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  1. i love doing this too - it feels so fucking good
  2. I am also on the helping side, and though not Abdl per se, I have a few friends with bladder issues who wear diapers from time to time. I’ve had quite a few start to wee mid-change even when asked if they were finished before we went to change them. I found it happened most frequently with guys, especially if the room is a little chilly. Sometimes opening their warm diaper and suddenly feeling the cold air would make more come out even if they thought they were all done. I had one friend who this happened to fairly regularly. He was a heavy wetter to begin with so closing the front of his alre
  3. I recently just RP with a furry who needed help with puppy pee pad training. It was a lot of fun and now he doesn’t have any accidents anymore. Hope you enjoy it here!
  4. I’m a bi chick with an anime pfp who loves female desperation/wetting. I swear we exist! 😅🖤💦
  5. I’m a chick that is also super into desperation, especially when it’s other women. Happy to find more likeminded ladies! 🖤🖤
  6. I'd say I'm at like, 90% pee porn these days. And the other 10% is usually pee-adjacent, meaning like squirting, or desperation (even without the peeing). I don't think I've ever gotten off to porn with just sex in it. I don't think you're weird at all. Life is too short to be apologetic about the things that bring us joy. Enjoy your piss, sis xx
  7. Perfect! That makes it way easier then. You can just let loose all over the floor, or even the dash as it will just drip down and collect in the rubber floor boards. For cleanup I recommend taking a towel to soak up most of the pee (so it doesn't spill out when you remove the floor mat) and then just hosing down the floor mat before letting it dry and putting it back in. These are meant to be taken out and cleaned, so it's not all that suspicious. Just say it got muddy or you spilled a drink in there or something. If you are going to let all your piss out I recommend doing it while the c
  8. Both, so it really worked out well for everyone ^^
  9. She would always thank me - she said I made her feel normal and that made me really happy ☺️
  10. Get a rubber floor guard, the kind you get in the winter for the snow that is meant to get wet. Try and aim mostly for that!
  11. The sound it makes as it hits different surfaces is so hot, and how that sound changes as you/whoever goes. 🤤🤤 i really love the sounds of piss hitting absorbent fabrics like carpet, towels, pillows, laundry, couches, etc.
  12. Yes! I really enjoy helping and guiding others when they need a wee. I had a dear friend growing up who had nerve damage due to a skiing accident in high school. She was banged up pretty badly, but eventually made a full recovery aside from suffering from chronic neurogenic bladder. I'm not going to claim to be an expert on this, but what it meant for her is that she essentially had little to no control over her bladder, to the point where sometimes her brain wouldn't tell her she needed to go until she was already going. As you can imagine this resulted in lots of accidents and embarrassment
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