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    I love music.i love to play nd write music or jam with others. I also enjoy being outdoors, camping or climbing

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    Desperation and wetting
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    Playing hold it with myself and almost getting caught and wetting myself infront of someone more than once

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  1. Ive been holding my pee since before noon nd drinking the whole time So im for certain about to piss my skirt i cant hold it
  2. ' So im straight guy guy who dis likes body hair of any kind even on myself I'm shavedtwayed from my eyebrows down… most girls ire been with don't say anything at all about it .The more out going girls ask questions that In not toosure why but even on myself I can’t stand body. hair or pubic hair not being clean shoved is defiantly aturn off forme
  3. So my ex had used them every so often and quite frequently after stumbling into my kinks (I’m suprised she eventually believed it just thought i was cheating or god knows whatelse) but after i spelled it out for her and convinced her a few times to hold it untill she peed herself she always had one said she loved the idea of pissing on a campfire nd she didn’t have to walk all the way down to the bathroom or woods she could use that and stand right by a tree or whatever without leaving the campsites. And muuch to my disappointment she never fucked up to where it made it run down her legs or
  4. Im always looking for new friends!! And im rather close in ohio, but im 2 years above your age range lol
  5. Hey so i really have to pee ive been drinking allnight Lol and havent pissed since yesterday morning but a few squirts in my panties last night msg me if anyone wanna join in my fun and or watch Lol
  6. I love wetting myself out of desperation making pudd
  7. i play drums and synth ...drums played in many bands thousands of shows won a few battle of the bands put an ep out still looking for another band at the moment lol
  8. I would like to play;) always love holding games..
  9. Hey so I've been play game of hold it with my self for about 6 hours or so nd I really really hhave to pee I dnt know how long I can wait before I piss my self in my new skirt
  10. your best bet is a hard wood, linoleum or viynil floor or you can buy just a lol section for what you need...if those won't work or you can't hide them Find a clear price of plastic or a tote lid....but the easiest is to use a small pool cover like those 3ft by 6 ft blow up pools for kids and you can cut it to whatever size you need and when your done you roll it up with the mess and rinse it off in the shower or wherever when you get the chance...i hope it helps those are all things I've used living wit roommates never has the parents problem too much was on my own at 15 so just had to keep
  11. there's too many time to think of a specific time or place ....im always out doors in the summer at the park or walking around I normally just find a secluded spot or somewhere I'll not been seen as well but I've done this many time many places I'm sure ppl have seen me a few times someone would come and talk to me while I was peeing...i could never tell if they enjoyed watching or it just didn't bother or do anything for them
  12. The Last time I reallyhad to pee outside was the other night at work. While on a smoke break i had got really desperate bc of holding it all mornijng (hoping someone would want to play with or watch..i record all my accidents or do them live if smoel3one wants ) so anyway after holding all day nd drinking a lot of alcohol and water I went to work drinking more water there so a few hours in I really had to go so I grabbed some trash and went outside 2 others followed me. That was a problem. so I didn't know where to do wet my self or look odd walking to a different place to smoke. after i play
  13. Hey what I have a few questions about how ta sell content Online msg me please:)
  14. I lo-key.like my shit un cut i can step on it myself if need be.......oh shit yea if we are talking cocks well mine is cut. Nd for the reason I only play with mine.. the rest dnt matter I really wish some times though could see what it's like uncut but I had no choice 😉
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