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  1. I’d like to see you piss all over the place while walking around in your apartment. Or, try peeing all day on the same thing - floor, carpet, chair, couch, whatever - piss in the same place all day as long it's not the toilet! Also I’d love to see ya sit on your couch, watch some tv, and casually just piss up into the air and let it go everywhere, on you, your couch, the floor, all that. Nice videos!
  2. Do you clean up, or just piss wherever the fuck you feel like it and not bother to clean it up? Do you notice any smells? Stains? If you clean up, is the hassle worth it compared to just peeing in the toilet and flushing it away?
  3. I love these pictures almost as much as your piss videos, you’re super sexy!
  4. So very naughty! Just use that thing as your toilet. 😍😘
  5. As young as I can remember. I used to fantasize about a secret society of women who lived together and dressed as minimally as possible and pissed whenever and wherever the fuck they wanted. I’m not entirely sure where this fantasy came from; I believe it stemmed from an article I read about a tribe of primitive people known as the Tasaday, who wore no clothes and had no knowledge of even the simplest human activities. I think my young brain must have figured they relieved themselves wherever they felt like, and thus my fetish was born. I called my secret society “the naked ladies” (yeah
  6. I only like the smell when it's my pee. I’ve never done piss play with another human so I’d probably like that too. But every time I piss into a particularly well-used public urinal, I question my piss fetish every single time hahaha, because it smells disgusting! And it has to be well-hydrated pee, or else it's repulsive to me. I can’t stand the smell of my own morning piss, it is not a turn on in the slightest. If it’s clear like water, it kinda smells like salt water, and tastes a bit like popcorn, or salty ramen soup. Quite nice actually, all things considered.
  7. Well, this sounds interesting! You should get together with @pop-a-squat sometime, their mum (and the rest of her family) pisses openly with them, too! Can't wait to hear your stories and maybe even see some pics of you and your mum peeing together.
  8. This is a good question. I think videos have more market appeal than photos (although your pics are wonderful), so if you branched out into making videos as well, then you'd possibly find yourself quite successful. pissplay.com and MoonstoneVixen.com are two of my favorite websites run by “amateur”, home-grown creators who are quite well known, they post both pics and vids and charge money for it all. Try using them as inspiration, set up your own site, and have fun! If you choose to make videos, Clips4Sale is another good option, they have no rules punishing kinky creators as long as it’
  9. You lucky duck! Good tip, I wouldn’t have thought of that myself. Fair price to pay for some golden nectar!
  10. I think you will find that people are vehemently against this topic. Public shenanigans in food stores in general are frowned upon quite strongly by many people, but don't let that stop you from liking it! Personally I think naughty pissing is hot as hell.
  11. You've been a mod for as long as I can remember, Steve! I wish you the very best, and I’m glad you won't stop posting, I love the fantastic pictures.
  12. To play devil's advocate, there's a hell of a lot of stolen content on thisvid. I can count on one hand the number of amateur (female) content creators posting unique content to the site that I have seen. But I agree with you.
  13. If you search for anything on thisvid (or view someone's profile) you will see a padlock icon on any video that is private. This icon will show regardless of if you are logged in or logged out, and will display regardless of your relationship with the uploader (if you are friends you will still see the lock icon but can play the video). However, the “danger” comes if you add a video to your Favorites list. Here, it does not display whether or not the video is private so it is easy to accidentally send someone a link to a super hot video they cannot see. Source: I have done this multiple t
  14. Someday I wanna do this, just decide not to use the toilet and piss everywhere else instead. Where else do you plan on pissing? If I were you I’d sit on the sofa and spray my piss all over myself, the sofa, and across the room for good measure haha
  15. To piss with you would be a dream come true. ❤️ Keep up the hot piss fun!
  16. I don’t think sleeping on the stairs would be that comfortable, boss 😂 oh did you mean stepping, I’m which case fuck yeah I’d love to step all over her wet puddles, barefoot, feel her golden nectar squish into the carpet under my toes 😋
  17. https://old.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/p81vuz/the_reason_why_onlyfans_is_banning_porn/ An excellent article and thread regarding this newest phase in the Attack on Porn. Thoughts? Anybody on here use OnlyFans, and if so, who do you follow?
  18. Hooray pop-a-squat, you’re back!! Was just thinking about how much I missed your naughty piss adventures. ❤️
  19. My first ever proper piss site was HDWetting (you can already tell I’m a lot younger than a lot of you lol), and before then I was simply finding pee videos and other sexy naughty stuff on YouTube which was actually easier than expected. Bodypainting is a good way to find naked women on YouTube, at least it used to be. Some of the videos were actually from ALSScan! back on track now… I quickly found this site not long after discovering HDWetting, before it was called PeeFans, and lurked here for many years until turning 18 and finally making an account shortly thereafter. What did it
  20. durianfury


    that site has become the very thing it swore to destroy hahaha
  21. Tea and cranberry juice do it for me. The clearest, odorless, tasteless piss there is. That's my favorite kind, and I get a lot of it!
  22. durianfury


    Good luck man, their site has gone to total shit. No video can be viewed or downloaded without paying pissrip!! It's gone beyond piracy at this point, it’s despicable! At this point I would like to see pissrip get shut down as a whole, it does not deserve to exist.
  23. I have considered it several times 🤣
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