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  1. Hi and welcome! One thing first, I can tell you that pissing inside someone is really really hot 😍 I hope you have a lot of fun on this site!
  2. Where do you piss on festivals?
  3. Really hot your pictures and experiences about pissing in the camper 😍 Would love to piss there with you 😁
  4. I've had this too, dreamt about that I was peeing and then woke up while I was peeing in bed 😅 My dick got pretty hard fast so ist was hard to continue pissing 😁
  5. Hi my name is Sebastian and I am 29 years old. I've been reading in this forum for quite a while now. I love pretty much everything about pissing, especially when girls piss in places where they shouldn't but I also love doing that 😍 It then can happen that I get so turned on by making a mess that I have to make myself cum right there 😈 Nevertheless I would like to share and exchange experiences with others wo are also into pissing 😊
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