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    cam girl also offer sexting, snapchat, custom videos, telephone sex , goods , fun times
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    Like to watch girls desperate and like naughty too

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  1. https://www.manyvids.com/Feed/nickie-wilson/106062 <a href="https://www.manyvids.com/Feed/nickie-wilson/106062"><img src="http://online-banner-creator.com/banners/9297507903236251.png" border="0" width="300" height="300" /></a> use promo codenic95286
  2. still working on it every day but up and running site tons of pee vids my own site let me know what u think and how to improve thx 4 all the support really
  3. @lovestoseepee thx glad u understand it sux n pain never gets better thats for sure. left some links here to lots of content. appreciate the smallest gratitude of media creations thx
  4. @T-Virus appreciate that so much thx muah friend!
  5. @gldenwetgoosewow u sure did touch that spot and tho these are tears of good faith in a community where the feelings are very well validated without knowing how it feels to go through daily life and so appreciate it. its true. and i will never lie on here as for really dont have to. i have just about completely stopped going out into the outside world as much as possible. the explosion blew away a lot of thing including sex drive for a period of time and coming up on the 1 yr marker the road has been really rough and changing my life completely around has had not much effect on outcomes
  6. with all going on its also easy 2 forget to go and i held out purposely almost 20 hrs. it was so nice to release if it wouldnt of been from those fresh stitches would of came
  7. @glad1 thank u for recognizing , it has , yes , been a rough and tough road but its a pleasure to be able to return and provide that horny content you crave cant wait!!! thx again this is so encouraging
  8. if you would be interested in posting and selling your own videos in your own online store at no out of pocket & no cost to you here is where you get started , but if you are not sure have questions message me
  9. @islandpilot182 thank you for being the first to respond. also thank you so very much appreciate your kind words so much.
  10. thank u @weteric hope you do realize what your comment means. thought there was but i do have tons of places u can find my naughtiest of the naughty. here is a video the first one made after fire RIGHT HERE thank you for suggesting and of course enjoy
  11. if you can spare a couple minutes and you would like to check out intro video CLICK sHERE thank you for your support encouragement and love you have no clue what it means. appreciate all of it.
  12. <iframe width="625" height="400" frameborder="0" src="https://extralunchmoney.com/job_videos/embed/37177"></iframe> was involved in a fire last April. got 60% of body burned and have skin grafts that was harvested from the rest of my body that wasn't burned so pretty much all of my body is disfigured. although have healed a lot not close to the same. as someone that worked in the adult business this has been a bummer. have decided from demand asnd encouragement to go ahead and return to the business. this has always been my personal fav fetish so why not make
  13. just would like 2 have lesbian time n p play
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