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  1. did you clean that or do you just let it dry?
  2. hahahaha 🤣 that wasnt me! but i also peed in some restaurant toilet sinks. And also in the stairwell of the hotel.
  3. I just came back from a trip in Paris. I stayed in a nice hotel directly across the main train station. Elegant room, nice, very colorful carpet and a large balcony (in full sight of the mainstation). I have pissed multiple times across the whole balcony. One full load into the curtains, and a full load of morning piss onto the carpet under the bed. As far as I know, nobody has noticed so far 🙂
  4. your posts are fantastic!! hot action!
  5. lovely advices! Thanks a lot for your effort, I appreciate this! I will keep an eye on those situations / locations :-)!!
  6. very nice description! Thank you for your effort :-)! I will try those places and if there happens something interesting, I will post an update!
  7. Hello guys, are there any peefans from liverpool? I am invited for a stag night in liverpool soon and I was wondering if there are some good spots to see girls peeing. Or are there some good spots to meet pee-friendly people?
  8. Well lets see I hope I wont get a bill.. that was a few days ago 😉
  9. ooh so many nice options :-)! Changing rooms, sun loungers, maybe in the souvenir shop if there is one, in the restaurant? 🤩
  10. Do you still sell the existing clips?
  11. woow, that sounds lovely! very hot! if there is a furniture store, you could piss into a bed or onto a chair as well. A nice toilet could also be a handbag for sale at a fancy store. you could take it into the dressing room and use it for your pleasure :-)! Will you tell us afterwards, how it was? 😍
  12. Same here. She's having a break at the moment.
  13. BTW, what happened to your videos on eroprofile? they are gone..
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