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    I work a lot because they force me, but deep down I am a lazy person. Sleeping is my greatest passion.

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    Forcing someone (preferably a man) to drink a woman's pee when it disgusts him and he doesn't like it.
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    Spying on a peeing neighbor (women).

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  1. I have a small lawn near my house, but there is a problem with weeds. However, I do not use any chemicals, only natural methods, but manual removal of weeds does not work well, so if you would be so kind and... 😉
  2. I wanted to go the entire 8 hours at work without peeing, but when I had to dance or hold my penis to stop, I gave in and did so: https://www.erome.com/a/zc8XQcMi
  3. I'm asking because I haven't received an answer from you for a long time.
  4. I recently had a pee competition with a woman. I peed a lot into the graduated container and the stream was quite nice too. Will any lady take up the challenge? https://www.erome.com/a/JRdcft4e
  5. I meant measuring the volume of your pee, not the time. I know that sometimes there is a problem with translation. However, I must admit that your peeing time is really impressive. You must have had a lot of urine in your bladder. I don't think I've ever peed for longer than a minute, although then I did it as slowly as I could. Did you also pee as slowly as you could? Or maybe you always pee slowly?
  6. Try to measure how much you pee now. It must be an incredible amount.
  7. Thank you for appreciating my photo. I have more of these. I don't remember exactly, but I usually need about 3 hours to collect this amount. It was a little darker than usual, so I think 3.5 hours.
  8. My pee. The quantity is not record-breaking, but the color is exceptionally dark. What do you think about it?
  9. I have an idea: Emily offers Sofia a reconciliation. Sofia agrees and invites Emily to her house. Emily comes to see Sofia, but Sofia has a cunning plan. It turns out that Sofia has a peeing fetish and says that she can only make up with Emily and even become her friend if Emily allows Sofia to pee on her... Details and follow-up to you. How do you like the idea?
  10. I just peed into a graduated container. It was over half a liter. Not bad huh?
  11. I almost never smell my pee, even in the morning, unless I pee in a container and put my nose to it.
  12. This pee impresses me too. Not only is the quantity large (as much as my record), but the color is also nice. With this amount of pee, the pee is usually very light, but it has an intense color.
  13. My absolute record is 900 ml. If I don't have a day off where I can just focus on filling my bladder, I can't even get close to that record. What do you think about it?
  14. How do these plants handle your peeing? Do they wither or grow even better?
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