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    In the paradise of pissing women and their hard, strong, stormy, furious, gushing, waterfall, bursting, explosion, power and very loud and frantically hissing yellow streams
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    I'm a very big fan of how girls pee and and a very big fan of female urine. I really want to meet a soulmate girl who loves pissing, including vandal pissing, dirty pissing, revenge pissing, nonchalant pissing, naughty pissing in a variety of places, on different stuff and on me. I want her to pee often in my presence, on me, on various objects, stuff, surfaces and on my clothes.

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    I really love any urination performed by girls, especially powerful pissing, with powerful and thick streams of urine, loud hissing and whistling of a stream of urine. I love when girls make huge puddles of urine and piss yellow urine, I love when girls something destroy and ruined its urine (for example clothes, car seats, carpets, furniture, such as beds, chairs, sofas). Especially if they piss on clothes, wipe pussy with clothes instead of paper, I love when girls don't wipe pussy after pissing. Separately, I want to note the clothes that girls spoil with urine. This is my special fetish. Especially, I very excited if a girl pisses on a puffy, quilted, thick winter jacket/down jacket. I am currently without a soul mate and I really hope that I will be lucky to find a girl who will turn any of my winter jacket into a real toilet. I want my girlfriend to piss on my jackets with pleasure and as easily and simply as in the toilet bowl. I want my girlfriend to pissing strong and powerfully on my jackets with a huge amount of urine. I want sometimes my girlfriend to piss several times on one or another of my jackets. To destroy them with strong, hard, nasty, dirty and messy, very smelling urine, morning urine, dark yellow urine, light urine, urine after beer, etc. I want my girlfriend to ruined my jackets so much with her urine that I can't wear them anymore.
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    As a teenager, I dipped the sleeve of my winter jacket into the grass, on which a woman had peed and good ran this sleeve through the grass wet with pee.

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  1. Wow, your pee must be very "strong" too, and if you pissed on the hunters equipment, it probably would have strong ruined. Can I ask you a question? If you had pissed on some thick and warm clothes in such a hut, would it have strong ruined and would this clothes stinky very strongly, terribly and unbearably with your piss? And you probably would have massively pissed all over on this clothes and and soaked it with huge masses of piss?
  2. Malika, it's very hot. It's so excites when I imagine that everywhere in this hut everything was strongly and massively pissed on by you, that there were places everywhere where you peed, where you released your stream and where your, I'm sure, huge puddles spread, maybe you even peed in the same place several times and that everything was really soaked and covered with your piss. It really excites me when I imagine how your urine smelled there and that there were tissues everywhere on the floor. For me, this is a real paradise and for me you are a queen, and a goddess. You probably peed
  3. This is a very interesting question, there are a lot of things in the world that cannot be explained. Nothing happens in the world just like that)) I am sure you are either soulmates or twin flames. I have heard and read a lot about it and was interested in it, but, unfortunately, I have never experienced or met this myself, but I very believe in it. And you, Bacardi and Chrissy, are a vivid example of this. You were lucky to meet each other, fate brought you together and I am sure that you will find even more similarities with each other.
  4. Wow, great story, Malika, very liked it. It was a cool idea to punish hunters and since I'm also an animal lover, I support you 1000000%. You did the right thing, well done, I hope that you created big problems for these hunters for some time and were able to save the lives of some number of animals in this way. Well done, Malika. Cool, you pissed all over the hut. But you really took a big risk, because no one knows what's in the minds of those hunters and what could have happened if they caught you. Oh, I was worried about you, you made me worry about you, because this hunters could do somet
  5. If I hold and I am in a strong despiration, then I piss for 80 - 100 seconds. If there is no despiration and the need to piss is normal, then I give a duration of 30 to 50 seconds, sometimes up to a minute. I also like to seeing when a girl pisses for 40 seconds or more, especially if her stream is powerful, hard, gushing and loud hissing. But since girls are able to piss much harder and more powerfully than men, their bladders empty faster. But when a girl has a very large and capacious bladder, and the girl is in great despiration, then she is able to piss very power, loud and for a lon
  6. Wow, how much female pee this seat taken in a day. They pissed on that seat great. Two women pissed on it five times, releasing full bladders on this seat - that's cool! It looks like the seat taken a huge amount of pee and good absorbed all the pee and probably good and strong soaked deeply. It looks like these women were pissing powerfully, since even the upholstery was splattered, especially if they were hovering over the seat. Probably their streams were very strong. I think for this reason the back of the seat also turned out to be all pissed, and the upper part of the seat back was splat
  7. AbbyPeePrincess, Rosita, oh girls, how hot it sounds. I very love the hissing of female urine streams, they excite me like hell. For example, when watching a video with a woman pissing, especially when I watch this or that video for the first time, I often minimize the video to listen to only one sound, and if I'm lucky and the woman will hissing, then as soon as this hissing begins, I get a boner in an instant and my cock becomes hard as a rock. I so very dream of a girl who would piss very strong and hard and with a very loud, deafening hissing. AbbyPeePrincess, I know that you also alw
  8. Yes, really don't get upset and don't worry about it. You're a super girl, I like it when a girl pisses on the toilet floor and makes a huge mess.
  9. If I found someone's puddle of urine, then I would definitely think that most likely someone needed to relieve themselves urgently and since I am loyal to this, it would not cause me anger or disgust. Not knowing exactly who left the puddle, I would have experienced neutral feelings, but I would really hope that it was left by a woman. But if I understood that this puddle was guaranteed to be left by a woman or a lass, for example, if there was a tissue or piece of used toilet paper lying next to puddle, as a "business card" that this puddle is of female origin, then I would experience strong
  10. Wow, Chrissy, this is a wonderful dream! This is one of the most wonderful professions in the world, it is a wonderful and very romantic profession. I understand your dream, because in my childhood I too dreamed of becoming a pilot. I'm still in love with airplanes. Every time I hear the sound of a passing plane, I lift my head into the sky. It's so wonderful to conquer the sky, take off the ground and rise above the clouds. You have a wonderful dream and I am really delighted that you even started on the path to realizing your dream. But that damn covid! A lot of people had their plans ruined
  11. Hello, Emily! Welcome to PeeFans! I am sure that in this wonderful and friendly community dedicated to such a wonderful fetish, you will have fun and have a great time, as well as discover even more opportunities and experiences and explore such a wonderful fetish even more and deeper. I look forward to your stories and experiences with both the urine fetish and other fetishes 😘
  12. If I were a girl, I'm sure I would definitely do that. I am sure that many girls can do so easily. It seems to me that among modern girls under the age of 30 and women under 40, those who were born in the second half of the 80s, 90s, early 2000s, there are many who can easily and with pleasure commit naughty pissing and this is very cool. If I had a girlfriend and she decided to take a piss in a public toilet in front of me and deliberately pissed all over the floor in my presence, then I would be very happy to see it and it would excite me very much.
  13. No, absolutely no! I am straight man to the core and bones, and I very, very adore only female pissing. Female pissing is a very sexual action for me and it excites me very much. I adore female pissing so much that as soon as a woman pulls down her pants or lifts up her dress or skirt, my cock instantly becomes hard. And as soon as a woman squats or gets into a medium squat and I see the stream and hear the sound, hear the hissing, then I can't resist to not cum. In real life, the smell of women's urine also excites me. My cock immediately hardens when I smell pee and know for sure that i
  14. Oh, I love pissing girls so much that I can't even say which one I like better. It's probably impossible to even list them. It's easier for me to say, that for me any pissing model is my favorite. The main thing for me is that she pisses. But if a girl pisses very power, strong, hard and long, makes a loud hissing and releases a huge amount of urine (especially very yellow), making a giant puddle, then she is not just a favorite for me, she is a queen and goddess for me!
  15. Hello, Layla, welcome to PeeFans! There is a very good and friendly company here. I am sure you will really like it here and you will have a great time here. It's really cool if you want to share your stories and videos with us. It's a sorry that your boyfriend does not support this wonderful fetish, he probably has no idea what he is losing by giving it up. If I ever get lucky and I meet a girl who will have such a fetish, who will be a lover of peeing and playing with pee, I will thank the universe for this for the rest of my life.
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