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  1. Ashley had taken a job as a lifeguard at a busy water park for the summer. She needed the money to help pay for college and it seemed like a good fit considering she was an active swimmer all her life. The job paid well plus had lots of perks. She got a tight red swimsuit that showed off all her curves and she was basically spending most of her days just sunbathing while preventing the occasional incident in the park. Her routine was fairly simple, each morning she would help to open the park, turning on the water slides, putting out sun loungers along testing water quality. Once the park was
  2. Sharlene was one of the top college track and field prospects in the country. She had dedicated her life so far to a regime of gym work, tough training and long travelling in order to pursue her dream of becoming an Olympic 200m athlete. She was well on her way too, having enjoyed huge success throughout her teenage years she had earned a coveted scholarship opportunity at one of the top NCAA colleges providing her with an excellent platform to try and make the national team. The national team is picked on qualifying points achieved at meets and as a college athlete this often meant trekking t
  3. Following their ordeal the group headed back to the bar area to seize the last few hours of the day. Drinks were flowing and the girls danced away on the makeshift dance floor making small talk with different groups of people oblivious to everything bar the music blaring. Daisy danced beside a lad, well dressed in a dapper suit, who invited the girls over to their table for a round of shots. "Girls, over here" Daisy shouted beckoning the girls to follow. With the prospect of even more alcohol in sight they couldn't refuse and they weaved their way through the crowd of bodies over to a table of
  4. The length of the queues only highlighted how many students were at the race day and it took the girls over 20 minutes to show their IDs and be patted down before entering the racecourse. There were congregations of people everywhere and eventually Alyx and Robyn met up with the group of girls from the bus they had become separated from. "Where did you go, we couldn't find you anywhere?" the group of girls exclaimed, puzzled. Alyx and Robyn looked at each other, simultaneously deciding whether or not to divulge the embarrassment of their water show in front of the two lads earlier, "Just got t
  5. The biggest day of the year had arrived, student race day. Lectures finish early, students get dolled up and get as much booze into them as possible before jumping on a bus to the race track to place bets on horses they know nothing about. For Alyx and Robyn they had spent the last few weeks meticulously planning what they would wear and booked their makeup and hair appointments in order to look as glam as possible. Nothing was left to chance and the girls were delighted passing the mirror one last time before heading to their friends apartments to start drinking. Their tight fitting dresses b

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