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  1. Interesting idea, but I gotta wonder if how many people would pay $168 for a pair of pants just to avoid finding a discreet location when needed. Their online shop also has some other interesting products, although these are apparently being discontinued: a "PEE OUTSIDE" baseball cap and a reusable Kula cloth for wiping: https://sheflyapparel.com/collections/merch-shop/products/pee-outside-hat https://sheflyapparel.com/collections/merch-shop/products/shefly-x-kula-cloth I also found this amusing review of the pants on YT:
  2. Louise! Great to see you here! I've been reading your (and beachmom's) posts on Mr Poll for years. Sadly, I have no experiences of my own to contribute, but I want you (and beachmom) to know your contributions are very much appreciated. Mr Poll would be virtually nothing without you two.
  3. The pee forums https://original.misterpoll.com/forums/133329 and https://original.misterpoll.com/forums/126889 are still viewable, for now at least. No recent posts (not sure if that's even possible anymore), but several years of historical posts are still available to read.
  4. I saw an article about this wall coating somewhere a few years ago. If they're trying to deter people, it doesn't seem like it would be very effective. You could just pee on the ground instead of on the wall. The end result would be the same...a puddle on the ground next to the wall.
  5. Work on Truecrypt was stopped several years ago. It was subsequently branched to become Veracrypt, which is still maintained and kept updated. So I'd recommend that. I just created a big file with no extension, so no one would know what it was or find it when searching for a specific file type. I use Veracrypt for both my original files and the backup file. Veracrypt is backward compatible with Truecrypt, so you can upgrade to Veracrypt without losing anything you originally created with Truecrypt.
  6. I don't have any questions, but it's great to see you here and read your posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  7. expererg summarized it fairly well (although it's not really "primitive pee" - pee is generated by the kidneys). As expererg has verified from personal experience (as have I), pee and squirt from the same girl look and taste different. The majority (but not all) of the squirted fluid is created quickly and temporarily stored in the bladder during stimulation, but it is distinct and separate from pee, both in source and chemical composition. I refer you to legitimate sources like Medical News Today, Healthline and Web MD: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323953 https://www.
  8. Sorry, but that's a hoax. If you read the article, they injected a blue liquid into the bladder, and the liquid came out during orgasm. This just means that if there is pee in the bladder, the convulsions of orgasm can cause some pee to be released. It does not prove that all the released fluid came from the bladder - the leaked bladder fluid (pee) will mix with the squirt fluid and still produce a blue liquid. This myth was shown to be false in a video by Elizabeth from Patches' Place (I have the video). She pees into one glass, then squirts into a second glass. The difference is obvio
  9. I found this review of a UV flashlight on Amazon and found it amusing in terms of this discussion: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE VERY CAREFUL Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2016 Verified Purchase NEVER take this into a hotel room... just don't... please please don't.... it's everywhere... just... everywhere... what happened in here? How many films have been shot here... oh my goodness, it's on the tv... how'd they get it on t
  10. Yeah, I'm OK with that like I'm OK with winning the lottery.
  11. A couple from webshots, on the green although not in the hole.
  12. Well, I've never done that, but I would like to propose an alternate interpretation. To me, requesting more sounds like "I really liked that, and would love to hear more because I enjoyed it." Wanting more seems more like a compliment rather than a criticism. Of course, that may not be what other people are thinking, but that's what would be in my mind if I ever asked for more of something. Just sayin'
  13. Two great themes in one picture. I think I'm in love 🙂
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