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    i have a pee fetish. are you surprised? :P

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    naughty peeing for sure, also love nonchalant pee, where the girl just pees wherever the fuck she wants to and doesn't care how much of a mess she makes

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  1. This is SUCH a hot story!! Love it, you two were made for each other!! Hope you share some pictures of the messes you make 💦 sounds like you guys pissed everywhere!
  2. Friend of mine likes to pee between her bed and the wall. She basically pisses at the wall and it runs down onto the carpet. It looks like a lot of fun.
  3. I’ve lurked on this forum for ages but never felt the desire to contribute content of myself. This might change, if I get positive feedback! This is my first self-related pee post I’ve ever made so I’m a little shy. I like to piss in 32 oz yogurt containers because they're the same size as my bladder, so I put this on my kitchen floor and pissed into it. Felt like emptying my whole bladder on my floor but there was a lot less mess 😅 I still made a bit of a mess anyway, some was accidental and some was intentional 😉 There was no odor so I just left the puddle on the floor and dumped the pi
  4. Holy SHIT this is incredible!! Love your description of the challenge, sounds like a lot of fun indeed. Do you have more pictures of the mattress? If this is the BOTTOM, and you pissed on it from the top, I would love to see what the other side looks like! Such a hot challenge, I love how much you like bed wetting!
  5. So hot! Always wanted to be able to do this, you're so lucky!
  6. I piss in the shower every morning when I take a shower. Sometimes it’s before, sometimes it’s during. Sometimes I’ll pee on myself, drink it, or taste it in the shower too. I’ll usually piss while I’m walking over to where my hair care stuff is, and pee while turning around to wash my hair and the bottles back on my shelf behind me.
  7. https://www.redgifs.com/watch/imaginarysanegrackle
  8. Does anyone know who this beautiful camgirl is? She brazenly shows her tits and pussy in public while talking to a stranger and unloads her bladder too. Apparently she’s from Thailand. https://www.erome.com/a/wLVzYEaX
  9. Hell, if I was your neighbor I’d invite you over and let you piss all over my house wherever you pleased! Especially if you'd return the favor and let me do the same at your house 😉
  10. I've always wanted to do this, but I’ve been afraid of the hotel catching me and fining me after the fact. Sounds like you made quite the mess, were there any repercussions?
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