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    I’m new to being part of a website like this but would love to discuss dirty fantasies involving piss :)

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  1. Oooh that’s a good idea, it would be fun to make a mess
  2. I would love to try that out, the feeling of piss pooling in my seat would be heavenly.
  3. I did that just yesterday and had a lovely time squirting my piss everywhere 🙂
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry for being inactive, i had some personal stuff going on and unfortunately couldn’t find the time to come online. Thank you all for being so interactive I’ve loved reading your comments and suggestions and hope that you can give me some more to help kick start my pissy adventures 🙂
  5. Ooo that’s a good idea and I have peed in bushes before but want to try doing something more public and humiliating…
  6. Well I’ve never pissed in full view in public before but I’ve started building up the courage to….i piss in my house in different spaces that are easy to clean up, mostly the floors in different rooms especially while masturbating. And as for how I got interested in pee well it’s always been fascinating to me and piss porn definitely deepened my fascination 🙂
  7. I’ve seen many threads like this before but since I’m still a newbie I wanted to hear from everyone on what you guys enjoy and what experiences have been the best for you… I can’t wait to read your responses!
  8. Yes that’s what I meant 😭 I tend to mix up the two, sorry about that and thank you for the warm welcome
  9. I think starting with voyeurism would be nice.. what do you think I should start with
  10. Hi! I’m new to this forum but I’m loving the content on here. I just wanted to share a few of my fantasies to see if anyone else feels the same way as me. I’ve always liked the idea of voyeurism. I’m yet to have an experience where I’ve pissed in plain view in public but it’s definitely on my list. I think that it would be so hot to be watched while shooting out a big stream. Another thing I’d love to do is get pissed inside by someone, preferably in my pussy. The feeling of the warm liquid inside me sounds like a dream. I wanna try public wetting and golden showers too! But yes I hope that we
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