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  1. Thanks for the idea, however I'm not into panty peeing
  2. I do actually, my first is my husband. When he's not there, my best friend which we have been best and close friends for a while. We pee together when: 1. Go out for supper, taking a light toke, some drinks, food. 2. When we go on the lake or on a beach. 3. When go for a run, we have our peeing spots.
  3. So I had my first suggested item to pee on which we went with buying a cake. We decided to go to a place wich was closed and we did made sure there was no security camera's, it's the first thing we always check, and it's a rental location for kayak's. I went first, which we should have gotten a bigger cake because in the time I was done with it, there was not much left, the cream sorta melted away and it was quite soaked up. However, he did end up chipping pieces off. We will know next time. My hubby's next challenge is coming up this Thursday
  4. I was stimulated but not enough to achieve my hubby's goal. It would have been a first for sure.
  5. Recently, my hubby made a dare to me, that I would have to insert a small vibrator while at work. When I arrived, I went for a pee and took the occasion to insert this vibration toy. At first, it was weird because I'm at work and not home, so I walked back to my desk, sat down and attempted to work. It was quite distracting plus my thinking process was slower. When my department secretary would drop files on my desk it was distracting because she is a nice person and likes to ask about me. Then an I.T. walked in for unexpected maintenance for the computer I work on which took about 5 minutes. At one point, my boss came in and sit down and started chatting and asking me if I had found all my players for the golf tournament. I was giving her short answers and pretended to look like I was very busy, I didn't feel like having an orgasm while she was in front of me which she sat there for a good 15-20 minutes. Finally, I had this gizmo thing inside me for about 2 hours which I did not have an orgasm because there was too much going on, however, it was stimulating. So I took it out and put it away. At one point my hubby texted me and asked how things were, I told him that I tried and didn't work. Have anyone if you ever had simular challenge and got off at work?
  6. Thank you, this was nice to read
  7. I wish I would have stayed in bed this morning. -I spilled my orange juice on my skirt. -I accidently scratched a workers new crv which waved it off which I am so grateful. -And to top it off, our V.P. said this morning that my position was the least of her concerns. Wow, somebody give me something to cheer about!
  8. Have interesting suggestions, it will be something to look into. Thank you Alfresco
  9. Sounds like a good idea. Holding it as long as possible has it's limits for me.
  10. ohh, that's an idea.. noted i need to be gutsy to do that but good idea now that is a first. thanks Hi ! it can be public or home no limits really unless we find it too risky not just me, he finds some on his side and I get to choose between 3 of them, alternating each week. well aren't you full of nice ideas the one's that stand out for me are no: 1,3,4,5,8 thanks Brutus
  11. Recently, my husband has been on a kick about peeing on or in random a items. Example, last week, I ended up peeing on a mannequin from a store that was in a storage area. That being said, I am asking for ideas because I have to come up with some items for us to pee on or in. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. My husband had enjoyed it more than me. It felt really good to let go. I was more amazed to have peed that much.
  13. Its exactly what they did! They told us our tree was always like that. They are morrons, and my hubby want's to put an outdoor camera for our yard.
  14. Riley, if we meet, we would go somewhere that makes us comfortable and pleasant to talk perhaps on a terrasse for a few drinks or simple a place to eat.
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