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  1. Closest thing I’ve done to this is pissing into a glass/bottle. I think the idea of storing all of my piss for the day for a partner to play with once they’re home from work or other responsibilities is really hot
  2. Hey guys! Here’s a few vids I’ve recorded in the past featuring: light desperation, outdoors, long duration and uncut cock. Some of these have been around the net before and I’m curious if anyone here has seen them already. I used to post on Reddit but no longer. Always love to hear feedback and I think I’d be open to some requests if you lovely people have any ideas for me 😄 enjoy! https://www.redgifs.com/users/rawboke
  3. Love the feeling of going and going past the point you’d normally stop
  4. Would you go back to this masseuse?
  5. Personally, I start feeling full with about 2 litres then by 3 litres I’ll be feeling pretty urgent to release. Do you like having the feeling of a full bladder?
  6. Welcome to the site! Glad to be around like-minded individuals
  7. Hey guys! I’ve had a long time interest in piss and have been lurking these soggy parts of the ‘net for quite a while. I’m looking to feel a sense of community around this atypical interest. I plan on sharing and interacting with content on here and have vids and stories to contribute. Eager to get to know some of you and please reach out with any questions!
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