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    I work a lot because they force me, but deep down I am a lazy person. Sleeping is my greatest passion.

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    Forcing someone (preferably a man) to drink a woman's pee when it disgusts him and he doesn't like it.
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  1. wow! This is probably the first time I've seen a woman pee on this forum in a measuring cup she filled herself. Men are usually more willing to show their pee. I am impressed with the amount and color of your pee. Usually, when someone breaks records in peeing, they drink a lot of water beforehand and their pee is light in color. Your pee is a beautiful dark yellow color.
  2. I don't know how tall you are, but a woman who is 170 cm tall is tall. I am 190 cm tall and my piss record is approx. 870 ml. If you read previous posts on this topic, you'll notice that people who can pee as much as you think they have big bladders. Mine is medium.
  3. Average to large? To me, anyone who pees more than a liter has a huge bladder. I, although I am a tall man, have never peed even a liter, and I consider myself to have a medium-sized bladder.
  4. I understand you very well because I am going through the exact same thing. I can only pee in front of someone if my bladder is so full that I can't stand it, or there is some noise that drowns out the sound of peeing, for example the fan in the toilet and no one is watching me pee.
  5. Leaving tissues behind could be counterproductive. The smell of a woman's pee is a beautiful perfume for me. If the hunter was of a similar nature to mine, he probably came there more often. Unless the hunter was a woman. I think most men on this forum will agree with me.
  6. I love hearing women pee. Hearing their pee hissing out - it turns me on a lot. Too bad it only lasts a few seconds, but that's probably because they have smaller bladders than men.
  7. Keri was pissing on the nettles. It's good because I don't like them. They are aggressive towards people, so you can pee on them freely 😉 Maybe nettles are actually a strong plant and you too would have to pee on them a few times to make them dry.
  8. Malika agrees with you, but I don't. Your pee is more like mine than hers. You had to pee on a small plant four times to wilt it, and Malika pee on a large plant only once and the plant dies. Which does not change the fact that I really like your posts and photos. You pee very nicely, but your urine seems to be healthy for plants.
  9. I'm impressed! For my pee to have such an effect, I would have to pee on this plant every day for a week.
  10. I don't feel disappointed. I just imagined how urinating would affect me, which doesn't have to be the case for plants 😉 But I must admit that I did not expect such a large plant to wither after just one pee. I'm impressed! While you can see you've pissed a lot, on the other hand, when there's a lot of peeing, it's usually very watered down. Sometimes plants wilt when I pee on them, but only when I pee repeatedly in the same place.
  11. I read a lot of your posts and you wrote about your pee a lot and sometimes you painted. It was a pleasure to imagine you peeing. Now I can see your pee in the picture and in such quantity. This is amazing! I wonder how your pee affected this plant. It probably looks like a baobab now and people hide under it from the rain.
  12. When they saw that the calcium was brown in color, they might have thought it was a tile grout and they used it to grout the tiles 😉
  13. Curious about the smell that prevailed there. Peeing after reacting with lime or plaster probably doesn't smell like pee anymore. I am also curious about the faces the workers had when they got there and saw the sack. Could they have guessed what happened to him?
  14. At the same time, the vegetables are watered and fertilized.
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