment that I had an urge, 1000ml ish. Holding it in got me in the 1500ml a few times if not a little more. I am sure there must be some record holding out there that can claim the Titanic title. Has anyone ever researched this?
  8. As long as I am not recognizable. You, behave!! Lol
  9. I did had to go but not like walking funny urge. It was a higher squat because I was wearing wheels which I did get some on them but my pants survived. I did had to wipe my feet from the splashing. If I knew I would get caught, I would be wxtra careful and if I do, I just say I couldn't hold it in and would of never made it. Thanks Lolol you do have a point
  10. So the company for whom I work for has decided to make room for achieves, filing documents until the new sector opens. A while ago, I had to search info for a client which took longer because anyone who does filing in their job knows how fustrating it can be when there are no labels on the boxes and the file your looking for is misplaced. While there... I needed to go pee. Now please understand. The people who designed this place didn't think of everything because to access a sink or bathroom, we need to walk down the hallway, take the elevator to the main floor and walk about, i am not good in calculatin distances but it was not close. So I took an executive decsion and relieved myself on a carpet in one of the rows. I will avoid that area for a while too. *wink*
  11. Hello and Good morning everyone. As some of already know, there's a cleaning/repair guy, who is good looking at my work, seems to like hear women pee at least it looks like that. So I went to go pee like every morning, and the handyman was repairing a stall door. As I leave, he shuts the door for less than a minute and reopens it while looking around and kept wirking on the door. Now I never noticed if there was a problem with the door. Do you think he was there for?
  12. 1. At this point, the amount of times that I did is beyond count, we are talking about almost 1 per day for the passed 3 years. In a lady's mouth, i have however very few, like twice I believe. I hope I don't traumatize the reader lmao. 2. I have not tried it from a guy (hubby), perhaps one day. I have from the other lady in question once, it was okay, it was sorta fun, it was fun however its not my thing, i guess its all in the approach. 3. Squatting all the way!! He likes it when its inches away from his mouth. I have tried standing up and that did not work out for me. I tried. 4. I believe I was 20-21 and was offered money to do it. At the time, i really thought it was gross.
  13. I mostly give golden showers to my husband. Me and my friend once peed not to far from 3 hot looking guys on a beach which they looked and one waved his hand in a friendly way. That was a happy and funny moment
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