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    Pussy Cat
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    Carpet Massage
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    Aged pussy cat
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    I am nicely aged pussy cat who always felt passion to peeing excitement. I am interested to find peesoulmate sharing some of my fetishes and interests...
    I follow pantiless path, though I am quite reserved cat and prefer open but intimate realtionships

    Peeing pleasures, Pee Marking Carpet wetting and scratching, Cross-wetting.
    Pee as medicine
    Pee as a fragnance
    Pee ointment full body massage
    "Médecins sans frontières -
    Pantyhose sans patières"

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    wetting household stuff and carpets
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    Pee spraying Wetting Marking
    Wet Scratching carpets

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  1. That is what attracts aestetic and poetic creatures. Maybe not just a stir but a passion and tremble of a really sensitive Lover...
  2. Sorry I just posted what I have for everybody. Never known it is pee-contest... pictures in my posts were mixed with pictures of someothers... after editing and aggregation into bigger groups.no matter for me, but perhaps points lost by other competitors... happy to share mine
  3. Looks like a moon landing... Special scaphandre- pee-phandre...??? Have safe brave flight back Has he noticed decompression?
  4. To the Editor... I find it very strange approach to combine somebodie's posts together. All you achiving is repeating pictures, and combining together thematicaly not connected pictures. How people are to vote? Is it 2likes and 4 dislikes = likes always? Never mind the ethics of that... Are we fighting for posting scores? It is not the first time my pictures are moved and then deleted.
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