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    that which they call fairer
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    i’m often at the beckoning call of others.
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    um. hi! 👩🏻‍💻 so i guess you’d never know it, but i’m typically just a shy, introverted, kinda nerdy, kinda not, girl next door. things i find fun include hikes, camping, snowboarding, tennis, movies, disney, books, and naughty peeing. lol which if you haven’t inferred, is how i happened upon this site. i work too much, and cherish my freetime- although am prone to wasting it, too. but, yeah. just a little sneak peek into my deal. XO hugs and 💋, all.

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    so i like to hold, and often become quite desperate. also, i love wetting, and going pee in places i know i probably shouldn’t 😇
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    lol. idk if i've had any, but i'm happy to share and let you decide

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  1. yes! its so fun. my most recent, after a short but none-the-less excruciating hold, ended up happening in the bushes behind a, i think, dentist office last night. 😇
  2. i was already taking pix and stuff. lol. like i said i kinda meant to have a play, just didn't know it would all happen outdoors. 😇
  3. my jill session this morning wasn't exactly impromptu, though i also didn't exactly plan to masturbate outside. it was just the longer i sat out casually caressing my muffin in between sips of coffee the harder it was to refrain. and before i knew it i'd given myself a mild orgasm. but what was even less planned was that it felt so good that i kept going despite maybe having an audience. 🤭
  4. puddyls


    teehee. thanks! 🤭 i'd probably would normally post those someplace else, but it seems to be a little theme here.
  5. i love all of @Catie_lee's ideas. another somewhat sneaky thing to do is give yourself a little front wedgie. it won't really let all the important things show, but definitely feels daring and naughty leaving basically nothing to the imagination.
  6. something like 3 years, i think. but only because i was quite literally a baby. lol. so if i just count not using one for peeing, my longest streak would be about two weeks before i got caught in a predicament where i had to finally go to a toilet. this would have been in the infancy of my peexploration. somehow a roommate and i had discovered our mutual interest. though, she was a few years older than me, and definitely much more into the fetish side of it. anyways, once there was an awareness that we both enjoyed pee, i found her using the bathroom less and less. and it kinda inspired m
  7. puddyls


    maybe its a little too short to be standing on a balcony. 🫢 especially without panties on. haha, oh well. 🤭
  8. teehee. i think someone was saw my panties.🤭
  9. when casually massaging your bean is so relaxing that you forget where you are... and then, before you know it, have ended up going all the way. 😇 🤭 haha. i really don't think anyone saw, but becoming a little preoccupied with my self indulgence, i also can't declare that with any certainty. 😳
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