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  1. Been sitting here watching piss videos and getting myself feeling good. Lost a couple small trickles of piss but still holding. I think it is almost time to move before I piss myself all over the couch.
  2. I have unintentionally found myself bursting... at about an 8/10 desperation. Going to see how long I can hold out before I start leaking. Once I start leaving I plan to let the floodgates open and wet myself.
  3. I managed to get TWO naughty pees in today. First was this morning, I stopped in to visit a clients dogs and while they were eating their breakfast I took my morning pee... in the garage! I squatted low against the wall and let it flow all over the concrete. Felt great and it’ll dry up before they return 😉. The second just happened and relates back to my post from the other night. Been running around for hours walking dogs and what not and was BURSTING to go. I sat back in the chair, relaxed, and let it flow. It felt SO GOOD.
  4. I’m dog sitting for a family through the rest of this week and I think I found my nightly pee spot for the next few days! They have a wood patio set on their backyard patio and my last let out for the dogs is after dark! It’s pretty dark back there so even the immediate neighbors won’t see me. I arrived and didn’t really have to go but couldn’t help myself when I realized what an opportunity it is. I turned off the back patio light and pulled my pants down to my knees and sat down in the wood patio chair and let out what little bit of pee I had in me. Hardly enough to have
  5. I remember being very young ... maybe 5 or 6 ... and in the summer we would go swimming at my grandmas house. I distinctly remember every time I had to pee while swimming I would get out of the pool and run around the side of the house as if I was going inside ... there was a small powder room off the kitchen near the door... but instead I’d squat down out of view and pee through my swimsuit. I remember my thought process being that it was hard to get my suit on and off while wet so it was just easier. Being so young there was nothing sexual about it but part of me did enjoy it. As I
  6. I’ve been making extra cash walking dogs and dog sitting the last few months and today has been a super busy day for me. I’ve been running from one client to the next with no time in between. I picked up one of my regular dog walks and took him to a nearby park as we normally do once a week. We got there and I found myself really need to pee ... definitely not desperate yet, but I had to go. This park is very wooded and has various entry points and trails all over. I pulled into a parking lot in the area where we usually walk. Since it’s pretty cold out today there were only tw
  7. This is one of my fantasies as well. I’d love to piss on his lap - clothed or naked, both scenarios - and then fuck while still all wet. And then after finishing he pisses all over me.
  8. I was at an 8. I just pissed myself outside on my patio. My panties are soaked. It felt so good trickling down my legs. My pussy is tingling with excitement. I need to go back inside and give myself another kind of release.
  9. Still holding but getting more desperate. Been sitting here rubbing myself over my panties trying not to leak.
  10. @Jar351 Are you going to keep holding it? The pressure in my bladder is growing but not desperate yet. The pressure feels good... I haven’t released any yet but my panties are getting wet.
  11. @Jar351 I got myself a big glass of water.
  12. @Jar351 Not yet... I think it will feel better if I wait a bit longer.
  13. @Jar351 Maybe a 5. My bladder is pretty full but the pressure feels good. Should I let a small burst of pee out into my panties?
  14. I am... I might need someone to clean them for me. They might get wet.
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