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    i can kinda tell. spywareonya kinda describes it well. although, lol, i don't know if an ant is the right analogy for me. but, there is a sensation i get just before it starts. the wetness she describes is spot on for me too. it is definitely a different feeling of wet from normal, or even aroused, excrement; and pee. mine are usually also preempted by cramping. although, i'm pretty regular, my pre-symptoms don't always allow me the luxury of knowing exactly when i'll start. often that feeling of 'movement' only gives a few minutes notice, sometimes none. i definitely prefer pads over tampons but freely use either method. pads are much more comfy and convenient. but, tampons allow me to wear things that i couldn't reasonably wear with a pad. also, when being active pads tend to begin feeling cumbersome while tampons are a bit more freeing.
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    love it!

    Hi puddyls 

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      How are you?

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      I'd love to chat with you sometime puddyls, i think we would get along well.

      Im into urinals as well

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    Post about your pee!

    so. i think i just made one of my biggest puddles ever. unfortunately, i wasn't able to get a pic. but, i had been conscientiously holding for almost an hour and a half, but had to pee long before that. i got home from work, and ended up in just my bra and thong in front of the tv with some gelato while watching reruns. i had began having to squirm and hold myself but wasn't quite ready to enjoy going. while making some green tea- waiting for the kettle was excruciating- i threw on a cardigan and spent the time checking notifications on my phone standing on front porch. the whole time with my legs crossed. i had a few dribbles of pee escape and seep through my cotton thong and down my legs, but nothing crazy. then i heard the whistle so went in to pour my tea, then back onto the porch. while waiting for the teabag to steep another wave of desperation overcame me and i actually pranced across my porch holding myself, as more pee escaped. i could feel the wetness on my thighs, and my panties had darkened a bit. but i still didn't want to let go. i was able to hold on another 20 minutes and was about a 1/4 way through my drink, when i decided it was time. being a gorgeous night, my legs had already dried but i could still feel the stickiness from my lastloss of control and with my feet only slightly apart allowed the hot liquid inside me to leak out- though it was more of a gush; with it cascading down both my legs and loudly pattering against the concrete below me. holy goodness, it felt amazing! and it didn't seem to want to end. i had to look around to make sure i wasn't waking any of my neighbors lol! so when finally all was said and done, i was standing in a puddle that was a good 2' around, but also had flowed the 6' across my porch in a 1-2' wide 'river,' to the steps, with a 6 inch wide tributary making down them and all the way to my grass 2 or 3 feet further! with that, and my tea gone, needless to say i am incredibly relaxed, and ready for bed.
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    Ladies please answer

    um, normally only about 3 feet forward when i manipulate myself to do so. if not, and i stand a certain way, only about a foot. otherwise it goes almost straight down. the farthest i've ever gotten, and this was totally unscientific, was maybe 5 feet, but i haven't been able to replicate that distance since.
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    Panty pics

    snuck a pic of mine earlier at my desk at work. ?