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    i have a pee fetish. are you surprised? :P

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    naughty peeing for sure, also love nonchalant pee, where the girl just pees wherever the fuck she wants to and doesn't care how much of a mess she makes

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  1. That’s hot af, I especially love the first one.
  2. durianfury


    Edit: no, this was just DuckDuckGo or my wifi being shit. It’s working great with Opera browser on iPadOS, even the ads and viruses are mostly gone because opera's ad blocker is badass. edit edit: wait wait no, the videos I’m downloading and even the thumbnails are shitty low resolutions, not sure if this is bc of my device, browser, and WiFi, or if pissrip actually is ass now. Not conclusive as of yet.
  3. Nice to see another fruit themed username on here! Welcome, Lemon! You may call me durian 😉 *also, what are the odds that two of the very few trans men on this forum have lemon-themed names or profile pics? 🤣 love it
  4. durianfury


    Seems like the video hosting site they use might be down? dood.cx or whatever it is called. If this is permanent, and true, pissrip.net is fucked
  5. Your pee adventures are my favorite erotica to read of all time. I love it.
  6. God this is so fucking hot I wanna be invited to one of these!
  7. I would absolutely love to have some piss fun with you, I'll let you know if I'm ever in NY! Naughty carpet pissing is one of my biggest fantasies 🔥🧡
  8. I love how her mum just peed all over the dash 🔥 it's still fucking hot, and if her mother decides to start posting here that's even better 🧡
  9. Same, I do that all the time. Black baggy sweatpants FTW
  10. Pissing all over the place without a single fuck given is my favorite thing about pee! Did you ever join him in peeing all over the house?
  11. I’d love to spend a night at your place pissing everywhere and watching you pee on the floor!!!
  12. Here I was thinking she NEVER cleaned it up lol. I know in some of her pics there is staining from past pisses which is hot AF but maybe that’s changed and she cleans every one now.
  13. Few weeks back I was driving down the road and saw two women squatting behind their yellow Jeep taking a piss on the side of the interstate, in broad daylight! First time I’ve ever seen anyone peeing in public before.
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