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    In the paradise of pissing women and their hard, strong, stormy, furious, gushing, waterfall, bursting, explosion, power and very loud and frantically hissing yellow streams
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    I'm a very big fan of how girls pee and and a very big fan of female urine. I really want to meet a soulmate girl who loves pissing, including vandal pissing, dirty pissing, revenge pissing, nonchalant pissing, naughty pissing in a variety of places, on different stuff and on me. I want her to pee often in my presence, on me, on various objects, stuff, surfaces and on my clothes.

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    I really love any urination performed by girls, especially powerful pissing, with powerful and thick streams of urine, loud hissing and whistling of a stream of urine. I love when girls make huge puddles of urine and piss yellow urine, I love when girls something destroy and ruined its urine (for example clothes, car seats, carpets, furniture, such as beds, chairs, sofas). Especially if they piss on clothes, wipe pussy with clothes instead of paper, I love when girls don't wipe pussy after pissing. Separately, I want to note the clothes that girls spoil with urine. This is my special fetish. Especially, I very excited if a girl pisses on a puffy, quilted, thick winter jacket/down jacket. I am currently without a soul mate and I really hope that I will be lucky to find a girl who will turn any of my winter jacket into a real toilet. I want my girlfriend to piss on my jackets with pleasure and as easily and simply as in the toilet bowl. I want my girlfriend to pissing strong and powerfully on my jackets with a huge amount of urine. I want sometimes my girlfriend to piss several times on one or another of my jackets. To destroy them with strong, hard, nasty, dirty and messy, very smelling urine, morning urine, dark yellow urine, light urine, urine after beer, etc. I want my girlfriend to ruined my jackets so much with her urine that I can't wear them anymore.
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    As a teenager, I dipped the sleeve of my winter jacket into the grass, on which a woman had peed and good ran this sleeve through the grass wet with pee.

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  1. It would be interesting to look at this plant in a few more days, it would be interesting to see what will eventually happen to the plant, whether it will remain damaged about as much as it is damaged now or, in general, will wither completely. But, anyway, Malika, even though I've known you for a long time and no matter how many times I reread your stories, each new reading makes me excited, as if I'm reading for the first time. I continue to admire how strong your piss and, I'm sure, I'll never stop admiring it, and seeing these new photos with the effects of your piss, I'm just incredi
  2. Wow, Malika, I'm so glad to see you here again, welcome back! 😍 I've missed you and your stories and experiences. And I'm so incredibly glad to see the strong effects of your piss again, how plants wither from it. Your piss is very powerful, incredibly strong and potent! You have super piss! 💦 🥇 Welcome back, Malika! ❤️ ❤️
  3. Wow, are you saying you pissed on that wall standing up like a man? That's great! Is it easy for you to piss in this way? Basically, it's very difficult for most girls to piss standing and if you do it easily, then it's just great and amazing 👍 Just seeing how the wall was splattered, I thought that it was possible to do this when pissing in a high squat, as, for example, depicted on my avatar or something similar. But if, as you say, you peed stand, then it's even more great, your stream must have been quite powerful for pee to get the wall like that. Are you saying that last time you pe
  4. Wow, swekiss, very great, very hot and exciting aftermath. The wall is very great pissed and it's so hot to see these foam bubbles in a puddle on the floor. Looking at how the wall is pissed and seeing this foamy puddle, it looks like you were pissing in a high squat and you had a strong, powerful stream. I'm sure if there was some easily soaked fabric or some kind of furniture, your stream would definitely not have been blasted on this wall at all and would have been sprayed on something much more interesting 😉 Thanks for sharing this! The aftermath with this wall is very great, excellen
  5. Wow, I love it so much, for me jacket is probably the most favorite stuff a woman can piss on. What kind of jacket was it and whose, under what circumstances did you piss on it? Was it already an old jacket that wasn't going to be worn or was it, on the contrary, a good jacket that could still be worn? If it was someone else's jacket, did you piss on it out of revenge, or just for fun, or maybe someone left it in the wrong place? How long ago you did it and what was the result for the jacket after you pissed on it? It's very hot, I hope you had a lot of fun and you had a great of pleasure wit
  6. It's very great and it sounds very hot! I hope you release a lot into this crack and soaked these cushions perfectly. And one day, at some moment, she must have smelled this great smell from the couch, and she must have found these yellow stains on the white cushions someday, especially if your piss was quite yellow. Did you ever have the idea at that moment to release all your piss on whole this white couch and thereby increase the damage, or did you immediately have only one idea - to to do it secretly and piss between the cushions, which you excatly did in the end?
  7. Oh yeah, of course! It turns me on so damn much! I only have to hear the word "pee, piss" from some girl or woman and I go crazy! Even if she just mentions this word, not intending to piss right at this moment, I immediately perk up and get excited, trying to imagine what her pissing looks like. But if, after mentioning this word, she really needs to piss and she goes to the toilet or somewhere outdoors, then I immediately become hard as a rock, my cum tanks swell, and my huge and thick mass of tailed seeds crave to burst out, I try to imagine her stream, I try to imagine how strong and potent
  8. By the way, I also really like the yellow stream when a woman pisses and her stream has a pronounced yellow color and the piss itself is very yellow. The stream can also be cloudy, where the piss is also quite yellow, but when the strream has a pronounced yellow color, the piss is even more yellow, dark yellow and this is great! I really love it when a woman unleashes strong, potent, smelly and destructive piss, and yellow piss exactly this is.
  9. Yes, it's great that girlspee.video has appeared, but girlspee.net it's working again, and now the search function has returned, which hasn't been there for a while. By the way, I forgot to add that lately, periodically a window appears on girlspee requiring age confirmation, that's just now I'm faced with it again.
  10. For example, I have never had continuous ejaculation for the whole time, I do not have my sperm spray in a continuous stream for the whole time the orgasm, on the contrary, I always have it accompanied by very powerful, voluminous and fat bursts with strong throbbing of the cock. That's how I love it. If only a couple of days have passed since my last ejaculation, then my orgasm looks like this: first, the penis begins to tremble a little, and then, after several such small twitches, when orgasm comes, the cock already begins to throbbing powerfully and immediately spurt sperm. As a rule, if 3
  11. I have never measured my cum volume in milliliters or milligrams, but the volume of my load is always massive and thick. But if I abstain for at least about a week or a little more, the load volume that I spurted is incredibly gigantic, very massive and huge, at least 15 powerful massive spurts can shoots from the glans of my penis and the cum is bright white, very very thick, viscous and sticky 💦 💦 💦 💦 And the orgasm turns out to be explosive and very stormy, especially with extremely strong exciting!
  12. Oh yes, she releases a lot of piss, so she definitely had to go. A beautiful girl, a cute smile and a very cute and sweet pussy. I see that she is holding a tissue in her hand, which is going to wiping, but I can tell for sure if she was pissing like that in front of me, she definitely wouldn't need this tissue, I would love to lick her sweet pussy dry 😍
  13. By the way, it seems to me exactly is uncontrolled streams that become really strong, powerful and loudly hissing. Especially when a woman is bursted, when she needs to piss so bad and urgently and at such moments, it seems to me, when she starts to piss, the stream simply cannot be controlled, the woman does not try to restrain it or, conversely, push it out with effort and because of the strong pressure in the bladder, her stream itself comes out with a high pressure and it turns out to be incredibly powerful and loud. As far as I know, women can piss especially powerfully if, for examp
  14. Yes, and exactly that's I love too! I like it when a woman just squatted down or standing in high/semi squat, releases a continuous, steady stream and pisses from beginning to end in one place or on one thing, completely emptying her bladder into that place or on the one thing, creating a puddle or soaking thing. I really like to see puddles of piss on the ground, or if a woman has pissed on some thing, then I really like to see how wet and soaked is pissed thing has become. I like to see pee stains and feel smell. I also really like to watch when a couple or a group of girls, sitting next to
  15. Yes, this site does not work for me either, it also reports a DDoS attack. They have some kind of constant, eternal and incessant DDoS attack, it feels like someone is constantly attacking them on purpose, but for what? 🤔 I think I'm getting used to the fact that this site is constantly crashing 😁
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