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    In the paradise of pissing women and their powerful yellow streams
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    I'm a very big fan of how girls pee. I really want to meet a soulmate girl who loves naughty pissing in a variety of places, vandal pissing, dirty pissing. I want her to pee often in my presence, on me, on various objects, stuff, surfaces and on my clothes.

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    I really love any urination performed by girls, especially powerful pissing, with powerful and thick streams of urine, loud hissing and whistling of a stream of urine. I love when girls make huge puddles of urine and piss yellow urine, I love when girls something destroy and ruined its urine (for example clothes, car seats, carpets, furniture, such as beds, chairs, sofas). Especially if they piss on clothes, wipe pussy with clothes instead of paper, I love when girls don't wipe pussy after pissing. Separately, I want to note the clothes that girls spoil with urine. This is my special fetish. Especially, I very excited if a girl pisses on a puffy, quilted, thick winter jacket/down jacket. I am currently without a soul mate and I really hope that I will be lucky to find a girl who will turn any of my winter jacket into a real toilet. I want my girlfriend to piss on my jackets with pleasure and as easily and simply as in the toilet bowl. I want my girlfriend to pissing strong and powerfully on my jackets with a huge amount of urine. I want sometimes my girlfriend to piss several times on one or another of my jackets. To destroy them with strong, hard, nasty, dirty and messy, very smelling urine, morning urine, dark yellow urine, light urine, urine after beer, etc. I want my girlfriend to ruined my jackets so much with her urine that I can't wear them anymore.
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    As a teenager, I dipped the sleeve of my winter jacket into the grass, on which a woman had peed and good ran this sleeve through the grass wet with pee.

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  1. Oh, how I dream that a girl pisses on any of my white things with strong, hard yellow urine (sometimes also morning urine or urine after wine, beer). I really desire that my white things become yellow from female urine and then have strong and serious yellow spots, stains and they smelled strongly of urine. It's so hot and beautiful, it would give me great pleasure
  2. Wow, it turns out you were pissing very powerfully. You probably have a pretty big and roomy bladder, since you've been pissing in a powerful stream for about 30 seconds and there's really a lot of urine accumulated in it. And if you didn't take a piss before going to bed and you still have accumulated during the night, then it must have been a strong desperation to take a piss. I'm sure you've experienced incredible pleasure from relief. Oh, there's probably nothing more beautiful than a girl pissing with a powerful stream and pissing with such a powerful stream for quite a long time. It
  3. Very hot photos and video, thanks for sharing. This beautiful bright white mattress has definitely become even more beautiful. Urine stains always look very good on white material. I really like to see spots and stains of urine on white material and white things
  4. I hope that you turned out good soak that seat with your urine, although, for example, if this seats was leather, and not cloth, then the urine would just run down to the floor.
  5. I understand correctly that your mom was driving the car and you were sitting in the back seat and pissing right on the back of the driver's seat?
  6. AbbyLuna, you're a super pisser girl! Don't be embarrassed and don't worry, but on the contrary be proud that you can piss so hard and loudly. So don't think about anything, but boldly and proudly piss powerfully and loudly, just do it. Personally, I really adore and get excited when a woman pisses very hard and loudly. It's very sexy! I would be very proud of a girl who pisses in a very strong, stormy and loud stream that would be heard all over the house or the whole yard if she took a piss on the outdoor.
  7. I liked listening to the hissing stream of female pee since childhood. If I had to hear a woman pissing, I immediately noticed that my interest in womens pissing was greatly increasing at that moment. I froze and listening to the sound of the stream, the sound of the stream hitting the water in the toilet. And when I was a teenager and we had a construction was underway, there was a small hole in the wall that separates the bathroom. The hole was so small that it was impossible to notice me, but I could see a lot of what was going on there very well. Yes, it was impossible to see the most im
  8. Oh yeaah, this moment, the pause between when she took off her clothes and squat and when she released the stream, is wonderful and very exciting. Especially when I watch the video for the first time and i don't know yet how sounds and how strong her stream. Even when I then make repeated views of a particular video, listening only to the sound of the stream, it's still exciting and exciting. In addition, at this moment I even imagine that, for example, a woman piss on my clothes and this is a hundred times more exciting. A situation when a woman wants to go so much that she doesn't even
  9. Oh, how familiar this feeling is to me too. I like to do this too, run videos where a woman pees, especially if she pees with a powerful and loud stream, then hide the video and listen only to the sound of the stream. I hear to the rustle of clothes when she takes them off, then a couple of seconds of silence and the hiss of the jet. This incredibly hot. This also excites me incredibly.
  10. Since I also like all these sounds incredibly and I can't help admiring these sounds, my comment will be detailed. I generally love all the different sounds made by women while pissing. But I especially adore when girls and women piss with a loud, hissing, powerful, stormy, gushing and long stream, especially when they really want to piss and they release it all under enormous pressure. I also like the sound of a very short, but explosive, gushing and very violent stream. Loud and strong hissing, whistling and gurgling of a stream of urine when it bursts out is just a buzz for me. And
  11. WOW! That's the power of your pee! 💪 💪 💦 I am shocked and fascinated. Very hot! I admire what your pee is capable of. And that's after you peed on him just once. This is the highest class! 👍 👍 You have super urine! 😎 This is your great dignity! 🎖️ 🏆
  12. I would be very glad if you would take revenge on me for something and punish me and, because of revenge, would piss not only on my plants, but also on something else 😄 😉 I really admire your pee and therefore I would also be very happy if you would arrange naughty pissing on everything that surrounds me, pouring everything with your wonderful urine 💦 💦
  13. Yes, the choice is really difficult. I myself always try to avoid things that can lead to the death of some insects, with the exception of real pests. It often happened that I was riding a bicycle somewhere along a field road and a grasshopper appeared in front of me, for example. My reaction is instantaneous, or I brake extra hard or try to turn sharply to the side so as not to crush the insect. But if there was a similar case when there was a cricket or another insect in the toilet, and you need to go urgently, then I agree with Malika, no matter how difficult such a decision is, but it's ju
  14. Yes, it turns out that this is exactly what I love most about woman pissing when a woman pisses in such a semi-sitting position and in a strong stream, with foam in a puddle. I'm sure you pissed beautifully and spectacularly. How I would like to be next to you at this moment, so that I could see and hear how you pour your flow on this plant and how you sigh with relief (I hope that you would without hesitation and would not shy to take a piss in front of me). I would with pleasure to put my hands in a puddle of your urine. And even more, you wouldn't have to use a tissue, I'd with pleasure to
  15. I think it's just that different people have different things. It still depends on the physiology of the body, maybe also because of what was drunk before peeing, time when had to pee. For example, maybe from morning urine and something similar may happen, urine after alcohol, or smoking, etc. may somehow affect. I also urinated on plants repeatedly, but I didn't notice that they wilted after me. But, as can be seen here from the messages, sometimes urine really destroys plants. As can be seen from the posts of several women, their urine destroys plants. I don't know, maybe women's urine is di
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