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    I work a lot because they force me, but deep down I am a lazy person. Sleeping is my greatest passion.

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    Forcing someone (preferably a man) to drink a woman's pee when it disgusts him and he doesn't like it.
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    Spying on a peeing neighbor (women).

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  1. Sometimes I pee in the shed, but only in the containers, and then I pour it out because I don't want it to stink.
  2. Wow! This is very sexy puddle. It's a pity, you have stopped. I wonder how big this puddle would be if you piss all. Do you have a very large bladder?
  3. That would be nice too 😉 but his wife was upstairs. Besides, things can be washed in the washing machine without much effort, and what to do with a pissed bed? I have an idea for the rest of the story, I think you will like it, although I don't plan to pee on things there, unless you really care about it.
  4. It's a pity that we can't meet, because I'd love to make your dreams come true.
  5. This is the story of Tom (40) who was not a good man. He lived with a partner named Matilda whom he treated very badly. He cheated on her with prostitutes, but he was very jealous of her and wouldn't let her even look at another man. Matilda could not leave him because she had nowhere to go. Once, Tom met two beautiful girls in a pub. They were both blondes. One is Olivia, medium height, slender girl. The second is Claudia, a very tall girl with very feminine shapes - narrow waist, wide hips and large natural breasts. You could see that they were close to each other because they often touche
  6. Who knows why the water turns yellow? https://www.erome.com/a/pLi0yFuS
  7. I wish I had a rug, but if you peed into my glass I would be happy too. Would you like it?
  8. @ColormeroseI read your story with great pleasure. I wonder how much pee you had in you back then. You must have a really big bladder. I would love to know how much pee you can put in your bladder.
  9. I peed in the sink this morning. Pee was very yellow and there was a lot of it. The stream was also strong. Please rate https://www.erome.com/a/Q6U0jyLf
  10. Some men get turned on by a certain sadism in pissing women. [Moderator’s note - text removed for exactly the reason I just mentioned. ]
  11. I'd love to piss next to you. I would also like to compare our streams and the amount of pee released. Would you like something like this?
  12. Were you competing in pissing? Competition in pissing with a woman would be very exciting for me.
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