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  1. I had so much fun Friday I decided to do it again... I’ve been in need of a pee all morning so I’m really full.
  2. I hope you put that painting to good use...
  3. Woke up absolutely bursting to pee. Did not want to waste an opportunity and has been wanting to pee the bed for sometime. Decided to use a “puppy pad” to protect the bed. It felt SO GOOD to just let it go while leaning back in my bed. The warm piss pooled around my pussy and soaked my legs. I had to go so bad but stopped myself short of finishing. I absolutely soaked the pad and don’t think it would have held much more. I still have to pee pretty bad. Those you have read my other stories know how much I enjoy leaking in my panties into a heavy absorbency pad. So now I’m laying back
  4. In the office where I work there’s been a spot in our repair shop where the roof has been leaking. The floor in this area is concrete. A large garbage bin has been place under the leak to catch the water but the floor is still wet. Friday afternoon I had the place to myself and decide to use this as an opportunity. I moved the bin out of the way. Pulled my pants down and squatted down. I let out a torrent of piss that covered the floor as well as ant items in place against the wall there. As I peed I could feel the cold drip of rain water on my back. Since the floor was already wet w
  5. Was up late last night watching TV on the couch when I found myself aching to pee. Not terribly desperate but definitely full. Feeling full and badly in need of a pee always gets me excited so I decided to have some fun with it. I got up and got a thick pad for my parties and then comfortably positioned myself on the couch for some fun. Logged on here and read some posts, looked and some pictures and videos... all while slowly releasing my pee into my panties. I could feel myself getting more excited the more pee I released and the more posts I read. I started rubbing my pussy over my pants wh
  6. Held all day at my desk, could have held out longer but was ready for some fun.
  7. For me it’s a bit of everything... except drinking. I enjoy wetting and peeing in “naughty” places. I enjoy slowly deliberately wetting when I’m at work. I enjoy peeing in the shower and playing with myself while I do it. I enjoy watching videos of both men and women peeing in any type of situation. I have not been lucky enough to enjoy pee with another person but I’d love to get peed on and pee on another person. I’d like to have my pussy filled during sex. Wetting on each other while clothed.
  8. I do. For me the feeling of being full (but not completely desperate) gets me going and intensifies the feeling when I rub myself.
  9. I don’t think I’ll make it if I try to hold much longer... I’ll have to find somewhere naughty to go before I leave the house... but where shall I go
  10. Home now and absolutely bursting to pee. I’ve let a couple bursts out but still bursting to go. Have to leave to drop something off to a friend... decisions decisions... do I keep holding or find a naughty place to pee before I leave the house..
  11. Leaving work for the day and didn’t use the toilet once. Spent the entire day peeing at my desk into my pad. It was sopping wet! Changed it out for a fresh one and I am absolutely bursting to go....
  12. I don’t take baths but I definitely pee in the shower. If the mood strikes I love to pee in the empty tub standing or squatted with the handheld shower head on the “pulsate” setting. Peeing freely while using the shower head on myself feels amazing.
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