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    I'm a very big fan of how girls pee. I really want to meet a soulmate girl who loves naughty pissing in a variety of places, vandal pissing, dirty pissing. I want her to pee often in my presence, on me and on my clothes.

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    I really love any urination performed by girls, especially powerful pissing, with powerful and thick streams of urine, loud hissing and whistling of a stream of urine. I love when girls make huge puddles of urine and piss yellow urine, I love when girls something destroy and ruined its urine (for example clothes, car seats, carpets, furniture, such as beds, chairs, sofas). Especially if they piss on clothes, wipe pussy with clothes instead of paper, I love when girls don't wipe pussy after pissing. Separately, I want to note the clothes that girls spoil with urine. This is my special fetish. Especially, I very excited if a girl pisses on a puffy, quilted, thick winter jacket/down jacket. I am currently without a soul mate and I really hope that I will be lucky to find a girl who will turn any of my winter jacket into a real toilet. I want my girlfriend to piss on my jackets with pleasure and as easily and simply as in the toilet bowl. I want my girlfriend to pissing strong and powerfully on my jackets with a huge amount of urine. I want sometimes my girlfriend to piss several times on one or another of my jackets. To destroy them with strong, hard, nasty, dirty and messy, very smelling urine, morning urine, dark yellow urine, light urine, urine after beer, etc. I want my girlfriend to ruined my jackets so much with her urine that I can't wear them anymore.

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  1. It also excites me very much when, for example, in a video, a woman peed and then did not wipe herself. I find it hotter, sexier and more exciting. Especially when a beautiful, hot, sexy woman pisses. At these moments , she looks so cheeky, mischievous, attractive, alluring. I want to submit to her. For example, I want to feel this smell from a woman, the smell of urine on the pussy, and even better, when there is hair on the pussy, where this smell is retained longer and preserved better. Yes, the smell may be too serious and strong, but it only turns me on the contrary, even more excitin
  2. I like yellow jets of different shades, light yellow, bright yellow. In such cases, the urine seems dirtier and more destructive, and it smells more expressive. But on the other hand, light (clean) urine usually goes in a more powerful and raging stream, with a loud whistle and hissing, and this makes the process of urination seem more beautiful. I like such powerful jets. And drinking beer, as far as I know, generally quickly makes you want to piss a lot. And from beer, and in general from alcoholic beverages, the jets are more powerful. As a rule, dark urine goes slowly and in a small stream
  3. A familiar site, I downloaded a couple of videos there, but unfortunately, many of the links are no longer valid. I liked the section with stories there the most, there are interesting stories there
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