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    35 year old mom from NY divorced with kids. Works full time. loves all things peeing esp desperation. I have been dealing with urge incontinence pretty much my whole life.

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    Desperation and voyeurism
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    Being caught pissing in the open or in public which does happen often

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  1. When I was younger I could get 2-4 feet. As I’ve gotten older and chubbier 1-2 feet is as far as I can go
  2. I’ve pissed in my car many times both by accident and out of need I have a long drive home and a very urgent bladder
  3. I pee outside pretty often and have most of my life. I was diagnosed with urge incontinence at a young age so when the urge hits I do not have much time which in turn would force me to pee outside. I’ve become so used to it that it doesn’t bother me one bit. My mom was very accepting of it and frequently would watch my back as I snuck a piss in public.
  4. I like both the naughty and the desperation factor like when I see a male or female peeing and they are peeing before they can unzip / expose or get into position And it’s somewhere they shouldnt. I think that’s so hot.
  5. I’ve given birth to a few children I remember peeing in the toilet hat after but I don’t recall how much esp since I was peeing along the whole process as far as now I def can’t hold as much as I could before hand and I def leak way more like a hard sneeze or cough could do me in lol.
  6. Nothing like a good car squat. I’m good for at least 3 of those a week at least. ( I have a terribly long work commute )
  7. I was taught not just to pee in naughty places but how to be discrete about it. I was diagnosed at a young age with urge incontinence so I would have to pee in public very often ( and still do ) my mom taught me how to go without making a mess but also how to not be seen as much or get caught due to the frequency of me needing to go out in the open. I’ve gone in a few naughty places such as fitting rooms, and under tables when I had no choice.
  8. Hello and welcome. I also suffer from incontinence and wear diapers on occasion when the situation calls for it. If you wanna talk about it more or want some support you can hit me up any time
  9. I’ve pulled my bathing suit to the side to water the sand on many occasions
  10. Hey I’m Jen and I’m new here. I dunno where to start, I’m a 35 year old divorced mom who works full time. Im a bit on the chubby side. I have urge incontinence I was diagnosed when I was in grade school where I get the sudden urge to pee bad out of nowhere and I don’t have much time to react so I pee outside in the open often or I wet my pants on occasion. I’ve learned to be open and not care who sees and honestly I love seeing others desperate to pee and peeing so it works out. I have included a picture of my big ass peeing.
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