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  1. I often pee in the office. I work at a bank in a huge building with 2000+ workers every day. Carpet on 10 floors. Many lounges with sofas, many hidden corners, a changing room for the runners.. As soon as the building is getting empty, there are countless options to piss! It's fantastic.
  2. Hi there. I was wondering if you do have a preferred type, country, style or even brand of hotels to piss in. Probably it is not good to mention a specific brand by name but i would describe my preferences as follows: I realized over the years that average 3 or 4 star hotels in the US often are a bit outdated. Many of them have carpets everywhere. In the hallways and in the rooms itself. The rooms are often much larger than in european cities, especially if the hotel is somewhere in the suburbs or countryside. More space in the room with carpet everywhere means to me: More freedom to pis
  3. too bad that you didn't get any answers to that... so what happened, did you realize anything :-)?
  4. did you clean that or do you just let it dry?
  5. hahahaha 🤣 that wasnt me! but i also peed in some restaurant toilet sinks. And also in the stairwell of the hotel.
  6. I just came back from a trip in Paris. I stayed in a nice hotel directly across the main train station. Elegant room, nice, very colorful carpet and a large balcony (in full sight of the mainstation). I have pissed multiple times across the whole balcony. One full load into the curtains, and a full load of morning piss onto the carpet under the bed. As far as I know, nobody has noticed so far 🙂
  7. your posts are fantastic!! hot action!
  8. lovely advices! Thanks a lot for your effort, I appreciate this! I will keep an eye on those situations / locations :-)!!
  9. very nice description! Thank you for your effort :-)! I will try those places and if there happens something interesting, I will post an update!
  10. Hello guys, are there any peefans from liverpool? I am invited for a stag night in liverpool soon and I was wondering if there are some good spots to see girls peeing. Or are there some good spots to meet pee-friendly people?
  11. Well lets see I hope I wont get a bill.. that was a few days ago 😉
  12. ooh so many nice options :-)! Changing rooms, sun loungers, maybe in the souvenir shop if there is one, in the restaurant? 🤩
  13. Do you still sell the existing clips?
  14. woow, that sounds lovely! very hot! if there is a furniture store, you could piss into a bed or onto a chair as well. A nice toilet could also be a handbag for sale at a fancy store. you could take it into the dressing room and use it for your pleasure :-)! Will you tell us afterwards, how it was? 😍
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