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    Pussy Cat
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    Carpet Massage
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    Aged pussy cat
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    I am nicely aged pussy cat who always felt passion to peeing excitement. I am interested to find peesoulmate sharing some of my fetishes and interests...
    I follow pantiless path, though I am quite reserved cat and prefer open but intimate realtionships

    Peeing pleasures, Pee Marking Carpet wetting and scratching, Cross-wetting.
    Pee as medicine
    Pee as a fragnance
    Pee ointment full body massage
    "Médecins sans frontières -
    Pantyhose sans patières"

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    wetting household stuff and carpets
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    Pee spraying Wetting Marking
    Wet Scratching carpets

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  1. Enjoy refreshing coffee with muffin!!! Every touch for releave... Nice gentle joy of hot day
  2. wet herself and undressis is a better choice
  3. Dearest Bacardi, just imagine if he also afraids damage you... You might miss each other... I realised how much my ex wanted something like that when it was impossibly late... It is not just a pity... Just panishment for being shy not helping to open each other...Try to find your indirect hint... If person do Love you he willhelp and accept with happiness.Your old trauma ..it was rejection as Love gone...
  4. Love you story, congrats!!!.Great way to find right cofee relaxing in precisely right time...
  5. Dearest Colette, Lately you are analaysing Beach Pee movies. Any scientific conclusions in your sociology study? Why this topic? Could we hope that "Pee the sands" movement will get social acceptance and liberalise the world?
  6. Hope I so much your "Pee in the Van" romance continues sometimes...Such a lovely story of trust and freindship Thank you!!!
  7. Perhaps it is great outfit and a good time of year to have romantic outing sans to some nice dining? Trasparent tights might do the proper shade of late evening...
  8. Your most stylish outfit for shopping affairs, @puddyls !!!
  9. Lovely hairstyle!!! Fresh and sexy...Keep your hair-pant nicely moisturised :)
  10. They will notice change in you...sometimes misteriously attractive change...
  11. A_AShes


    Lonely tree by fontain in the Valley of Warm Rains... Surprise that made me melancholic...Thank you ...
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