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  1. New update from me: UK summer isn't the warmest at the moment, but still had some beach time involving me lying in the more secluded ares of the dunes to get some peace and quiet. Managed to plonk myself down in an area which overlooked a bit of a valley in the dunes themselves which was very obvious for me, but I was sheltered from people looking back at me by a bush. Caught a surprising amount of people coming to the dunes and using that spot for a wee. Where as I just stuck my bum off of my towel and peed into a little hole in the sand each time.
  2. I've done this with the old metal rubbish bins every house had in the UK before wheelie bins became a thing (and no, never tried a wheelie bin, I am too short, they are too top heavy. I would either fall in or fall over). My uni friends had one that I would sometimes wee in if I was stopping at their place for the night. It was in front of their flat and was handy if I was too drunk to squat without falling over. I hope the bin men didn't mind too much when they emptied it!!
  3. Specifically outside, behind a row of garages in the early hours of Sunday morning, with a friend and the guy she was taking home with us. We both peed facing him so he could watch, he started peeing just after we did as he was worried he would get too hard to pee and was rather desperate to go. My friend actually peed through her underwear as she let go by accident when holding it to one side.
  4. I have been racking my brains on this one, and I can only think of one sort of show I did for someone and it was actually for another woman, not any guy I was trying to entice back to my humble abode. It was on an ordinary night, with no alcohol involved, nothing crazy. I had been to a friends house for food and a cuppa and was waiting for a bus back to mine. Someone i vaguely recognised appeared at the bus stop too, I had worked with her ages before when I was at college, weekends on the tills in a shop, etc. We got talking and she kept boasting about all the money and her ama
  5. Another notable moment surprisingly didn't involve alcohol, darkness, or public transport. Mid 2010s, I was visiting a nice lad on weekends for fun times, having met through a dating site. I would stay at his for the weekend as he couldn't drive, so it was easier for me to go back and forth, and he paid me back in orgasms. An excellent exchange. Anyway, we were shopping in the town centre one Saturday afternoon, warm spring day (I do paint a nice picture, lol). Wandering through a rather deserted back street between two rows of shops to go back to the car. He happened to mention he
  6. I have encouraged plenty of people to pee when they have been reluctant to despite desperation, usually my female friends as the guys tend to pee without a prompting. One occasion was during a late night bus journey, post pub night bus. Sat on the top deck, at the back with my best friend and her male friend. Both my friend and I had peed behind the bus shelter before getting on the bus, but he was too shy and thought he could wait the entire 50 minute journey. He made it 20 minutes before stating he was going to wet himself if he didn't go before the bus got us home. I told him, in
  7. First time I gave one (not counting when I had wet myself while sat on someone's lap drunk) was when I was just 18. He was a family friend who I had enjoyed some sexy time with on and off for a short while. I was at his house dropping off some presents for his birthday. I asked what he really wanted, meaning gifts, he said for me to wee over him. One short trip to his wet room later and I was squatting naked over his face and he was loving every moment. My first receiving of a shower was a bit before that, an ex boyfriend, who drunkenly started peeing while I was trying to give him oral
  8. I have held several guys while they have peed, a few who were strangers to me, so that kind of counts. But the other way round I have only had one moment of. *wibbly dream lines, harp music* Birthday night out in Birmingham, early 2000s, boozy summer fun. Walking back to my friend's house at 4am, holding each other up on wobbly heels and trying not to fall off the kerb or over someone's wall. Somehow got talk to some random guy in his 50s, also pretty drunk. Stopped at a petrol station for food and water, alleyway nearby, next stop to wee. All three of us peeing together,
  9. To quote Abe from the Simpsons, a little from column A, a little from column B. I had been holding for a long time as we had already wiped twice (the raid got wiped, not my vagina ha) and I was incredibly desperate and we were so close to actually finishing that boss. I just couldn't concentrate so let it go.
  10. I used to be heeeavily into WoW, back in the days of Lich King, and use to spend far too much of my free time doing raids and such. My boyfriend at the time was in the same guild as me and we would raid together sat at our dining table. On a few occasions where we were absolutely mired, we both either peed on the floor under the table, or just wet ourselves. In one raid where my boyf had died in game, he had fun taunting me by getting up and loudly peeing in the kitchen sink nearby, and then enjoyed watching as I peed onto the floor through my PJs from my seat, telling the entire ra
  11. Oh I know, but thankfully unusual over all the years I have been clubbing or pubbing. I am very careful who I have around me now. Xx
  12. It does depends who it is. I don't usually care who sees me pee, if I have to go then I will, but there have been a few occasions when I wanted to hide away a bit. There was an older guy who used to always talk to me in my local pub when I was at uni, he was in his 60s, and pleasant enough in conversation, but well known as a bit of a idiot when drunk and around young women. A few times he would insist on walking me home and I would use every trick to escape. I let him the first time as I didn't realise and had to stop to wee in a door way en route and he was almost lying on the floo
  13. I wasn't wearing underwear, I don't tend to when I go out unless it is period time, which is always so much fun as you can imagine. Xx
  14. I managed to have a cheeky wee on a night out some time ago while remaining in a conversation with a bystander. I had been stood near a wall by a pub which was part of the beer garden on his side and an alley way on mine, although there was no exit from the pub to the alley. I was on my way home and had nipped into the alley to pee and he was collecting glasses from the now closed pub. We knew each other from nights out in that pub and he sidled over and we chatted for a bit over the wall, which was just high enough to cover my chest. There was a flower bed on his side so he couldnt come
  15. I guess, living in the north of England, I have a distinct advantage when it comes to wet weather weeing, frankly I have lost count of the amount of times I have peed in the rain. Most recently was during one of the usual spells of wetness last week. I had gone out for a walk to a nearby park, stupidly didn't check the forecast and got caught in a thundery downpour halfway round the path I follow (got to keep the steps up!) Usually I stop for a drink and a wee at a cafe before I head home but I was drenched and took a short cut through the park to hurry home, nervously avoiding the t
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