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    i have a pee fetish. are you surprised? :P

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    naughty peeing for sure, also love nonchalant pee, where the girl just pees wherever the fuck she wants to and doesn't care how much of a mess she makes

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  1. This is one of the hottest things I’ve ever read! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I do not believe this has been asked yet - how did you get into naughty and destructive pissing? At what age? What made you realize this turned you on? ❤️
  3. Video works fine for me. What country are you in? I’m in the states.
  4. I can't say I have a diaper fetish but I have actually considered adult diapers just so I can piss whenever and wherever I want to. It would be thrilling but I would also worry about leakage lol, that would be embarrassing.
  5. I probably will never get that far (unless there's a pretty girl by my side pissing her pants too 😍) but it's a fun fantasy to think about. You've actually peed yourself in public before? Yeah I used to pee in my bathing suit as a youngster too (still do), and I did try wetting my underwear back then too but this was the first time I really found it satisfying and sexy. Before, I did it standing up in the shower, and it was just peeing in the shower with extra steps. Kinda lame hahaha.
  6. Lol I’ve just never really shared my own personal experiences before, felt kinda weird to be honest. I love the forum though, I’ve been following it since 2013 or so, and I love the warm, welcoming attitude all of the members have.
  7. As some of you may know, I’ve had a piss fetish and been into piss porn for many years now, but oddly enough I have never really tried wetting myself, mostly because I don’t live alone and it would be hard to explain why I had a pair of pissy jeans lying around. However, tonight I was super horny and super desperate to piss so I put on a pair of underwear and peed in them while sitting on the toilet. kinda tame, I know. But it felt so fucking good!! The warmth was unreal, the way it spread from my dick, flowed down my balls, my thighs, spread across the fabric. I reached into my unde
  8. Could this be the result of another purge? I sure hope not.
  9. I get an html5 error whenever I try to watch anything on thisvid. Strangely, I can upload videos still, and see the thumbnail image, but when I click play it doesn’t work. Ive tried several browsers and restarted my device, it doesn’t seem to be on my end. A video I posted this evening has over a hundred “views” but no ratings as I expect nobody else can actually watch it either. Odd. Hope it's fixed soon
  10. I’d like to see you piss all over the place while walking around in your apartment. Or, try peeing all day on the same thing - floor, carpet, chair, couch, whatever - piss in the same place all day as long it's not the toilet! Also I’d love to see ya sit on your couch, watch some tv, and casually just piss up into the air and let it go everywhere, on you, your couch, the floor, all that. Nice videos!
  11. Do you clean up, or just piss wherever the fuck you feel like it and not bother to clean it up? Do you notice any smells? Stains? If you clean up, is the hassle worth it compared to just peeing in the toilet and flushing it away?
  12. I love these pictures almost as much as your piss videos, you’re super sexy!
  13. So very naughty! Just use that thing as your toilet. 😍😘
  14. As young as I can remember. I used to fantasize about a secret society of women who lived together and dressed as minimally as possible and pissed whenever and wherever the fuck they wanted. I’m not entirely sure where this fantasy came from; I believe it stemmed from an article I read about a tribe of primitive people known as the Tasaday, who wore no clothes and had no knowledge of even the simplest human activities. I think my young brain must have figured they relieved themselves wherever they felt like, and thus my fetish was born. I called my secret society “the naked ladies” (yeah
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