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  1. BTW, what happened to your videos on eroprofile? they are gone..
  2. Today is streetparade in Zurich, Switzerland. This is a huge techno festival with about 1 million visitors. I can only recommend to anyone who lives in Switzerland, Germany, Austria: Tons of sightings are guaranteed! This is the pissing festival 😄 you will see a lot of hot chicks pissing all over the place!
  3. Btw.. your new videos are fantastic as always. Unbelivable daring!
  4. Yeah i did this obe at a crowded club! In the darkness there is absolutely no risk of getting caught! Plus there were some jackets hanging at the bar. I could cover my dick between them!
  5. Unfortunately I do not know anything about that region of the US.. But I just recognized that I have been in the hotel mentionned in this article in Galveston. The poolbar was fantastic and i have pissed into the water multiple times. And in other places.
  6. Wonderful, thank you for that hot story! Are you going to share your airbnb story as well? 😍
  7. So hot! I would pay her to stay at my airbnb 😅
  8. Hottest thing i have ever seen!! Does your girlfriend often piss in naughty places?? Sooo hot!
  9. Did you manage to upload your stuff? 😎
  10. Anytime :)! I could stop by with my car and you could use it as mobile toilet
  11. I agree, why dont you upload your vodeos again on Eroprofile or PH? The train video or the airport piss etc 😉
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