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    I’m a construction worker that loves female pissing. I think power pissing is so damn hot!

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    Power pissing, golden showers, all 4s doggy pissing.

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  1. Great story!! I like when you asked your friend if he liked what he saw!!! That would be an amazing experience to have a lady ask me that after I stumbled upon her hi squat peeing!! Very hot!
  2. Hi there. Welcome to the site. Lots of pee friends here. Do you prefer watching pee or peeing yourself?
  3. Those are some hot pics!! I loooove the rear squat pee and doggy style pees! Very nice! Friends will not be hard to find here. Cheers!!
  4. That’s hot!! I pee in cups in the car.. I enjoy watching ladies pee in cups 🤤
  5. Yeah maybe just pee a little while having sex and see his reaction.. I had a woman pee during sex and it was absolutely amazing! So warm and wet. I came in her while she peed.
  6. I work construction, most jobs have portalets, but I will pee just about anywhere..
  7. I have to agree with Alfresco.. running may be my new interest 💦😜
  8. I find pregnant woman extremely sexy! Especially peeing ones. Great story!
  9. This sounds fantastic!! The mom here has me intrigued!!! Power pissing is so hot! Sounds like she has some skill 😛
  10. Hey everyone, first time posting. Long long time pee lover. I’m straight male from US. I have been just infatuated by ladies pissing for more than 20 years. I have only had a few personal experiences sadly but at least I have had a some.
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