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  1. While I frequently do "no peeing in toilet (or urinal) days", I am all but certain I've never gone more than 36 hours with peeing in a toilet (or urinal).
  2. Those are great ideas. Wondering how I never thought of such things
  3. While I have never thought to try peeing onto a ceiling, I think it would be fairly easy to do in a room with a low sloped ceiling...an attic space perhaps...
  4. Feel like I have to preface this by saying that my interest in pee / peeing is more of a hobby than a fetish. I can't say that there is any one point or event which was the start of my interest in pee. I do believe that a series of different things / events/ rules from my youth did shape my interest in pee though. When I was young my family had a basic rule that once you get in bed you didn't get out of bed until the next morning; which meant on the occasions when I had to pee in the middle of the night I sort of had to wet the bed...likely the reason I'm not really a fan of bed wettin
  5. While I wouldn't exactly describe a sink, tub/shower, or washing machine as "containers" I have peed in all of them. Have also used trashcans, potted plants, cups (I include mugs, glasses, paper coffee cups, etc in the word "cups"), bottles... Generally though, if I have to pee and there is no toilet available I either go in my pants or use a bush / tree.
  6. All of those are great options. For me, the question of "seat vs floor" is the easy part: seat all the way. Airplane, train, or bus...that is more difficult; ultimately I think, for me anyway, the specifics of the seat would be the determining factor. Not really an answer, I know
  7. Odd as this might seem for a coincidence standpoint; a few years back I spent some time thinking out / working out how one could modify a sofa so that one could pee between the cushions without having clean-up issues. What I came up with is: insert / install a funnel into the layer of the sofa below the cushions (on some sofas this would involve cutting a hole into semi-elastic fabric, in others it would involved adjusting / re-configuring springs), connect the narrow / bottom end of the funnel to some sort of container (could be a smaller bucket, some sort of bottle, etc) which could be remo
  8. While I did "miss" the urinals a few times (wall and floor) I never really did much other naughty peeing at school: (like others have said) always people around. Did want to pee in / into a locker, though.
  9. Admittedly I have peed in bed and on floors / carpet a number of times in my youth. As and adult, though I haven't; and would almost certainly enjoy doing so. Ultimately, I think my first preference, though, would be to simply pee wherever I happen to be whenever I feel the urge to pee...laying in bed, sitting in a desk chair at the computer, sitting on a sofa (while reading or watching TV), standing in the kitchen while cooking...
  10. Was probably 25 years ago. Lesbian couple peeing on each other, no idea who the actors were or who produced it
  11. I've done this more than a few times (ignoring toilets and urinals). Peed in the same pair of lined tracksuit pants 5 times in a row (all in 1 day) as well as plenty of 2 or 3 pees in them on other days. Have peed in the bathroom sink multiple times per day on multiple days.
  12. I've done more than a little bit of pee-multitasking. The most regular one is peeing while showering, usually while washing hair. I've peed in the sink while brushing teeth, combing hair, and shaving. I've peed in my pants while washing the car, watering the garden, shoveling snow, and once while sledding (in my youth). Pretty much every time I go swimming, I pee while swimming.
  13. For me the answer to those questions isn't really as simple as "yes" or "no", so the answers will be a little complicated / long. BED. Before starting kindergarten (when I was 5) the general rule (enforced by parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles) was that after going to bed I was to stay in bed until getting up the next morning: which basically meant if I had to pee after going to bed, I was allowed to pee in bed; however (if I wasn't wearing a diaper, which I did sometimes wear to bed at that age) I did hear about it. After that, I was allowed / encouraged to get out of bed to go
  14. Allegedly there are watersports scenes in Degrees of Lewdity.
  15. I would be surprised if any actually said "yes". Regardless of how they answered, I suspect most of the people you asked thought the call was a prank and/or someone trying to get them in trouble as opposed to a legitimate question. Ultimately, the staff almost certainly would prefer that you pee in the pool instead of peeing on the floor, on a chair, in the bed, etc.
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