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  1. I've seen more than a little bit of ebony pee porn. Try running a search for "ebony pee" on pornhub
  2. Possibly the best explanation of the meanings of those terms I've ever seen.
  3. Have you done all the things in the story?
  4. Fantastic story: thanks for sharing. Not sure how I missed it when it was first posted...
  5. No, you're not weirder than most. This particular site seems to lean more towards the "peeing in unusual places" side of the fetish. Some years back I stumbled across and posted in a (text only) forum (which sadly no longer exists) which was roughly 40% bedwetting, 30% pants wetting, 20% re-wetting, and only 10% peeing in unusual places.
  6. Thank you for offering up that advice.
  7. I have peed in sheds a garages a few times. Generally though, if I'm outside and have to pee I either use a tree or bush, or simple pee in my pants.
  8. I've been wetting & rewetting for years: never had a problem.
  9. Can't say that I exactly like peeing into cups, but yes I have done it a number of times. As for why; well it is a place which isn't a toilet...which makes it at least a little bit fun.
  10. Washing a car and gardening activities are pretty good option when wet
  11. Being around running / flowing water would probably be problematic.
  12. Okay, I can answer the sailing / boat question. Larger sailboats (from about 25 feet) generally do have toilets. The toilets in these large but not enormous sailboats tend to be decidedly complicated devices which are a pain in the ass to flush, additionally due to the boat rolling with the surf, it is all but impossible to pee in them while standing; so most people pee over the side. Technically a yacht is anything 40 feet or large. If, however, we are talking about what i would describe as a "full blown yacht" (think 60 feet or large) with a full interior and all the associa
  13. Great idea. Could also take a sip and let out a drip...
  14. Creating reasons to wet is an intriguing idea. Generally I don't try to rationalize wetting, I simply do it. The times when I have rationalized it are pretty much always when I'm outdoors and dirty (planting or weeding in the garden, cutting the grass, cutting or splitting firewood, etc) and the reason is always the same: not wanting to track dirt into the house.
  15. In the office, I'd stick to areas where cleanup will be fairly easy: sinks, trashcan (would only do this if it is a small pee), bathroom floor. The outside ideas (parking lot, in / around your car, picnic table) are all good options.; you could also try on or near the door, any landscaped areas... If you and your coworker are into drinking pee at all, you could try brewing a pot of coffee with pee instead of water.
  16. So allow me to preface this by saying that I have been an on-and-off pants wetter (by choice) for most of my life; I have also never used my hands while wetting. There was a period which lasted for a few years during which I did no wetting; so I'll use my experiences subsequent to that period. It did take some effort to regain my wetting abilities. I started by standing in the shower (for the drain and privacy; obviously with pants on, water not running) closed my eyes and tried to relax my bladder. I'd be lying if I said that first wetting didn't take a while. Did the same thing sev
  17. There are so many things I'd want to do, far more than I'd be able to do in a single weekend. Ultimately, I probably wouldn't actually do anything because I'd end up spending the whole time trying to decide what to do.
  18. Good story. The "piss club" has some serious potential
  19. As a woman you can wear a long dress or skirt and pee while standing up in most public places without being noticed
  20. Those are the only 2 such stories of that premise I'm aware of.
  21. A great story so far: looking forward to what happens in part 2
  22. Can't say I've ever seen that particular show, or anything similar on TV proper (i.e. shows); but I have seen movies with similar-ish scenes on TV
  23. If / when swimming, I pee in the pool. For other forms of exercise, I generally pee when showering after.
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