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  1. Went to a state park yesterday and had to pee. They had toilets but I was NOT sitting on the cold seats. So I just do what I do home when I don't want to sit. I took my leggings down to my ankles, stood just over the bowl (leg on each side) and just let it flow. I've gotten to where nothing falls down my leg. It was loud and I didn't care. The bf said he could hear me outside of the bathroom.
  2. I wish I got video or pictures of this just because it was so hot. I went into the camper day on the couch and let out a spurt to the door. I knew that wasn't what I wanted so I got up walked to the table and tried to spray it while standing on the floor. I ended up the bench on the other side of it, made such a lovely noise. But I made sure to do the one thing I've been wanting to, I opened the oven, propped up on right leg on the counter and sprayed down the inside of the oven. I felt so horny and so accomplished
  3. Stayed at an air b&b with wooden floors I pissed on them and just cleaned with a towel ASAP. So it didn't sit. Most fun for you sounds like the tile kitchen. Cook naked, piss freely and clean up should be quick and easy
  4. Cardboard box pissing is my favorite. I love the sound so much
  5. Wanted to hit the cabinets but stream was struggling to not go down my leg so I stood on the table and used that and then finished on the carpet this morning.
  6. Got home from being out all day and had to piss while taking the dogs out. So I helped myself to the camper. Pissed on the wall again the other day, as much as I love the sound I wanted something a little more fun. I decided to stand one food on the bench seat and one in the open fridge. Piss mostly fell on the floor but I was able to spray some on the garbage can that was on the floor and some in the fridge door. I think my next one is going to try and be in the oven..
  7. Thank you for sharing I'm excited to see what's next
  8. Sure some recent stuff was Friday when I came home to let the dogs out I pissed behind the couch again and tried to squirt some in the sink. Not sure what day this was I was super horny and wanted to really hear it so I put my one leg up on the couch and sprayed the wall. Watching it pour down the wall and puddle on the carpet was just as hot as the sound. I pissed in the oven.. well on the open door and then closed it. Today I just sat on the edge of the couch and piss off it onto the floor and noticed it went into the vent
  9. Friday I got covered in his piss in the camper we soaked the couch together while fucking. Today we went in to piss before we went to the beach. He was so into it it was so hot. He whipped his cock out, and pissed right into the heat vent while making a sarcastic sexy comment about it being naughty. I made a huge puddle on the carpet next to him
  10. Was home on lunch and had to piss but didn't really want to make a mess since I didn't want to smell like piss going back to work. Found a new spot... Between the wall and the couch, sat on top of the back of the couch and just let it go, was a little weird of an angel and didn't get the power behind it I wanted but was still super hot and didn't drip down the front like I was worried about. Tonight I'm hoping both boys and I will use it.
  11. I got to watch boy2 piss in the camper. I wanted him to just spray down the kitchen so he did. He turned the table into a waterfall. Pissed on the wall the floor and tried to shoot it far which was so fucking hot. I was out painting today on the porch and had to piss so I just went in and used the carpet. Stood there and just let it puddle on the carpet below it. Was such a nice sound
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