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  1. There are some stories about peeing on asstr.org. Most of the stories there, though, involve more than just peeing: some might also feature poop, many include some form of sex...
  2. Smoking and peeing do go well together...
  3. Indeed. Saw a model X (larger bloated looking tall hatch-back) on the road the other day: the trim around the windows was flapping back and forth in the wind. Have seen plenty of cars a lot older on the road; none of which looked like they were about to fall apart
  4. I frequently wet while gardening and washing the car. "Hose related mishap" is a perfect explanation for having wet pants.
  5. Not sure if this is really the correct place to be posting this. If not, my apologies. Wanted to say 'thank you' to the moderators for so quickly getting rid of all those spam posts which appeared +/- 9 hours ago.
  6. Not recipes per se but; -pee tea: boil a mixture of pee and water, pour over teabag -pee pasta: boil mixture of pee and water, cook pasta in said boiling liquid
  7. How have you been letting them dry between pees?
  8. So, after you wet (pee in them), do you keep them on? or do you take them off?
  9. Was in a department store earlier today. Passing by the dressing rooms / fitting rooms in the women's department, I saw a completely unexpected sign: "restrooms are" with an arrow pointing to the right "please don't urinate in the dressing rooms". Can honestly say I've never seen such a sign before.
  10. Even if it is in bad shape, a 69 Camaro is worth some money: sell it, use the proceeds to buy something cheap and disposable (pretty much anything being made now) then use / destroy it
  11. Have definitely heard of people peeing under tables or against the underside of bars. Can't say that I've ever seen or heard it happen. Have I contemplated doing it: yes. Are there times where I think I could have gotten away with doing it: yes. Have I ever actually done it: no.
  12. I very much prefer to pee in places which aren't toilets. Given the choice of peeing in a toilet or peeing in a place which isn't a toilet (and which won't require any significant clean-up), I chose the non-toilet place pretty much every time. However, I do pee in toilets regularly, probably more often than not (for the practical reason of eliminating clean-up). Ultimately, no, I don't find it odd / unpleasant to pee in a toilet, merely something I prefer not to do.
  13. Something which has been really getting on my nerves of late with pee porn (admittedly all porn, not just pee porn) it that a shockingly high percentage of the actors / performers are covered in the absolutely hideous tattoos. A small tattoo, even if it is hideous, can be relatively easily ignored; a large beautiful tattoo, while it can be distracting, doesn't take away from the action. Large numbers of small, randomly placed, uninspired tattoos (particularly the ones which are nothing more than writing) are distracting to the point of making what could be a good vid or pic essentially garba
  14. Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude is probably the video game with the most wet-fetish content I've encountered. The way to sober-up the PC / protagonist (i.e. Larry) is to have him pee, something which the player controls. Peeing can be done anywhere, on anything (including on NPCs, who do react to it). If I recall correctly, it is also possible to pee while the protagonist is moving...making it possible to pee on multiple NPCs in a single pee session.
  15. Great story so far. Love the drawing too.
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