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    I’m an artist and I’m always meeting new people as part of my job. Part of the reason I joined this community is to find an outlet for my fetish. I interview many people and usually they are brave and offer me honesty. I’m hoping this is a space where I can do the same.

    Happy to chat, but only interested in platonic conversation.

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    I love the intimacy people trade when experiencing watersports, wetting, or desperation.
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    - Older friend loved desperation and gave me a show a few times.
    - Pee dance from a girlfriend who loved roleplay

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  1. Like the title says, my spouse doesn’t share my fetish. I have a HUGE piss fetish. Mostly, I enjoy watching women soak their pants. My partner will occasionally pee on me. She’s neutral on it so it doesn’t really get us going. I would love to watch her wet her pants or play with her pee, but she’s just not into it. I 100% respect that. I share my interests in a non-pushy way, just so she knows my desires, but I would never guilt her or push her into something she was uncomfortable with. Consent and enthusiasm are sexy. I’ve never been into wetting myself, but I tried it for the first
  2. Welcome! Also a newbie. It can be really invigorating just to be able to state you have a fetish and be accepted. Hope you find a lot of connection here
  3. Savor it. Those alone times can be hard to come by once you’re married
  4. I don’t know how “into it” they were, but I knew two sisters who would always pee through their bathing suits in the summer. They both would go out of their way to do it.
  5. It seems like you struggled a lot with your condition initially. What helped you gain confidence to accept your incontinence?
  6. I was fairly young. The film “Scary Movie” had come out and I watched it at home one evening. There’s a scene where a girl who was a bit older than me at the time pees on the floor. If you know the scene, duration of time she urinates is impossibly long; played for laughs. She’s leaves a huge puddle on the floor and steps in it a few time. The next day after school when I was alone I watched it. I began to masterbate for the first time. I had no idea. Suddenly, I felt a huge urge to pee. I sprinted to the bathroom, stood over the toilet and came. First time cumming ever.
  7. A while back, a girlfriend of mine was very into piss play. She likes to pee on me through her panties, send me photos of her peeing in the bathroom, and occasionally wet herself. We had a wild sex life together, but those things were real highlights for me. As we became more comfortable with talking about piss, I would let her know my deeper fantasies. I like when women wet their pants on purpose, but I absolutely love desperation. One evening, as we were having sex, I whispered that I want to watch her have an accident. Until then, she was really into piss play, but wasn’t aware th
  8. I’ve had a fetish For a long time. I love watching women completely soak themselves. Nonchalant, desperation, on purpose, roleplay…all great. I’ve only had a few partners who were into it. I’ve always enjoys hearing about others peoples experiences. There are great sites where I can indulge sexually, but here I’m hoping to just feel like my fetish is normal and accepted. I don’t feel shame, but community is a good thing.
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