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  1. Sinks, dishwasher, and washing machine are always good; little to no clean up required. If you are more willing to do clean-up; you could always try peeing in a drawer, on chairs, on tables, on clothing...
  2. Some probably did evaporate; but if the car was closed there is nowhere for that moisture to go which would lead to increased smell.
  3. Not sure if you still have the time to do this; but you could try peeing on the spare tire...the pee would sit in the well with the tire...
  4. You might try giving the car's carpets a soaking...
  5. And then there of course are waterparks: peeing opportunities at every turn
  6. Same here: never seen anybody peeing, but I'm all but certain that I'm not the only person in the theater who pees at some point during the movie.
  7. Amusement parks provide a surprising number of pee opportunities: dark fun-houses and/or haunted houses, log flumes, parachute chairs...
  8. In that situation I would definitely go to / in the bushes. Would be very concerned about having police called on me if I went into the ladies room, and definitely fear being labeled and ending up on "sex offender" list.
  9. A few years back I was talking to a guy who is really into hiking, who actually said he wears loose-fitting shorts so he can pee out the leg-holes as he hikes / walks. Amazing as it may seem from that statement, he doesn't seem to be into peeing at all.
  10. Pee in the shower pretty much every time I take a shower. Pee in the sink quite often, probably works out to once every three days. Some days I only pee in the sink.
  11. I don't think it is necessarily a question of what people "here" think it means so much as lately there have been a whole bunch of new terms related to gender and sexual identity and sexual orientation which seemed to appear out of nowhere without any authority giving any definitions of them as if we all were fully familiar with these terms and already know what they mean: I know I never got anything in the mail saying "here are a bunch of new terms, this is what they mean"...
  12. Without any actual dimensions it is a bit hard to guess, but based on the shape it could be anywhere between a Mark V (1939) to a S3 (1965)
  13. All the one's I've seen (all in the US) are in smaller older (pre-ADA) restaurants and/or bars which were required (by ADA) to either add an ADA-compliant restroom or remove the stall around the toilet. Being smaller places they didn't have the room to add, so removed stall partitions and added a lock to the door.
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