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  1. Labia, yes, it depends if I am squatting, sitting, hovering etc... But, like you, it is more in the head. If I want my clit to be stimulated, I use my fingers :-)
  2. Yes, and more than once. Often, it was friends or people that I know, who were embarrassed to see me using a urinal and didn't dare peeing beside me. Usually, on the second or third time, after getting used to seeing me, they start to enjoy joining. It also happened with perfect strangers. Sometimes men pretend to back off in order to be polite to me and give me some modesty, but I suspect it is because they don't have the courage to join me. Yes, those types. It doesn't make any kind of difference for people who pee standing, but as you can guess, it is much easier to sit on
  3. Most of the time, I start peeing in my shower just after opening the water tap. But sometimes, I just go in the shower, relax and pee on the floor, usually standing. It is almost always before showering, though, because I still can't make a proper stream when standing in upright position.
  4. I travel quite a lot, so I have really seen all types, shapes, room layouts etc. The most frequent are probably the bowl urinals inside buildings, and the trough, wall or floor types in outdoor toilets. I never did any statistics on that...
  5. For me, arousal does not make it more difficult to pee, but obviously it adds a lot of pleasure. If I am already hot and if I play a little bit before peeing, I can rub my clit the right way, then I am almost 100% sure to orgasm before my stream ends. Unlike men, our center of pleasure does not interact that much with the urine stream path.
  6. In Amsterdam, definitely the "krul" urinal, or "pee curl". Look for it on the internet. In Netherlands in general, I have no idea. I traveled to Amsterdam a few times for short stays, and apart from a couple of one-day trips into the countryside, I don't know a lot of Netherlands, so can't tell you much...
  7. Yeah, 95% of women probably think the same. Make it 99% when sober. I was once like you. Maybe you could try it just once, with somebody you really trust, and see if you can accommodate. Maybe you will even enjoy it. I converted a few other women in my life, and before trying many thought they would never be able to do that. More than one told me later that it changed their life.
  8. I have used a few of this kind, low squatting position facing the urinal. My stream goes forward when I squat, so it is clean and easy. Whoa, so nice :) I am sure this one was designed as a unisex urinal. For sure, this is really the best possible shape, and it seems to be just at the right height. A woman can decide to hover if she doesn't want to touch the rim, or simply sit on it.
  9. So many questions ! How does it feel ? Urinals come in various shapes, and are installed at various heights. Some of them, like the ones I wrote about in this report, are super comfortable to sit on, at least if you are beyond modesty... Just sit, spread legs, let go. No need to adjust anything. Really, this is the type of urinals I would like to see in ladies toilets, or unisex toilets... But in some cases, it can become more uncomfortable, or even really acrobatic if urinals are too high and/or or too narrow for example. Finding the right position to actually pee in the urinal, and
  10. I had an open discussion with her before inviting her at the party. I wanted to be sure to keep her as a friend, and that she would not break all relationship with me after attending the party, like because we look like a gang of sick perverts to her. I understood that the first few minutes of the party would be decisive for her. I felt I had to put her at ease, but not by protecting her from everything, more by encouraging her to push her own limits a little bit. It was a risky bet, but it worked great.
  11. After introductions and some ice breaking, we started with light drinks and finger food on the terrace. Two of my friends had claimed exclusive access to the kitchen, and they did an awesome job of preparing and serving solid and liquid fuel all night long. As I wrote on top of this topic, I had decided that one of my guests, a professional actress, would read an erotic novel in font of everybody, as an opener. She knew it in advance, but she would discover the text while reading it. The novel was about a man and a woman, both having low-level student jobs in a factory, who have to deal w
  12. Skirt with no panties obviously works well for me. It is the same as being naked, after all.
  13. If I try to pee standing, it is almost always a mess, despite years of training in the shower. The only way it can work is when I am naked, and I can spread my legs and slightly bend backwards. Not realistic in a street urinal. I did it once in the bushes of an Amsterdam park, though, back in the good old time when it was allowed to sunbathe naked in some parts of the park (Vondelpark). High squat could have worked, but Amsterdam urinals are so disgusting I really wanted to avoid any risk of splash back...
  14. I have visited Amsterdam several times. If I recall correctly, the first time was a business trip, and I liked the place so I went back regularly, with friends or alone. There are plenty of those curl-shaped urinals scattered all around the city, but they are obviously meant for men only. Other than that, Amsterdam has very few public toilets, and nothing that you can use at night. When one is out drinking and partying, specially in popular neighborhoods, they have to pee against a building (frowned upon and possibly fined if spotted by police), in the canal or in one of those urinals. I
  15. Yes, this is pretty common. Street urinals in Amsterdam are specially interesting, except maybe for the stinking smell around them. I have been using them a few times as well. As they are pretty much open and there is a large gap at the bottom of the enclosing fence, a woman using these urinals is basically showing everything to passers by, but who the hell could blame me for urinating in a urinal, when there are no other, more woman-friendly options in Amsterdam ?
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