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    Desperately driving around with my bursting wife in the highlands of Scotland searching for a layby and then watching her bend over and gasp with relief while flooding the bushes.

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  1. This question comes around every few months or so! I've done a fair bit of self-analysis on this. I think it's fair to say that the kink doesn't affect any two people the same, but here's my take: 1) There's an obvious focus on genitals. We're supposed to find genitals sexy, right? Even though some of them are pretty ugly. But when a desperate girl is clutching her crotch, it's an invitation to look. How can you not? I have a child-like fascination with women's plumbing which is still with me in my 40s, and I don't expect that will change. 2) In addition to the above, getting un
  2. I think there's potential for a whole thread of 'sightings using Google Earth' here. Makes it easier to imagine the picture!
  3. I'm pretty sure it would have been impossible for me to pee if I was keeping a close eye on that scene. 😄 Mine was probably a drive home with my wife who - just as we left the pub car park - admitted that she probably should have gone to the loo before we left. It was only 20 minutes, but we both felt ready to pop all the way. And when we got back she treated me to a glorious hissing pee off the back doorstep.
  4. I first posted this story over at omorashi.org, so if it ever comes to an unlikely fight over publishing rights, then technically they have first refusal 😄 It was based on a thread about playing board games when desperate. Someone came up with a chess scenario which fired my imagination. The central non-pee story here is as old as the hills and has been done many times over the years. The pee content is all mine though! All characters are totally fictional, although several of Izzy's traits draw direct inspiration from women I adore and admire. --- WELL PLAYED My local pub,
  5. I need to commit some of this to memory. Usually I'm just dumbstruck and mostly have to concentrate on not watching with my mouth hanging open 😄
  6. Boom! That sums it all up, really. Nice work.
  7. A good friend of mine - and the closest thing I've ever had to a pee-buddy except we never quite made it work - is a dog trainer and walker. She has quite a few stories about having to take an emergency pee while out in the woods. 🙂
  8. The stories from Thomas' Water Resources and Shara and Ger's site got me through my teens and early 20s. And, it's very tame really, but this picture was always tucked down the side of my bed while I was at college. In the days before digital porn, we had to make do with a printer, you know. I love trying to 'read' her facial expression - relief? Embarrassment? She's an amazing sexy mystery...
  9. I was posting on another thread about how it was so wrong that any of us should be kink-shamed. But you TOTALLY should be shamed for admitting to going to a Kenny Chesney gig 😄 Nowhere enough of these sightings for my liking, but I still hold fond memories of being an 18-year-old designated driver on a trip to another city and a rock club. Afterwards, there was a lot of milling around and a couple of people decided to get some food from the nearby street van, as normally happens after being thrown out of a club. Eventually we milled back to my car, which was parked down a nearby side stre
  10. I have pondered this at length. There seems to be a sizable body of psychological analysis which suggests guys pee fetishes are born in childhood, which is certainly as true for me as it is for the other respondents here. I can remember a pee fantasy giving me my first erection - I was about 10 so it involved spaceships. 😄 What turns me on about it now? Mostly the fact it is still a taboo act: there is a huge degree of intimacy in sharing an urgent need to pee. And my natural tendency is to prolong that intimacy as long as possible - it distorts normal emotions and interactions, both
  11. I think it's fair to say that the wonder that is a fully enclosed back yard has saved my marriage 😄
  12. Sounds like you work in an office like mine. I found myself in the kitchenette as the same time as 'that' woman the other week and she announced that she was putting off going to the toilet until she'd made her coffee. I had to take bend over and take a very deep interest in the contents of the fridge for a while...
  13. Your job? What exactly do you do? I feel like a re-training request might be coming on 🙂 I cannot help but get triggered by even the most casual announcement, though, so I don't think I'd do well in a new career that makes me permanently horny.
  14. It's not the money that worries me. I pay for enough downloadable porn, for chrissakes. But I fear that what would be missing is intimacy. All my pee fantasies involve elements of romance and - primarily - closeness. I don't see that I'm ever going to get that from a professional, no matter how lovely she is.
  15. You have a lucky friend 🙂 Making those connections is so hard, and often so fleeting, in this community, so make sure you treasure these moments.
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