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  1. Just like this. Reply to/start forum topics and pop into the chat.
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    Oh wow, I've even replied to this half a year ago... Guess that only serves to prove how completely useless my memory is 🤣
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    Oh, has this been posted before? If so mb, tried doing a brief look to make sure it's not a duplicate but didn't see it on the first glance.
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    I just saw this picture when browsing Reddit with some interesting discussion under it, and since I have a thing for polls, thought I'd share here. Basically, out of these options, what are you guys' preferred sleep clothes? Multiple choices can be picked in the poll.
  5. Not me (I wish lol) but a pic I saw online. Figured this would be an appropriate place to share lol.
  6. Oh wow, this is something... but the damn cameraman lol. Also appreciate a dedicated "naughty piss" thread in here 🙂
  7. However if some of the drunk "Never have I ever" sessions I've had with people over my life are in any way representative, it's not uncommon for guys to take just a little taste at least once in their live lol. Just out of curiosity during puberty and stuff like that.
  8. Yeah, that does happen to be the case with any content that's been uploaded a longer time ago on any platform really. Older parts of the internet are decaying at this point in general unfortunately.
  9. Yeah, that's basically what I was meant to get at. The piss degradation content is targeted more to the types of people who get off on degrading others and pee is just a means of degradation, as well as the people that are into the pee itself more broadly. But as I said, there is certainly some sort of an overlap, with people who are into degradation as well as other pee stuff in general. But yeah, I'm personally more into peeing on people motivated by the receiver being really into it too. Guess if someone was into being peed on because they saw it as a sub/degradation thing that really
  10. Because the "that's gay" mentality some people have
  11. Oh my, I wasn't aware of this at all. Yeah, that's unfortunate, always enjoyed their contributions to this place.
  12. Long story short, I've been having this discussion with a friend of mine about pee breaks when going to the movies. Basically he says that if he buys a drink in the theater and the movie lasts more than two hours, he gets super desperate to the point he always complains about his "bladder suffering" or sometimes even having to take a bathroom break mid-film. And this happens regardless if he goes to pee before the movie or not. I on the other hand have a bit of trouble relating to that, since no matter the movie length/drink size, I can get through the movie without feeling any desperation rea
  13. I'd say it's meant to target the dominance/degradation kinksters as well as general pee kinksters, so men pissing on women is the overlap area of the Venn diagram here.
  14. I'm sure the majority of guys on here could relate on that too (not wanting to lick you out but themselves, just to make sure I don't sound creepy lmao).
  15. Used to know a dude who once drunkenly revealed to me and some other friends that he did this every single time he jerked off. Would finish into his hand and swallow it whole lol.
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