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    Love watching women pee (nice to watch men pee as well)

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    Early in my marriage -- my wife figured out I liked to watch her pee.
    One time she said -- I bet you'd like to wipe me.
    I said sure - and I did wipe her (and I did like it).

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  1. I also initially came here for the stories - but fell in love with the community. I haven’t been caught (yet). I don’t consider myself addicted- but I am a little heartbroken every time I see someone ask to have their accounts deleted - even if it is someone I’ve never seen a post from before. I have noticed my fetish has morphed over the years. I originally only liked pics/stories of women peeing. When I was younger I was 100% straight. As I grew older- I have started to see all bodies as beautiful: women and men, middle aged/older aged/elderly aged. so instead of o
  2. I’d like to be at a nudist party- where every time a woman pees, she pees wherever she wants. It is then my job to thoroughly clean her with my tongue (to conserve toilet paper- and save the environment).
  3. I think the confidence older women have is a huge part of what makes them so incredibly sexy. Thanks for your stories - they are awesome and inspiring.
  4. Haven’t found OpalCurves using these pants yet - because I want to watch every single one of her videos. She is beautiful (love her hairy pussy!). Thanks for suggesting we check her out.
  5. I wish there was an explicit video of these pants in use. Not just for the sexiness of it - but also to understand them better. I do love the idea of these pants - great Christmas gift idea.
  6. God yes! Older women are so sexy. I can think of nothing hotter than combining that with my favorite fetish. Please share some of your experiences with those sexy seniors peeing. I can’t wait to hear your stories.
  7. I'm so glad you're laughing hard enough to wet yourself. Sounds like things are going better. Wetting may not be your thing - but it still sounds pretty hot from my perspective.
  8. A few others have mentioned ALS/ALSscan - that was my first one as well. I remember two women well. Heather and Melissa-Ashley. I thought both were beautiful (in different ways) - especially when peeing.
  9. No, Sorry - didn’t realize how old the post was. I was replying to the OP @Haley - thinking she was going to say she had her girlfriend pee in the sink to save the cricket’s life.
  10. I thought you were going to say she peed in the sink to spare the cricket’s life 😀
  11. I’d love to have a threesome with a married couple. I’d like to have the woman on her back, while I am going down on her/ then have her husband pound my ass while I continue to eat her out.
  12. So glad things are beginning to look up for you. The contributions you’ve made here (an I’m sure everywhere else) truly makes the world a better place for everyone. Thank you for all the joy you bring us - and I hope things continue to improve for you. Hugs - Licker Lover
  13. Similar, but different- Seems like a lot of billboards have pictures of people on them. On my drive every day to work- I notice two different billboards. One for a real estate agent, and another for a heat & air company. Both billboards have women who may seem unremarkable- but when I imagine them peeing seem absolutely beautiful.
  14. I like it! When you get home from work, don’t change out of your work clothes - strip out of them - thus less laundry each week.
  15. I have thought about this with the drought in the southwest. I have thought they should have public campaigns encouraging backyard peeing. To heck with low flow toilets- just pee outside and save all the water for more important needs.
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