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  1. Great in-car urinal! Have to say I'm amazed by how little staining there appears to be. Thanks for sharing the pic: when I initially read about it I assumed it was a bench seat... If I may add to the questions; Does the whole family use it? Is it used on the go (while the van is moving) or just when parked?
  2. I have peed out of windows many times. Is something I did quite often in my youth A) as the windows in my childhood bedroom looked into the canopies of trees (i.e. no one could see what I was doing regardless of time of day), B) it was faster / easier to pee out the window than go to the bathroom (particularly if the window was already open), and C) "pee out the window was a common dare in a game my friends and I played which was a cross between duck-duck-goose and truth-or-dare if/when we played the game indoors. None of that is to say I haven't peed out of windows as an adult: did it a fai
  3. Am I reading this correctly: you pee in the car every time you leave work?
  4. While I don't think your conclusion that it was people peeing in corners is wrong, I suspect it wasn't quite what we (those in this community) would expect it to be. It could easily have been where an elderly person with mobility issues had their "bed toilet", or where a child peed when the bathroom was occupied. It could also just as realistically been where the pot a house plant was in leaked.
  5. While I do not have any experience with it, I think dripping down would be very much dependent on the mattress (a stuffed mattress, vs springs, vs foam, vs air mattress, etc) combined with how much and how often the person in the upper bunk is peeing. If the mattress is stuffed or foam and is peed in / on a lot (multiple times per day, every day for months) the weight would begin to build up; however most bunk-bed frames are reasonably strong, so unless the frame was assembled incorrectly, it is unlikely the frame would collapse.
  6. A few of the pairs of lined tracksuit pants I have and wet in public are actually lighter colors (light gray, tan, red); it isn't really noticeable in any of them. So while black (and/or other dark colors) generally helps with the lining to soak up the pee the exterior color is less important than in regular pants
  7. I've found that tracksuit pants with a fleece or fleece-like lining work well for discrete wetting: if you pee somewhat slowly the lining absorbs the pee while the outer layer of nylon prevents leaks and keeps anyone from seeing any wet spots. I've wetted in such pants numerous times in very public places without anyone noticing. That said, I still test out a pair a few times at home before using them in public.
  8. Yes, laundry baskets are good. I've peed on sorted (light vs dark) piles of dirty laundry which were on the floor a few times. Towels also are a good option Unless the window extends down close to the floor, if you squat down, the odds are no one will see you, let alone realize what you are doing...
  9. Washing machines and dishwashers are good toilet alternatives...
  10. Unless it is really bad quality paint, there really shouldn't be a problem if it was a fairly small amount and it was soaked up with towels almost immediately.
  11. Good story so far. Certainly would like to see where it goes from here...
  12. For what its worth, I think this is the correct section for this thread as it is an individual's personal experience. I think it is potentially a good way to publicly pee while on the road. However, if a police car came upon you while you were on the side of the road they likely would have stopped to offer assistance which almost certainly would have ended badly.
  13. Sounds like you had a good pee. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Your mentioning the gap between the bed and wall is shockingly similar to a conversation I had not that long ago with a friend from my youth. His bedroom was strangely shaped (probably had about 20 corners) as a result of its odd shape there was a small recessed area behind the headboard of the bed, perhaps a foot from the headboard to the wall by not more than two feet wide. When we recently spoke he confirmed the rumor from when we were kids (rumor: he peed in his bedroom) by mentioning that he missed having a space next to the bed he could pee in at night.
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