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    Love watching women pee (nice to watch men pee as well)

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    Women peeing outdoors
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    Early in my marriage -- my wife figured out I liked to watch her pee.
    One time she said -- I bet you'd like to wipe me.
    I said sure - and I did wipe her (and I did like it).

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  1. Good luck during your break - I hope you get everything you need during your time away. We will miss you - and look forward to welcoming you back when you return.
  2. Every pussy is gorgeous (hairy/shaved/pierced/trimmed/unkempt/tattooed)- but I prefer hairy. I love the natural look.
  3. My three would be: Rachael Ray Nicole Kidman Winona Ryder I’d list Julianne Moore as an honorable mention.
  4. I agree Start with the shower Next time use the bathroom sink Next time the kitchen sink Then move on to using floors/hardwoods Enjoy - and welcome to our community.
  5. That is so hot - and a fantasy of mine. The only thing that would make it hotter- is for the guy to go down on her afterwards. Or better yet - have a group of guys have sex with her, and each of them pee inside her. The only question is would each guy eat his own cream-pie — or would only one lucky guy get to enjoy it at the end.
  6. Track her down on LinkedIn - or other social media. Sounds like too good of an opportunity to let it slip away.
  7. I love making love to a woman when she is on her period. Feels so amazing and is so intimate. Usually I am leaving a mess in her pussy - feels great to have her leave her mark on me. I also love how it acts as a lube when you start, but begins to get tacky as you continue. I have had several girlfriends let me fuck them on their periods - but only one would let me go down on her (and that was just once).
  8. I loved it as well. The only thing that would have made it better (perfect) is if she kissed him on the lips afterwards.
  9. I would love a relationship like this one. Would also love for her to randomly piss on me while I was eating breakfast.
  10. Well I paid closer attention. There is splatter. Maybe I should follow @Xanthous Gaze suggestion and pee down the back of my free hand. Seems like I have a new skill to master 🙂
  11. Hmmm I will wipe the counter before my next endeavor. Maybe I am splattering without realizing it.
  12. I’ve recently started to pee in the sink regularly. I’m not very tall so if I stand on my tiptoes I am above the sink line - however I have also had success standing back about a foot, and aiming up and let it arc into the sink. I do have to time my ending so I can scoot forward and finish on my tiptoes. I do enjoy watching myself in the mirror doing this. So far I haven’t had a problem with splatter.
  13. Would have been hot to hang the towel on the rack- as a reminder of what you did.
  14. Definitely aroused - and curious. I would wonder if it was the result of desperation or defiance. Either way, it would be totally hot.
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