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  1. First time I've done it and now I wish I could do it more
  2. The pool was way too cold for me to even get in
  3. Sadly even more people showed up so that was all the fun I had
  4. On vacation for my birthday (today) and we finally made it down to the pool...at the time it was empty and only traces of people down here. Wet areas around the drains on the outside of the pool were tempting but I wasn't wet enough in case someone came in to play it off. I wandered into the woman's room. In search of a drain and found..none. but the handicap stall already had a puddle. Water? Pee? It was about to be both. I stood in front of the toilet and felt my bathing suit fill up before it finally leaked down my legs.. it was nice but not what I wanted. I readjusted myself a
  5. X /Twitter has great pee stuff
  6. I am hoping to enjoy a bunch of strangers piss next Friday at a party fingers crossed I don't get cold feet
  7. Been enjoying some pee fun this weekend and my first sighting! Went to a brewery who's bathrooms were in their own building. No one else was around the bathroom door was propped open and when you walked in it was two sinks followed by three stalls. I went to the last stall, kept the door off the stall open and squatted next to the toilet and made a nice little puddle. (Cleaned it up after taking a photo) Yesterday started with a big piss in the camper. I sprayed the carpet, behind the couch, the fridge and then decided to make the table a waterfalls and just emptied my bladder and g
  8. Went to a state park yesterday and had to pee. They had toilets but I was NOT sitting on the cold seats. So I just do what I do home when I don't want to sit. I took my leggings down to my ankles, stood just over the bowl (leg on each side) and just let it flow. I've gotten to where nothing falls down my leg. It was loud and I didn't care. The bf said he could hear me outside of the bathroom.
  9. I wish I got video or pictures of this just because it was so hot. I went into the camper day on the couch and let out a spurt to the door. I knew that wasn't what I wanted so I got up walked to the table and tried to spray it while standing on the floor. I ended up the bench on the other side of it, made such a lovely noise. But I made sure to do the one thing I've been wanting to, I opened the oven, propped up on right leg on the counter and sprayed down the inside of the oven. I felt so horny and so accomplished
  10. Stayed at an air b&b with wooden floors I pissed on them and just cleaned with a towel ASAP. So it didn't sit. Most fun for you sounds like the tile kitchen. Cook naked, piss freely and clean up should be quick and easy
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