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  1. If it's a dark fabric I've found that patting it with tissues after to soak up some of it helps with stains, so that's something to consider. Also 'will' not 'would'? Have you made up your mind then? 🤣
  2. Oh I know that the anatomy allows sneaky sitting pees for you, which I've always been kinda jealous of. I was talking more about the aftermath and ensuring it wouldn't leave a visible stain though.
  3. Yeah, the mug sounds like a good suggestion, naughty but safe at the same time. Also I wonder, how do you make peeing onto a chair discreet lol?
  4. Only 26 years for me. Plenty of other stuff on my 'bucket list' that I haven't hat the chance to try though.
  5. Ohh I love escape rooms 😍 Although I will admit, none of my visits to a room ever resulted in this much fun lol EDIT: forgot to ask, what time did you guys get out in? Did you manage below the limit?
  6. The moment that clicked to me was when I realized that some of the large (US based) porn sites have a separate category for 'uncut' and not 'cut' lol.
  7. Fortunatelly, I come from a culture where circimcision is not the cultural standard like in the US and is only done for religious reasons after birth, or due to health complications in older children (extreme cases of phimosis etc.) I like it that way and if I ever have a son I won't be cutting him. Really see no point in doing so.
  8. hey @epdreamgirl, just to let you knwo, I think AMAs usually go into the General chat section down at the bottom, introductions are just for the most basic introductions. You'll find many such posts in there.
  9. Yeah, that's super fucked up. Even if most of us here might have fantasies that the majority of people would consider "disgusting", consent should always be a precondition for them. And in that situation it clearly wasn't present.
  10. Lol my close friend actually did this just the other day. He called me on discord to talk about some work gossip he wanted to share and from the start it was obvious he was outside with his dog (walking sounds, calling for her etc.). Anyway after a while I guess he came home while we were still on call and out of nowhere I hear loud splashing. He was just like "Hey! Hear that?" and carried with the conversation. Guess he just likes to be gross like that sometimes 🤣
  11. Which app? I'm really curious since there seem to by transformer AI's popping up everywhere these days.
  12. Oh wow, that sounds really impressive for an AI generated text. Did you have to edit it yourself as well? Also, is it ChatGPT? I thought they heavily restricted erotic talks on it.
  13. Well, at least as a guy, the reason is kinda obvious. Of course I'm gonna turn my back to the rest of the world, it's not like I want to get indecent exposure on my file for just whipping it out in the open for everyone to see. Also, as a male, your whole life you are taught to pee facing the toilet/urinal directly. So perhaps there is a certain level of conditioning that goes into it as well.
  14. @Chrissy89oh wow, I knew you were writing something but didn't expect it to be this hot. Really loving how bold you've become in your time on here and how much you are clearly enjoying all of it! Also, kudos to you for not getting pee shy in a situation like that, with two other people right next to you. There's no way in hell I'd be able to go like that 🤣
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