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  1. Was up late last night watching TV on the couch when I found myself aching to pee. Not terribly desperate but definitely full. Feeling full and badly in need of a pee always gets me excited so I decided to have some fun with it. I got up and got a thick pad for my parties and then comfortably positioned myself on the couch for some fun. Logged on here and read some posts, looked and some pictures and videos... all while slowly releasing my pee into my panties. I could feel myself getting more excited the more pee I released and the more posts I read. I started rubbing my pussy over my pants while still slowly releasing more pee. I slipped my hand inside my panties and gave myself a good rub and could feel more pee as it left my pussy. At this point I am sopping wet with a mixture of fluids. I continue rubbing and fingering my pussy while simultaneously releasing pee. The feeling was incredible. I kept this up and quickly came. I still had to finish peeing as I’d been only slowly letting it out. I continued to pee in my pad. Slow bursts. Gently rubbing myself. Until my need to pee sufficiently waned.
  2. Held all day at my desk, could have held out longer but was ready for some fun.
  3. For me it’s a bit of everything... except drinking. I enjoy wetting and peeing in “naughty” places. I enjoy slowly deliberately wetting when I’m at work. I enjoy peeing in the shower and playing with myself while I do it. I enjoy watching videos of both men and women peeing in any type of situation. I have not been lucky enough to enjoy pee with another person but I’d love to get peed on and pee on another person. I’d like to have my pussy filled during sex. Wetting on each other while clothed.
  4. I do. For me the feeling of being full (but not completely desperate) gets me going and intensifies the feeling when I rub myself.
  5. I don’t think I’ll make it if I try to hold much longer... I’ll have to find somewhere naughty to go before I leave the house... but where shall I go
  6. Home now and absolutely bursting to pee. I’ve let a couple bursts out but still bursting to go. Have to leave to drop something off to a friend... decisions decisions... do I keep holding or find a naughty place to pee before I leave the house..
  7. Leaving work for the day and didn’t use the toilet once. Spent the entire day peeing at my desk into my pad. It was sopping wet! Changed it out for a fresh one and I am absolutely bursting to go....
  8. I don’t take baths but I definitely pee in the shower. If the mood strikes I love to pee in the empty tub standing or squatted with the handheld shower head on the “pulsate” setting. Peeing freely while using the shower head on myself feels amazing.
  9. Not quite my thing. But I have thought about the fact that will the masks mandates here it brings a new level of anonymity... Maybe things that once seemed too daring publicly for risk of someone seeing may now be possible... even if someone sees they can’t see the face under the mask!
  10. @gldenwetgoose I have about a four minute commute home lol. No fun plans.. just raking leaves and cleaning the house.
  11. I do! Maybe something to do at the end of the day to leave my mark for the weekend.
  12. @gldenwetgoose Absolutely too risky but a girl can dream can’t she... I have left a small trickle on some of the chairs here... just enough to leave a spot on the chair and dry quickly... but every time I see someone sit in those chairs I’ll know what I did there.
  13. @gldenwetgoose If I could pee anywhere in the office without worry about being caught or leaving a mess / smell behind ... I would pee directly into my boss’s chair... and then eventually every other chair in the building! I’d love to feel my piss soak into the cushion. I am sure there are many more spots I could come up with
  14. @Kupar Now to decide whose desk to use..

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