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    that which they call fairer
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    i’m often at the beckoning call of others.
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    um. hi! 👩🏻‍💻 so i guess you’d never know it, but i’m typically just a shy, introverted, kinda nerdy, kinda not, girl next door. things i find fun include hikes, camping, snowboarding, tennis, movies, disney, books, and naughty peeing. lol which if you haven’t inferred, is how i happened upon this site. i work too much, and cherish my freetime- although am prone to wasting it, too. but, yeah. just a little sneak peek into my deal. XO hugs and 💋, all.

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    so i like to hold, and often become quite desperate. also, i love wetting, and going pee in places i know i probably shouldn’t 😇
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    lol. idk if i've had any, but i'm happy to share and let you decide

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  1. while i was wearing leggings when i actually left home, i didn't leave them on once i got back. and so without putting them back on, my thong was showing both of the times i walked out by the road. 😇
  2. that moment of gratified release. maybe you'd like to too?
  3. that kinda happens when you're outside. 😇
  4. so warm. so squishy. so pleasing.
  5. not so much when going pee, but i find it incredibly intimate having someone wipe me after i've finished. also, letting them pull down my panties beforehand can be kinda fun. my bf isn't into pee, but even he'll sometimes help me out of them if we're in the bathroom together. 😊
  6. sometimes i think i do it without even knowing i am. like its just so soothing. i was at the movies, and it wasn't until i started sensing the tingles that i even realized i had been casually caressing my fingers against my panties. i didn't even feel horny. at least not until i became aware of what i was doing. 🤭 and then it still wasn't like i had to masturbate. but it did feel good. and i felt like y'all would enjoy my shenanigans too, so i decided to keep going a little longer and sneak a couple pix. and yeah, it did make me aroused enough that i couldn't help letting my fingers enter me f
  7. ugh. making people pay seems so cruel. like i can understand having to pay for some types of municipal bathrooms, but not like in places where it should be part of the services. i'm so glad that method isn't very popular around me. but more and more places seem to make you ask for a code. which i guess is the same as getting a key. which can be bothersome, or even embarrassing, depending on how badly i need to have one. one time i was absolutely bursting. and probably already had made a slightly visible wet spot. and ran to the bathroom, only to find it locked. so bounded inside to ask f
  8. puddyls


    innocence is bliss. just relaxing with some coffee, and kinda accidentally revealing what's under my nightie. 😇
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