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  1. Dishwashers, washing machines, potted plants, and dirty laundry (about to be washed) are all good indoor options which require minimal cleanup. An easy outdoor option (yes I did see the part about you not being into outdoor peeing) would be patio furniture. Additionally, if you have a car with waterproof upholstery (e.g. Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco) you might try peeing in the car
  2. Pretty much the only pants I have which don't have flys are lined tracksuit pants: I just pee in them. Lining soaks it up: no mess, no fuss
  3. Read this four times: have no idea what it means
  4. His ability to find evidence of it is definitely related to his age; so without knowing how old he is its pretty challenging to offer any ideas. That said, perhaps you could establish a plausible explanation: wetting while washing the car or watering the garden could be options
  5. Has anyone ever tried using pee as an ingredient in a cocktail or a mocktail? If so, what was the drink? and how was it?
  6. Not exactly a building but... As a kid my friends and I frequently played a game which was a cross between duck-duck-goose and truth-or-dare (dares involving peeing weren't unusual: generally one or two per game); I was dared to pee out of a treehouse. The floor was perhaps 8 feet above the ground: did it and never before or since got such distance.
  7. Washing machines and dishwashers are also good options.
  8. Sadly, it is possible that those stains aren't pee. Could be from water (or sewage) seeping though the walls and floor; could be from various liquids coming down the steps into the station when it rains, could be from where a no-longer present trashcan leaked...
  9. Good to see new posts from you again Malika. Always appreciate getting to know the how and why behind pics...
  10. Pile of dirty laundry (about to be washed).
  11. Can't say I have any idea why I found myself wondering this at this particular moment in time; asking those in the community who pee in cars while driving (or while the car is moving), do you wear a seatbelt while peeing? If no, do you remove it before peeing? Put it back on after?
  12. I'd been noticing that as well.
  13. I definitely peed on the restroom floor and walls in stalls while in middle school and college. The restroom in the boys locker room in high-school was essentially two separate rooms. The first one (which you had to pass through to get to the second one) had stalls and sinks, the second room had floor urinals. I can say for fact that I wasn't the only person who would step into the second room and let it fly: floor and walls were usually wet in there.
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