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    Love watching women pee (nice to watch men pee as well)

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    Women peeing outdoors
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    Early in my marriage -- my wife figured out I liked to watch her pee.
    One time she said -- I bet you'd like to wipe me.
    I said sure - and I did wipe her (and I did like it).

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  1. I loved it as well. The only thing that would have made it better (perfect) is if she kissed him on the lips afterwards.
  2. I would love a relationship like this one. Would also love for her to randomly piss on me while I was eating breakfast.
  3. Well I paid closer attention. There is splatter. Maybe I should follow @Xanthous Gaze suggestion and pee down the back of my free hand. Seems like I have a new skill to master 🙂
  4. Hmmm I will wipe the counter before my next endeavor. Maybe I am splattering without realizing it.
  5. I’ve recently started to pee in the sink regularly. I’m not very tall so if I stand on my tiptoes I am above the sink line - however I have also had success standing back about a foot, and aiming up and let it arc into the sink. I do have to time my ending so I can scoot forward and finish on my tiptoes. I do enjoy watching myself in the mirror doing this. So far I haven’t had a problem with splatter.
  6. Would have been hot to hang the towel on the rack- as a reminder of what you did.
  7. Definitely aroused - and curious. I would wonder if it was the result of desperation or defiance. Either way, it would be totally hot.
  8. I love all boobs - but my preference is: The older the better. The smaller the better. Give me a 60 year old AAA cup and I’m in heaven.
  9. Not exactly the same . . . But years ago I dated a girl. We used to go camping in the late fall/early spring. It would be cold out at night (but warm in our sleeping bags - perfect camping weather). She had a small tub that she filled with kitty litter and kept inside our tent. At night -- when she needed to pee, she would pee in the tub, instead of going up to the bathhouse (this was camping inside a state park at a designated camping area). It was so awesome to watch her hover over that tub during the night when she had to pee (she would pee 2-4 times during the night). She
  10. Your wonderful stories and gorgeous pictures will be missed. I wish you well in the new year. At least you ended it with a bang. Your December 30th story of pissing in an apartment stairwell was awesome!
  11. I would like an audience - mostly to encourage those in the audience to pee in front of the group. Would love to be in a mixed group of men and women, young (> 20) and old (no max age) - who were openly peeing in front of each other.
  12. I remember watching my mom pee when I was in the first grade. She would have been about 38 at the time. It was nothing sexual - but I do remember thinking it was very neat/interesting. I was always a very inquisitive kid and was fascinated with any new knowledge. I remember thinking it was interesting that she had a patch of hair she was peeing through (that was my perception at the time).
  13. Love the fact that she didn’t wipe - and left a damp gusset. I wish more women would do this. Leaves the panties very aromatic.
  14. I agree. All pussies are beautiful - but there is something especially beautiful about a more mature one peeing.
  15. I totally agree. If I detected my wife’s pee on a towel- it would become my favorite towel, never to be washed. Of course, I also enjoy sneaking into the hamper and sniffing her panties (maybe you should check if anything is out of place in the hamper- maybe he is a stealthy sniffer as well).
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