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  1. https://peefans.com/topic/6982-miss-piss-no-more/
  2. DXR


    Part of that beauty is having you in it. It would be less beautiful without you. And my life would be sadder (which isn't something I need right now).
  3. Well, I support Blackinksoul. I'm amazed at the hostility towards her perfectly reasonable and innocent suggestion. I can't fathom how anyone could feel threatened by it. No wonder she's talking about leaving PeeFans and why fewer women post here, if that's they kind of responses they can expect when they post something other than pictures for the guys to look at.
  4. I say: Be what you want to be, and change what you want to be anytime you want. They're all you, and you're wonderful. I am very sensitive to indoor heat myself and feel sick in warm rooms. I'm so white that people used to call me "Shark Bait". I tell people that I practically glow in the dark and I get a sunburn if I leave on the dome light in the car for too long. Genetically, you get what you get and you gotta live with it. But it doesn't define who you are.
  5. Actually, they cache only for the current reply. They exhibit the full 3-second reload time on each new reply. But again, that's not a problem on a PC.
  6. Prince was Nigerian? I always wondered why I never got the money he said he was going to send me.
  7. It takes about 3 seconds to load on my PC - a bit of a delay, but not an issue for me. ⏱️
  8. I don't know of any clips of just those scenes, but the full movie is available on xhamster. The scene with the women in the market place is too dark to see the streams clearly - it just looks they're just squatting and getting ready to pee.
  9. There's also another scene where he pees on the curtains in the palace, although it's not as explicit.
  10. I dunno. This thread contains both men and women peeing, so it doesn't really fit there, either. Just sayin'...
  11. It's now been 2 weeks since your post, and I've experienced no issues. Thanks.
  12. DXR


    Not to mention ambidextrous. 🙂
  13. Well, actually... Ha, ha! Just kidding. I love it.
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