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  1. I also do it that way sometimes but recently I've pissed too much in an carpeted room on the same spot so the piss smell wasn't that decent anymore.
  2. I wouldn't have been able to resist at least touching your pussy if you obviously show her while pissing 😁
  3. Yeah for sure. It's a total different feeling when piss is involved than pussy juice. It almost feels like you were fucking under water because the piss surrounds your cock and it gets that wet. Don't get me wrong, I really love the way it feels and the harder you ram your dick inside her pussy the more squirts out to the sides but at some point the lube from the piss ist gone an it turns into really intense sex, as much as I can say.
  4. I've done it a few times, I can tell you it feels awesome 😍 it really turns me on pissing inside a pussy while having sex but speaking for myself I have to consantrate quite a bit until I can piss. But once it starts flowing I empty may whole bladder with a lot of force inside her. At some point it starts squirting out on the sides. It's such a hot feeling with my warm piss surrounding my dick and then it squirts out every time I push my dick all the way inside and gets nice messy. It's also fun pulling my dick out while pissing so I can piss on her pussy. I also have to admit as hot as i
  5. A few days ago I war really horny and wanted to decorate something with my piss so I decided to take the sofa. It was really nice just pulling my cock out and letting all the warm and yellow piss flow over the sofa and seeing how it soaks all of it. To the end I got hard and came on the sofa just not giving af
  6. Hi and welcome! One thing first, I can tell you that pissing inside someone is really really hot 😍 I hope you have a lot of fun on this site!
  7. Where do you piss on festivals?
  8. Really hot your pictures and experiences about pissing in the camper 😍 Would love to piss there with you 😁
  9. I've had this too, dreamt about that I was peeing and then woke up while I was peeing in bed 😅 My dick got pretty hard fast so ist was hard to continue pissing 😁
  10. Hi my name is Sebastian and I am 29 years old. I've been reading in this forum for quite a while now. I love pretty much everything about pissing, especially when girls piss in places where they shouldn't but I also love doing that 😍 It then can happen that I get so turned on by making a mess that I have to make myself cum right there 😈 Nevertheless I would like to share and exchange experiences with others wo are also into pissing 😊
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