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    I play music for a living
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    I'm just a guy who loves heavy metal and video games. But most importantly I have a huge piss fetish and I love pissing in naughty places like my bedroom carpet or the bed or anything else I can just put my dick on and let a long stream of piss just soak up.

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    Pissing in naughty places.
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    When my parents weren't home I peed in little spurts in every room in the house on the carpets and on the couches and it was amazing.

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  1. Me and my girlfriend do this already. We regularly pee on the carpet together.
  2. So me and my girlfriend have been exploring our fetish for a while now and we both decided to do a video everyday pissing in a new spot in our rooms. Do any of you have someone you do this type of stuff with?
  3. Welcome to the forums friend. So just recently I told my gf that I have a pee fetish and I had no idea what reaction I was gonna get. Thankfully my gf is open to pretty much anything so that's a plus. I started talking about all the things I would like to do with her regarding my pee fetish and she said that she would do all of it. The thought of it really turned her on. Now I know your situation isn't as lucky so maybe just have a conversation with her and just list the things you would want to try with her and see if she's open to any of it. Idk it's worth a shot in my op
  4. There's a spot in my bedroom that I always pee on. I just soak the carpet till its fully saturated.
  5. When I was 6 whenever I went to my friends house we would always play outside. I wasn't allowed inside his house because his dogs didn't like most people. One day I really had to take a piss so I went to a Bush and let it loose. I felt good just peeing in public like that that I grew a liking to naughty piss. A year later I was starting to watch piss porn and I wanted to try some of it myself. Everyday I would get on my knees and let loose in my trash can. Then I eventually moved to even more naughty spots. I pissed in different areas in my bedroom everyday. Mostly the carpet. I would pee
  6. I really hate it when I find a video and I think a girl is going to pee all over the floor and instead she gets a bucket and pisses in that. I want to see a mess not her own personal toilet.
  7. This carpet is already dirty from the amount of times i peed on it.
  8. For those who enjoy pissing on the floor. Which do you prefer. The carpet or a hard wood floor. I personally enjoy the carpet more because its harder to clean which makes it more naughty in my opinion and I love looking at the stain I leave after I'm done.
  9. My first carpet piss. I had like three bottles of water before going to be and I really had to pee. I was going to just go to the toilet but I was feeling really horny that night. I waited for everyone to go to be and I let loose on the carpet leaving a huge stain. Then I cummed all over it right after. It felt so good.
  10. Ok I'm doing pretty good on this challenge. The places I've pissed on so far are the carpet, my bed, the sink, and in my old dresser. Its been exciting.
  11. Usually when I talk to someone I try to keep my fantasies out of the conversation. I like to talk about other things like music and hobbies with people and get to know them that way. If they feel like they want to talk about their fantasies I wont turn down the conversation but I usually don't drift that way so If I saw you I would strike up just a regular friendly conversation.
  12. Hell yeah dude. It's not hard to figure me out.
  13. I love peeing in my socks. I just stick on my dick like a glove and just let out a long stream. Then afterwards I masturbate with it on while its still nice and warm and covered with my piss. Does anyone else pee in their socks?
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