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  1. Hey, your first vid is gone. Hopefully we see more soon.
  2. I've got a silly idea here. Walk around the car like a reviewer. talk about the cars features and such, then open the door and just piss all over the passenger seat and floor. then continue the review like that was normal.
  3. These stories are becoming less A.I. and more my own writing. I am still using the bot to put my thoughts into the right order, but these ideas are my own. And I am still amazed at how beautiful it writes about pee. An example of its brilliance is the Bot completely wrote the bit about Cassie peeing on Tori. I asked for the make out session, it wrote in the golden shower.
  4. Later that night, the campfire had dwindled to glowing coals, and the air held the warmth of camaraderie. You, Tori, and Cassie sat together—beers in hand, inhibitions loosened by the night. Drunk friends had a way of discussing things that sober ones wouldn’t dare. Cassie leaned in, her eyes curious. “How did you two decide to waterproof your living room?” she asked. Tori’s blush was endearing as she recounted the origin of their unconventional choice. “I was watching a great movie on TV,” she began. “The need to pee grew, but I couldn’t pause the film. So, I wiggled with anticipati
  5. The crackling campfire painted shadows on the grass, and the night air carried the scent of wood smoke. You, Tori, and Cassie gathered around, beers in hand, laughter in the air. Cornhole boards stood ready, their targets waiting for beanbags to find their mark. You were winning, your tosses precise, when you noticed Tori. She lay in the hammock, her expression one of pure relaxation. And then, a thin stream—barely visible—escaped from her, watering the grass below. “Comfortable?” you called out, amused. “Mmm, yes,” Tori cooed. “So relaxed.” Outside, under the star-studded
  6. A Cozy and Unconventional Evening The movie credits rolled, leaving the room in a post-cinematic glow. Cassie, now part of your cozy trio, had questions—the kind that only movie nights with friends could inspire. You fetched a towel, wiping up the puddles that had formed during the film. Cassie’s curiosity spilled forth: “So you just let go during movies?” “Not exactly,” you replied, tossing the wet towels into the laundry. “Tori has basically used the couch anytime she feels a full bladder.” Tori chimed in, her confidence unwavering. “It’s so much comfier than a toilet,” s
  7. Movie Night Unconventional The living room buzzed with anticipation—a blend of superhero excitement and the promise of cinematic escape. Tori, your spirited host, had invited her friend Cassie over for a movie night. The coffee table held bowls of popcorn, and the cola fizzed in anticipation. Before Cassie’s arrival, you hesitated. Should you put a hold on your unconventional living room habits? But Tori dismissed the idea, towel in hand, as she dried up a puddle you’d left earlier. Her confidence was unwavering. “Our house,” she declared, “is accommodating to our needs. We’ll j
  8. All of this writing with A.I. help is so much fun. I really need to flex my vocabulary skills to make the bot cooperate. For example, you can't say something like the girl peed on the floor, but saying that the girl needs relief for an aching bladder. then saying the soft pattering on the carpet gives away that she has found release. please describe the warmth and wetness that follows. describe the sense of pleasure felt from release. The bot works well with the word "describe" It also does great if you ask for words like commode, unconventional toilet, and chamberpot. The bot will not write w
  9. A Culinary Symphony and Unconventional Comfort The kitchen hummed with activity—the rhythmic slicing of veggies, the gentle bubbling of the rice cooker, and the familiar tunes of Gorillaz filling the air. You and Tori moved in sync, a culinary duo creating a symphony of flavors. Tori’s tea cup sat on the counter, its steam curling upward. She’d already sipped through three cups—the warmth seeping into her bones. The carrots and celery yielded to her knife, their vibrant colors promising a feast. And then, the running water—the catalyst for an unexpected twist. “Ooh,” Tori exclai
  10. I think my absolute favorite part of this encounter was that obviously she didn't want her partner to see or she would have gone by the door. But in her attempt at modesty, I got a full show. And then she saw me. So now she knows I saw.
  11. A Night of Whispers and Soft Hisses The rain tapped gently against the windowpane, a soothing rhythm that matched the warmth inside. The living room had undergone a magical transformation—a blend of practicality and comfort. The wicker seats, their resin fibers woven intricately, cradled you both as you settled in for the evening. Tori, your girlfriend, stepped through the door, her shoulders sagging from the day’s weight. Her commute had been a battle against traffic, and she exhaled as if releasing the tension of the entire city. You were ready—the glass of lemonade in your hand, t
  12. Lena, the seasoned saleswoman, greets Tiffany, a sweet country girl, at the dealership. Tiffany’s eyes widen as she gazes at the rugged pickup trucks lined up—their grilles gleaming in the sunlight. Lena, with her warm smile, leads Tiffany to a sturdy Ford Maverick, ready for exploration. The scent of fresh leather and the promise of adventure fill the air. Lena’s Pickup Truck Presentation: The Ford Maverick Adventure Tiffany’s Western Charm: Tiffany steps into the showroom, her cowgirl boots tapping on the polished floor. Her halter top showcases sun-kissed shoulders, and her d
  13. I really feel at this point this story should have been it's own post. But here is another great part. Lena, the seasoned saleswoman, greets the four bubbly sorority girls at the dealership. Their laughter echoes through the showroom as they eye the sleek sedan—their eyes wide with curiosity and mischief. Lena, ever the professional, leads them to the car, her heels clicking on the polished floor. The Test Drive: Unconventional Features As the engine purrs to life, Lena explains the sedan’s features—the intuitive infotainment system, the panoramic sunroof, and the whisper
  14. In the cozy confines of the luxury SUV, Lena—the seasoned saleswoman—rides shotgun, her eyes twinkling with anticipation. The young couple, Sarah and her husband, navigate the winding road. The engine purrs, and the leather seats cradle them. But Sarah, ever observant, notices the wet squelch beneath her feet—the carpet yielding to her every step. “Is this one of those cars?” Sarah asks, her voice hushed. She’s well aware of the unconventional practice—the unspoken code of relief in Lena’s world. Lena grins. “Indeed,” she replies. “But the rear seat is even more accommodating.”
  15. I added some fun extras to lenas backstory. I decided a new car dealership should be involved. Lena’s aching bladder strikes at the car dealership—a place where luxury SUVs gleam under showroom lights. The cars are new, unowned, and Lena’s secret relief stations. Let’s step into her unconventional shoes: Lena’s Unconventional Release: The Luxury SUV Splash Chapter 5: The Carpeted Oasis Setting: The pristine car dealership, where polished vehicles await eager buyers. Scene 1: The Urgent Symphony Lena, the saleswoman with a bladder that dances to its own tune
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