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    that which they call fairer
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    i’m often at the beckoning call of others.
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    um. hi! 👩🏻‍💻 so i guess you’d never know it, but i’m typically just a shy, introverted, kinda nerdy, kinda not, girl next door. things i find fun include hikes, camping, snowboarding, tennis, movies, disney, books, and naughty peeing. lol which if you haven’t inferred, is how i happened upon this site. i work too much, and cherish my freetime- although am prone to wasting it, too. but, yeah. just a little sneak peek into my deal. XO hugs and 💋, all.

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    so i like to hold, and often become quite desperate. also, i love wetting, and going pee in places i know i probably shouldn’t 😇
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    lol. idk if i've had any, but i'm happy to share and let you decide

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  1. this jilling session was actually quite intentional. and it felt sooo good bringing myself to two consecutive orgasms. 😋
  2. i still have no idea what that means
  3. puddyls


    you'd think shorts would be a safe bet, but after taking this, i wonder how many times i accidentally revealed that i wasn't wearing panties under them.
  4. haha. it kinda happened just in time. if i was wanted to pee outside, i would have had to just let it go if i hadn't lost control instead. otherwise i'd have ended up bursting in the shower because its time to get ready for work now.
  5. oh no! it just happened. i couldn't wait. and was standing up with my knees pressed together when my pee just started to burst out. it didn't even like leak, just a loud hiss as the stream forced itself through my pussy lips, then the sound of it splashing below me. because the release was involuntary, my reaction was instinctive resistance. which actually kinda made the sensation of relief feel really good. like in an almost orgasmy way. but it didn't do much to stop the flowing urine. at least not until the pressure that was behind the flow had subsided a bunch. 😇 i almost regret that i
  6. my legs are doing a double cross now. idk if standing up is helping much more than my squatting was.
  7. just starting on my second cup of coffee. and, omg. it hurts. and i'm now squatting with a heel pressed against my muffin. and i've already been pp dancing, but the squirming is becoming involuntary now. i'm not even wearing any at the moment. teehee. just out on my balcony in just a racerback tank top and slippers. like i really have no reason to even wait. yes. that might be ends up happening.
  8. i'm really really desperate since i still haven't let myself pee after waking up this morning. and still don't know if i should sit, stand, or squat to let it go; or even just wait until my bladder forces itself to empty. 😵‍
  9. and after getting home, i ended up out on the balcony. it wasn't long before my fingers were casually massaging my clit, leading to me fingering my muffin. and then i couldn't seem to stop. at least not until i'd ended up having an orgasm.
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