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    I work a lot because they force me, but deep down I am a lazy person. Sleeping is my greatest passion.

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    Forcing someone (preferably a man) to drink a woman's pee when it disgusts him and he doesn't like it.
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  1. It always impresses me when a woman pees a lot. I have been trying to break my peeing records for several years. I often hold my pee for a long time because of the conditions at work. Besides, I'm a big man, but I've never managed to pee a liter (I'm still 100 ml short), which you've done many times. even though you are a young woman. I really admire you. Have you been practicing for a long time to achieve this result?
  2. Have you ever measured how large your bladder capacity is in ml?
  3. I'm peeing on nettles https://www.erome.com/a/SnSUFRra
  4. That's very impressive. Have you ever measured your bladder capacity?
  5. Hi, I see you pee on the grass a lot. Have you ever noticed how your pee affects this? Does the grass grow better after you pee, or does it dry up?
  6. This is actually off-topic, but I think the admin will move it somewhere else. It's true that I spied on my neighbor, but it was always after dark and you couldn't see much, you could hear more. Besides, it never occurred to me to film it.
  7. A very interesting idea. Although I am a man, I like this vision very much, because I could often watch ladies peeing and their beautiful breasts. The ban on men peeing in public is also good because I don't like to watch it. The only problem with this penalty is 10 years in prison, because sometimes the situation forces you to piss like that. Can you change it to a fine?
  8. While driving in the car, I was very thirsty to pee. I stopped by the dirt road and peed as far as I could. It was a very big and far pee. https://www.erome.com/a/Oy8G6R5f
  9. Pee is good for compost. Do you agree?https://www.erome.com/a/UUvYSPHq I do it regularly.
  10. Have you ever filled a diaper in one pee?
  11. Do you like piss competition? I mean, do you enjoy being compared to someone who pees more or who pees harder, or whose pee is more intensely colored, etc. If so, would you rather compete against a man or a woman?
  12. You are very tall. I'm sure you're beautiful too, but if you think you have a medium-sized bladder, I'm not going to argue with you. Do you think my bladder is medium sized too?
  13. wow! This is probably the first time I've seen a woman pee on this forum in a measuring cup she filled herself. Men are usually more willing to show their pee. I am impressed with the amount and color of your pee. Usually, when someone breaks records in peeing, they drink a lot of water beforehand and their pee is light in color. Your pee is a beautiful dark yellow color.
  14. I don't know how tall you are, but a woman who is 170 cm tall is tall. I am 190 cm tall and my piss record is approx. 870 ml. If you read previous posts on this topic, you'll notice that people who can pee as much as you think they have big bladders. Mine is medium.
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