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    um. hi! 👩🏻‍💻 so i guess you’d never know it, but i’m typically just a shy, introverted, kinda nerdy, kinda not, girl next door. things i find fun include hikes, camping, snowboarding, tennis, movies, disney, books, and naughty peeing. lol which if you haven’t inferred, is how i happened upon this site. i work too much, and cherish my freetime- although am prone to wasting it, too. but, yeah. just a little sneak peek into my deal. XO hugs and 💋, all.

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    so i like to hold, and often become quite desperate. also, i love wetting, and going pee in places i know i probably shouldn’t 😇
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    lol. idk if i've had any, but i'm happy to share and let you decide

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  1. 😇 i mean like i let you all see my panties on a pretty regular basis. so, teehee. idk. it is a different sensation, though, actually being around people with them showing like they were. and, unlike being at home, obviously compromising my modesty. haha. 😊 i kinda debated over what thread this belonged in, but i felt the exhibition aspect was secondary to the panties i wanted to show you i had on for it.
  2. well thanks. i have to admit it felt like one of my more naughty shenanigans. idk, if i had to guess, he was around 30. 🤷🏻‍♀️ i actually prefer teasing older men. for one, i really don't want to get into trouble for having innocent fun. and i feel like the way they react is more in tune with my level of comfort.
  3. haha. so i'm actually sitting out on my front porch in one of my thongs right now. i'm kinda lazy when it comes to wearing all the clothes at home. and it is almost a non issue- in like i don't often think twice about popping out to get the mail or something in just a top and panties. it's really almost routine too, to have a nightcap or take my coffee out in the morning with whatever i happen to be sleeping in. so even though i'm aware that my panties show, i'm almost accustomed to it. that's not to say i don't feel embarrassed being seen in them, i do. just that i try not being phased by it.
  4. teehee. 🤭 so i wasn't sure if i'd actually do it when i got ready for work in the morning. but, i did specifically pick these panties for the occasion at hand.😉 as it turns out, i was able to coax myself to follow through, and when i went to get gas on my lunch break, slipped off my pants as i exited my car. ☺️ i was still sooo nervous as i began the walk past the pumps and across the empty space between my car and the store. but it felt absolutely thrilling when i realized i was now committed, and very much in public in my panties. as i entered the store i didn't know what to expect, and it w
  5. tonight's ensemble when i took my dog on her walk. and surprisingly it didn't even feel weird wearing these panties out like a pair of shorts. 😇 like usually i am overcome with some sense of embarrassment being caught, but it felt totally normal passing by a couple of other people out walking. even so, the naughtiness of chatting briefly with a guy out walking his dog too, while being in my underwear, definitely wasn't lost on me.
  6. knowing that a pic of mine caused this to happen felt really naughty. even if he did only ejaculate on his tablet, or whatever; watching it almost felt like it was actually landing on my legs and muffin patch. and i'm not usually stimulated by porn really, but i have to admit, something about this actually got me a little hot and bothered. ☺️ lol, almost kinda wished there was cum drying on me when i got out of the car. 🤭
  7. well, it was bare under my skirt. 😇
  8. puddyls


    omg! it felt so daring not having panties on under this skirt. haha. especially since even when i wasn't being 'forgetful,' i was probably inadvertently uppied. 🫢
  9. i was on one of my evening walks, and didn't actually intend to jill. with so few clothes on, i actually was quite embarrassed at first. but, the longer i was out, the less trepidation i felt. to the point that, eventually, i let my immodesty get the best of me when i strolled by this fire hydrant. haha. it was a little awkward as i first straddled it, but with a little effort, i had my full weight resting on it with the top nubby thing fully encompassed inside my muffin. spending a few minutes riding it, knowing full well i could be caught masturbating in public was absolutely thrilling. 🤭😳 s
  10. off to walk my doggie. didn't take the camera on this outing. but also didn't take anything that covered my bottom half either, unless you count my thong. 😇🤭 even if it totally embarrassed me when i fortuitously ended up walking past a guy out on his porch 🥺, i kinda loved being outside like this. and it did actually feel really sexy casually being caught.
  11. there's a lot of ways string can be interpreted for panties, isn't there?
  12. omg! 🤭😳 is it at all possible that my panties would be be mistaken for shorts? went for a walk, and instead of just going around the block or two, like i usually do if i go out like this, i kept going and going. like 6 or 7 blocks away from the safety of home. and i failed to bring anything to cover up with should i have needed to. and i kinda did. haha. went as far as the main like 4-lane road, and while i hadn't encountered anyone as i strolled within the neighborhood, there was a fair amount of traffic on it. at first i kinda hid, totally embarrassed about maybe being seen with my panties e
  13. when it's a hot summer night, so when it's time for your pup's walk, you go wearing just your undies. 🤭😇
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