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  1. Hot damn I definitely came reading this
  2. Finally! Boyfriend 2 is also into piss and has been working on being less pee shy. He's been doing so well with it. I have some good stories but today I got to hold him and aim while he pissed. The first time I have ever gotten to to that. It was so hot to feel. I aimed his piss all over these dead plants we have in the garage that I pissed on earlier this morning.
  3. This was so hot. Very jealous. I think the best part is you almost look like the guy I've started seeing who I found out is also into piss, so definitely used that to enjoy myself.
  4. It's also been used 😏 A bunch of your videos are quite 😘👌
  5. I thankfully live a little in the country side. Excited for the warmer weather so I can indulge in more outside pee shenanigans
  6. I definitely agree I love the noise. (And I've definitely watched and researched your cardboard pissing videos)
  7. I'm currently padded right now on these cute ones a friend got me for my birthday
  8. There is a cardboard box in my garage I've been enjoying using as a piss collector. Works great when I take the dogs out.
  9. To be fucked in a puddle of piss 🥵
  10. Hot as always Wish I could pee on it with you
  11. Works in US and he is one of my fav pee video makers
  12. Now that it's summer a lot more. Typically when I take the dogs out in the morning. Why hold it when the yard is free game
  13. Not gonna lie wish I was there with you
  14. 🥵 I've had the same fantasy why is it so hard to find it irl
  15. I've been wanting to get one. What/where did you get?
  16. Away for the weekend with some friends. I ended up claiming the loft bedroom which is pretty big, wood floor, tile floor in the half bath and a huge walk in closet. After drinking a bunch we decided to head to bed early (mostly because of me). I was so horny and had to pee so bad I decided to do it. I first went into the bathroom squatted and made a small puddle next to the toilet. Then I walked into the closet and the one corner for a small puddle. I noticed a rug for like wet boots in there and I had a lot of fun with that. That one got three of it's own puddles and
  17. I'm pretty decent at wall peeing for a girl My closet wall is my favorite
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