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  1. It's basically the same scenario pete described, usually women go in groups, they just squat or some bend over and pee all the way the street, some dont wipe and some have a little bag of wet wipes. It's very common to see like 4-5 women together peeing in the same spot during carnival, there's a couple videos on internet, you might have to search in portuguese tho lmao
  2. I'm from brazil and I can assure you that its not only on Rio, all the cities have carnival events and every single one of them count with the best carnival attraction ever, the woman peeing on the streets, best time of the year!
  3. Yeah, I was never that luck but, I'd let she do whatever she wants tbh, I get full carried away at those moments
  4. As the other guys, I'd not like randomly flash woman, but sometimes Im just peeing there and get walked in on, or some woman just staring more than usual while passing throught instantly turns me on like Crazy. I wish this happen more often tbh lol
  5. That was so hot and so nice at the same time! Hope to make some very close friends here as you did, is so nice that we can share all kind of stuff, and at the same time feel so welcomed, its crazy how I ever wanted this site but never heard of it. Thanks for the answer !!
  6. Have you ever sexted with someone on the site? Took my time reading some threads and catching up some precious time I lost while not being here lol, and I saw that you once got turned on and used it to start the orgasm race with your husband, do you think that in some way the forum, the people and their stories here contribute in a very good way to your irl sex life?
  7. That is really hot! Seems like she was really enjoying the pressure at the end huh
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