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  1. WOW! That's the power of your pee! 💪 💪 💦 I am shocked and fascinated. Very hot! I admire what your pee is capable of. And that's after you peed on him just once. This is the highest class! 👍 👍 You have super urine! 😎 This is your great dignity! 🎖️ 🏆
  2. I would be very glad if you would take revenge on me for something and punish me and, because of revenge, would piss not only on my plants, but also on something else 😄 😉 I really admire your pee and therefore I would also be very happy if you would arrange naughty pissing on everything that surrounds me, pouring everything with your wonderful urine 💦 💦
  3. Yes, the choice is really difficult. I myself always try to avoid things that can lead to the death of some insects, with the exception of real pests. It often happened that I was riding a bicycle somewhere along a field road and a grasshopper appeared in front of me, for example. My reaction is instantaneous, or I brake extra hard or try to turn sharply to the side so as not to crush the insect. But if there was a similar case when there was a cricket or another insect in the toilet, and you need to go urgently, then I agree with Malika, no matter how difficult such a decision is, but it's ju
  4. Yes, it turns out that this is exactly what I love most about woman pissing when a woman pisses in such a semi-sitting position and in a strong stream, with foam in a puddle. I'm sure you pissed beautifully and spectacularly. How I would like to be next to you at this moment, so that I could see and hear how you pour your flow on this plant and how you sigh with relief (I hope that you would without hesitation and would not shy to take a piss in front of me). I would with pleasure to put my hands in a puddle of your urine. And even more, you wouldn't have to use a tissue, I'd with pleasure to
  5. I think it's just that different people have different things. It still depends on the physiology of the body, maybe also because of what was drunk before peeing, time when had to pee. For example, maybe from morning urine and something similar may happen, urine after alcohol, or smoking, etc. may somehow affect. I also urinated on plants repeatedly, but I didn't notice that they wilted after me. But, as can be seen here from the messages, sometimes urine really destroys plants. As can be seen from the posts of several women, their urine destroys plants. I don't know, maybe women's urine is di
  6. What a hot description Malika, your story sounds very hot and excites 🔥 🔥. Especially the position in which you took a piss. As I understand it, the pose in which you were pissing is similar to the pose of the girl on my avatar. Half-sitting is the pose of pissing women that I like the most. I really like to watch when a woman pisses half-sitting. You also indicated in the description that you had a powerful flow, God, I can just imagine this fascinating picture. A hot woman pissing with a powerful stream in a semi-sitting, just like I love. Thank you for sharing the story and for the photos.
  7. It also excites me very much when, for example, in a video, a woman peed and then did not wipe herself. I find it hotter, sexier and more exciting. Especially when a beautiful, hot, sexy woman pisses. At these moments , she looks so cheeky, mischievous, attractive, alluring. I want to submit to her. For example, I want to feel this smell from a woman, the smell of urine on the pussy, and even better, when there is hair on the pussy, where this smell is retained longer and preserved better. Yes, the smell may be too serious and strong, but it only turns me on the contrary, even more excitin
  8. I like yellow jets of different shades, light yellow, bright yellow. In such cases, the urine seems dirtier and more destructive, and it smells more expressive. But on the other hand, light (clean) urine usually goes in a more powerful and raging stream, with a loud whistle and hissing, and this makes the process of urination seem more beautiful. I like such powerful jets. And drinking beer, as far as I know, generally quickly makes you want to piss a lot. And from beer, and in general from alcoholic beverages, the jets are more powerful. As a rule, dark urine goes slowly and in a small stream
  9. A familiar site, I downloaded a couple of videos there, but unfortunately, many of the links are no longer valid. I liked the section with stories there the most, there are interesting stories there
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