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  1. Some update. She says the content she posts is not made at home. And all of the couples content disappeared from her page. Now I know something is afoul here. But without screenshots I've got nothing. This sort of dishonesty is what led to our break up.
  2. Not sure where to post this. Or who to talk to about I feel about this. My ex wife and mother to my children has an onlyfans now. I'm hesitant to post anything more because talking about this to what I thought was an anonymous reddit had me ratted out to her and she got mad at me. Some background: Her and I share our daughter. Obviously parenting comes first and we're trying to raise her good. None of the stuff I view here or comment on is done with my kid in the house. She agreed the same with her various fantasies and fetishes. But now I feel that line is crossed. She has our daug
  3. I turn up my mid-western charm and usually make the same jokes at work when one of the ladies in our store mentions going pee or needing to go. My go to used to be "have fun in there!" But more recently I've been saying "smile for the camera!" (There's no cameras in there obviously) or to really confuse them I'll ask "bring me something back when you do" . It's funny to me and I only think it works because of the weird mid-west sense of humor we all share.
  4. https://youtu.be/CM1OEIgm1Ho this song is funny and the video is too. I wonder if the creator had any idea people were into this when they made the song or video.
  5. Found it on YouTube. there was a video of a girl playing an arcade game who looked very desperate. She then reached for her belt or to unbutton her pants and the name of this site popped up. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of that video.
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