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    um. hi! 👩🏻‍💻 so i guess you’d never know it, but i’m typically just a shy, introverted, kinda nerdy, kinda not, girl next door. things i find fun include hikes, camping, snowboarding, tennis, movies, disney, books, and naughty peeing. lol which if you haven’t inferred, is how i happened upon this site. i work too much, and cherish my freetime- although am prone to wasting it, too. but, yeah. just a little sneak peek into my deal. XO hugs and 💋, all.

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    so i like to hold, and often become quite desperate. also, i love wetting, and going pee in places i know i probably shouldn’t 😇
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    lol. idk if i've had any, but i'm happy to share and let you decide

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  1. so, i did a thing. 🤭 and i wasn't even really turned on to begin with. yeah, i might have been seen, earlier, after i'd taken my skirt off walking to my car, but as i drove home, i felt a little dismayed at the ambiguity of those couple of possible encounters. yet, still being in my underwear did seem pretty naughty, even if i was in the car- and in the dark. then, before getting too far, i found a place to park and got out of the car. this time, as i kinda just walked a block down the sidewalk, and back, i was being a little more obvious. 😊 finally i satisfied my inner exhibitionist. or so i
  2. not just my panties. but all my underwear. teehee. 🤭 so like i'd just left the bar i was at. i wasn't drunk, but definitely felt a little carefree, and despite being kinda rainy, it wasn't all that cold. sooo, lacking inhibition, i unzipped my skirt. as i walked down the sidewalk it eventually worked itself off, nearly tripping me as it fell below my knees. haha. and so then i ended up just carrying it around, leaving my coat (and i guess boots, too) as the only actual clothes i was still wearing. i eventually ended up back at my car, but totally got there in a roundabout way, prolonging the e
  3. such an interesting topic! i'm curious if @Sophie is going to compile a chart at some point in the future, once the sample size seems sufficient. i'm really quite surprised by the responses so far. it seems the left side seems to be an overwhelming preference. i kinda expected, with all the men on here, it to be much more random across the grid. 👩🏻‍🔬
  4. it's fun just about anywhere i think i can get away with it. but if i had to pick a favorite, i feel like that would be inside elevators.
  5. i'll admit that it has happened to me occasionally in my younger years. but it wasn't like out of spite. i just literally couldn't seem to find the bathroom available after a certain point. and it wasn't like i would just go on the floor. the times it happened, i ended up having actual accidents. i have at parties snuck outside somewhere and purposely relieved myself. but would say it's more common that several of us would burst into the bathroom and use whatever facility happened to be available. like i recall using bathtubs often, even with another girl because our other friend beat us
  6. haha. i think he was happy he came to work that day. 😇
  7. let my skirt fall off getting out of the car. then left it on the seat so that i'd be caught in my panties while at the gas station. 🤭
  8. not today's, but only a few days ago. 😇
  9. i kinda forgot i was wearing a thong. so it totally looked like my butt was bare while wearing this coat.
  10. flashing mine. to no one really. and pulling them down. and also just letting them show
  11. i hope i can share these here. i didn't want to start a whole thread for just a few pix. my nylons did have a panty design on them, even if i wasn't actually wearing any. teehee. and like, pantyhose are a kind of under garment, right? anyway, i was in one of my moods, and so, despite needing to make some stops on my way home, my skirt got taken off when i left work. 🤫 first was the atm, but i didn't bring my phone. where the guy using the machine next to me finished his transaction and said he liked my pants, and had a nice butt, as he walked past me back to his car. 🤣 second was a
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