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    i have a pee fetish. are you surprised? :P

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    naughty peeing for sure, also love nonchalant pee, where the girl just pees wherever the fuck she wants to and doesn't care how much of a mess she makes

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  1. I love these first two! What are they from?
  2. Many people have both done this, and thought of this, hence the existence of r/nonchalant_pee on reddit. Several amateur creators have done it, most notable ladyredsbush on pornhub, who has said she gets a high from pissing on her things, and often sprays her piss all over her floor, furniture, and her car. Very fucking sexy. Nonchalant peeing is one of my #1 fetishes, I absolutely love it.
  3. Oh I didn't see the search bar my bad. Thanks!
  4. Link to the pissing threads? I took a cursory glance and didnt see any category for pissing.
  5. I'd love to get together with a slutty escort one of these days and film her piasing all over everything. Probably will never happen because I don't know where to go to find them or how much it would cost. Not sure if it is even legal where I'm at because I've never looked into it. Theres like three sex shops in town, (lingerie, toys, etc.) but idk about fuckin prostitution lol.
  6. Oh, ok I misunderstood it then! I thought she was concerned that her videos in the goldmember section weren't getting very many views. Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for the video, clearly I missed that somehow 🤦‍♂️
  7. @spywareonya I totally understand what you mean. I think theres a couple of issues at hand here, and a possible solution as well. Firstly, the internet as a whole is slower right now. People have less free time, and the little tree time they get they'd rather watch the news or do something more important than watch YouTube or spend hours looking at porn. I wouldn't be surprised if the traffic to this forum is greatly less than usual, or at least somewhat less. In addition, peefans is not the #1 place most people go to find pee content. It's a niche site, forums aren't the most popular thing anymore, and most people prefer browsing reddit, pornhub, or one of the other porn tube sites to find piss porn. There's some good stuff on there, mostly free too. Lastly, your content is blocked behind a paywall. I cannot enter the video gallery without a Gold membership and while I'd love to support the site and watch your sexy videos, I dont have the means right now. Since there are no teasers currently on the site (that I can find), there is little incentive to get a gold membership to watch your videos. Also, the video gallery is kinda far down the page, if it had a higher position it might get looked at more. So, the solution. Try making some good teaser content. Use one of your videos you've already filmed, maybe your most popular one, maybe two or three preferably, and make them free to view. Let people get a really good idea of the sexiness they are signing up for! You could make these be in the peefans site itself, or if you really wanted some exposure you could post them to pornhub or one of the other big tube sites like xvideos. If you did that I could do my best to help promote you as well, I'm on just about every site out there so if you wanted I could repost your videos all over the place. If you did this it would be a good idea to put a watermark in the video, like in the corner, somewhat small and relatively unobtrusive but easily legible, that has your name (spywareonya) and peefans.com on it. This would bring many people to the site in search of your videos, and would bring you a lot of popularity especially if the video got upwards of 30/40K views which can happen if you're lucky and pornhub's algorithm decides to slap it on the front page of search results for 'piss'. I wish you the best, spywareonya, and I hope you have a fantastic day. Feel free to PM me if you wish.
  8. I think there is a thread for power pissing but it's hard to find content for it. I have procured a subreddit r/powerpiss for this type of content if you're interested. Over 4,000 readers at this point and I'm pretty proud of it ☺
  9. I think this photo has came up a couple times before on this forum. Nobody was ever able to procure a source nor find a video for it, and some have said it is photoshopped. It is still sexy, and I would also love to know more about it.
  10. Wow, you're incredible! Hope we get some more pictures or videos from you!
  11. Can you make some videos of this? It's hot as fuck 😍
  12. Hello fellow teenager! Few years back I was super into the idea of pissing contests too. Gave up on the idea after finding out that there's very little content like that on the internet. Welcome to the forum!
  13. You can always add bruceandmorgan.net and moonstonevixen.com, if you want to include quality amateur sites. If not, you've got your bases pretty well covered, although I didnt see a link to legalporno.com which features tons of piss
  14. Never heard of it! Might be a dumb question but are there dating sites for niche fetish stuff anyway? Like is there a foot fetish dating site, or a dating site only for women with huge tits? I think fetlife was/is a fetish dating site...

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