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    I love watching girls pissing

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    Walking down the street pissing.

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  1. I am a long term member of Peeing Cupid under the name Netherthongguy1. Is it possible to become a Premium Member on this Site.
  2. Victoria Justice Selena Gomez Danniell Fischell
  3. I some times if I am in a secluded place piss on the pavement. Somtimes if I am wearing shorts I will Piss whilst walking.
  4. I am from Holmfirth in West Yorkshire and woild be insterested in a local forum
  5. Other than pissing I am also a lover of women menstruating any one else.
  6. I have also done this. one day I was walking home and needing to piss I decided to use the ladies . I walked in to the ladies room which was a little skanky then i opened my fly standing in the voyer took my dick out and pissed all over the floor then put my dick back looked at my large puddle. After that I walked ou and continued with my journey.
  7. At one time I delivered the morning papers for a local newsagent. Some times in summer I would wear shorts with my penis hanging down one leg with the tip just below the leg hem. Now if I was dressed this way if I needed to piss I would just stop spread my legs and let it flow. When it finished I would just walk on leaving a large puddle of urine behind me. On one occaision I was in an hurry so I let it flow as I walked leaving a long line of drips.
  8. I already have 8 posts and am getting you need 3 posts to view videos could you pleas rectify this. Pretty please:frown:
  9. May be a light yellow background.
  10. I really love the idea of your site .
  11. I also love seeing girls pissing outdoors.
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