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  1. What a coincidence lol! Glad to have hopefully scratched that itch for you.
  2. So for some unknown reason I've just had and old childhood memory resurface completely out of the blue. When I was a small kid (probably around 2003-ish?), we used to have this Win 98 family computer in your living room that I played games on, given to us by whatever family acquaintance giving out cheap pirated games. Out of probably hundreds of games, I remember playing a really stupid one back than, which looking back might have been one of the things that brought me here. I was able to track it down today and apparently it's called Tarzan: Guardian of Earth. As the name suggets, you pl
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    You are on it already
  4. Soo, I don't even remember how I discovered this site but I did so and became a member about 2 years ago. Since then, I've mostly used the stuff for content, which has provided me with countles hours of... entertainment over the years. I've also become a golden member about a year or so ago, mainly to get access to the video gallery which has been a dream come true lol. That whole time I've just lurked 99% of the time, only having made a comment or been in the chat a handfull of times at most. Well recently I've been feeling a bit more bold and felt like at least some introduction has be
  5. Dude @Antonister pleeeease follow this up, I've been dying for mor of the story.
  6. I guess that depends. Sometimes just boredom lol.
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